Random ??

There is something about Windows Media player that is freaking me out these days .. Unlike the old me that used to have just 15-20 songs in the playlist at a time .. these days I have 477 songs in the playlist. And I have the shuffle clicked .. which in lame terms means that I should not be hearing songs in the order they appear on the playlist.

Now, the problem is not that I am hearing songs in a sequential order ..but today morning I realised that there are songs on my playlist that I have’nt heard since the formation of this play list. The shuffle functionality has a particular liking to Beatles and John Denver .. Both of whom are not really the kind of music I would prefer to hear when I am desperately hoping that the next song would be a Comfortably Numb kind. And the problem is not just beatles or john Denver … the problem is that there are some particular songs from these two that are played again and again and again and again .. with no regard to the shuffle click. I have to make the extra effort to open the WMP window and select the song of my liking but as soon as that song is over .. Guess what .. we are back to Beatles or John .. And trust me .. I have tried this about ten times since morning. It’s not even as though I have a large Beatles collection .. there are just some 20 odd songs .. and as for John, not even that many .. today morning I realized I had the FRIENDS track on my play list .. today morning i realized that I had PJ-Last Kiss on my play list .. today morning I realized that I had Unforgiven on the playlist. I have’nt heard these songs for about five days now. And then , there are songs from Beatles and John that the shuffle has taken a particular liking to .. I am tired of hearing Turn,turn , turn .. yes it’s nostaligic and all .. but i have had enough of it now .. I am wondering about how really does this shuffle work .. is it really the shuffle as it should be .. or is it a customized shuffle that selects songs that appeals to M$ WMP programmers ??

Ps -> I remember reading something like this about I-pod shuffle functionality on Wired .. and that is why this is even more scary .. are all these big companies plotting against some artists to make them less popular 🙂 ?? ( actually , the same last conclusion was drawn by the Wired writer about I-pod programmers )



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5 responses to “Random ??

  1. 3rd post in three days! you ought to be kidding… tell me the real Utkarsh has disappeared and their some clone on that end typing away …. 😀

    btw, regarding WMP, there is some internal rating for every song in WMP playlist… I think those songs must be having high rating automatically, and hence would be playing more … try reducing the rating of those songs …

  2. Agree with kunal on this. You can see the ratings of these songs in media library. And anyway why aren’t you using winamp!!

  3. abe kya kha raha udhar bangy main .. dhada dhad post pe post 🙂 …
    waise yeh shuffle wali problem sarva-vyapt hai .. mujhe winamp se bhi yahi shikayat hai ..
    actually these player try to be over intelligent by skipping the songs which you dont listen much .. phir dhire dhire khud se rule bana ke unko sunana hi band kar dete hain …

    best thing …. use mplayer …

  4. Shirsha

    hey this is identical to what I’ve heard about the IPOD shuffle. What i don’t understand is if u dont want john denver and beatles then why do u have them on your playlist at all!? just show off..?

  5. @KD and Sreejith ,
    done that .. now it seems ok for now .. lets see if it helps in the long run 🙂

    @Rocky ,
    good idea .. let me see if I should switch

    @Shirsha ,
    It’s not that I don’t want Beatles and Denver .. what I am saying is that I don’t want every song to be A Beatles or a Denver special .. they are also ok songs .. but not something you can hear all day .. 🙂

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