Beach party …

Come on .. just one drink won’t make me drunk ..

shut up .. you ass .. if I finish this glass and be able to walk straight after that .. I shall pat myself on my back ..

Crap .. you can’t do it .. walking straight .. try looking straight for two minutes first ..

I can look straight .. I can definatley look straight .. but why do I see two of that guy sitting at the other end ??

What do they put on the floor here .. it seems awfully slippery .. is’nt it ?

Naah . focus .. focus .. look straight ..

Yes .. I can look straight .. how difficult could it be ?? .. looking straight .. what the hell .. is that guy sitting on the other end just multiplying by himself like some amoeba ?

Dood .. You are drunk ..

What crap .. I am on my third only ..

Yes .. Three larges .. don’t forget that ..

So .. who cares .. after all this is over ..all i have to do is go back home and sleep .. what the hell is wrong with that guy .. how come he is multiplying every second ??

Yes .. you have to go back HOME .. remembe home ?? .. aunt .. uncle .. cousin ..

Oh yes .. damnit .. crap .. stop .. no more drinks for me .. I am DONE for today .

Yeah sure ..

By the way .. that girl on the other table looks amazingly cute .. isn’t it ?

** pat the guy sitting next to me and replay the same sentence **

** the other guy :: “dood .. please tell me you are not drunk . where do you see the girl .. the people sitting on the next table are all 50 year old aunties … “**

Damnit .. I am drunk .. Home .. someone take me home . !!

Oh nice .. that guy on the other end looks alone now .. yes . i think it’s all gone .. yippie .. !! I am not drunk !!

** tell the guy sitting next to me :: “Dude .. I am not drunk … I see only one guy sitting opposite me on the table .. not multiple guys .. JUST ONE guy .. yippie .. I am not drunk .. joy to the world .. ” **

** The guy next to me .. “what guy .. ?? ” **

** me .. “The guy sitting opposite me on the table ” **

** The guy next to me :: “Dude .. that guy left ten minutes back .. whom are you seeing ? ” **

Damnit .. fine .. I am drunk .. Home sweet home .. bed sweet bed ..

PS -> Not me … 🙂



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10 responses to “Beach party …

  1. if ‘Not me’ then who? you have taken up writing fiction.. great 😀 carry on ….

    by the way, correct me if I am wrong… this is the first time you have four posts in four days?

  2. Shirsha

    Off course its you! no grown up gets this drunk, that too at beach!

  3. Shirsha

    btw, me want beach too… u treated me at some vague pizza hut, whereas i was the one who had first up insisted on beach, remember!?

  4. @KD ,
    I think you are right … this must be the first time .. 🙂
    btw .. not fiction .. real life .. !!

    @Shirsha ,
    oh no . don’t you throw that on me now .. you are the one who insisted to be not treated at the beach .. remember ??
    anyway .. the beach party was not my party .. we might go there next week anyway for my party .. coming ??

  5. Yaaayyy.. nothing like getting drunk on a beach. Count me in for your party anytime 😛

  6. ooohlala…. booze + beach makes for a fabulous combination 🙂 btw where did you find this beach in bangalore?

  7. Beach, Babes, Booze .. Looks like the life has turned beautiful for you as well…

  8. See the video here:

    Updated my post too.


  9. Shirsha

    Me..!? I refused the beach party!? What crap..!
    I selected beach for your bday party, remember!?
    How men change.. bah!

  10. @sumanth ,
    you in bangalore ??
    if you are .. join the club :0

    @unni ,
    Beach is the name of the restraunt .. probably should have mentioned it somewhere in the post .. but ok .. I was drunk . can be excused for that 😀

    @Patch cable ,
    thanx .. Hilarious Video ..

    @Shirsha ,
    fine .. we going again this wednesday .. coming ?

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