Gym problem + The Bleeding Bond ..

I have recently started gym-ing again in an effort to get life back on track .. and it is as painful as it ever was. No .. not the actual gym-ing part .. it’s the waking up early morning at 7:30 part .. Well .. even the gym-ing is not a very delightful experience but still .. it’s manageable.
I have figured out an innovative way to keep my mind off the actual exercise and hence end up doing a higher number of presses, lifts and pushups etc. The idea is to sing .. not out loud .. but in my mind .. as slow as possible .. this has helped me while I do the exercises because I am not actually thinking about the numbing pain in my shoulder or thighs. But as I found out, one has to be rather careful about the song selection .. else it can lead to disastrous results.
Today at the gym .. there was this nice looking cute girl doing the treadmill ( well .. not actually DOING the treadmill .. just exercising on it ) .. and the gym-ing equipment I was using was rather close to the place where she was exercising .. Unfortunately , the songs that were filling my head were “Ain’t that a Bitch” and “Back off Bitch” .. as you would notice, both these songs involve using the word bitch time and again ..
As it happens , around the time I reach the point where I have achieved the 10 lifts of the bar .. I happily let out air from my mouth .. and with that ( sometimes ) the word from the song. For the first time when I let out the word Bitch I think it was rather loud .. because she heard it and since no one was around who could be called a bitch she stopped the machine and looked at me .. very surprised. Since I didn’t know what to do about it .. ( she didn’t ask anything after all ) .. I continued with my second set of the lifts .. This time when I was finished with the set .. the word that came out was .. well .. again .. Bitch .. This time she seemed really offended .. and I thought an apology was expected by her. Again, I didn’t know where to start .. so I just let it go .. but she was in mood for all this non sense. She said “Excuse me .. did you just call me a bitch .. Twice?? ”
now .. as you would see .. the answer to the first part of the question (Excuse me) would be “Yes” and to the second part ( did you just call me a bitch) would be “No” .. but Around the time she had finished the second question I had just muttered the answer to the first part .. So basically it just came out like
She : Excuse me .. did you just call me a bitch
Me : Yes
and after that .. I didn’t have much of a chance ..
I was just looking at her horrified face .. no one goes to gym, expecting to be called a dog or a bitch .. And I didn’t have a chance for an immediate apology .. She left the machine next to me .. and went to the treadmill that was at the other corner of the gym ..
Anyway . I did explain the situation to her a little later .. much to her amusement .. and she said that she thought it was weird that some one was calling her names in the gym .. 🙂

Bleeding Bond ..
Saw Casino Royale on Friday .. nice movie .. significantly different from the usual Bond movies that we have seen all our lives. This time Bond seemed more human .. more prone to make mistakes .. more egomaniac .. more over-confident and more prone to fall in love. He did have a super car .. but this one was not made to jump around places like the Pierce Brosnan car .. this was a more normal car .. and this bond did have a major accident in this car. He bled in almost all action scenes, unlike the earlier Bonds who came out of all situations without a scratch on their suits.

anyway .. there was this scene in the movie where I was reminded of Rocky .. here it is ..
Eva Green had just met Daniel (Bond) and she had the look of a very smart lady who wouldn’t let Bond take all control of the mission they were to embark upon.
Eva Green : Don’t worry Mr. Bond. You need not worry about me being attracted to you.
Daniel : Don’t worry, you are not my type ..
Eva Green : smart ?
Daniel : Single

I was probably the only one who had burst out laughing at that .. :).



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22 responses to “Gym problem + The Bleeding Bond ..

  1. abbulugadu

    Utkarsh sir! But what i remember of ur personality 😛 (pardon me for being direct) U need to do lots of eating rather than gymming 😛

    Btw gg with the cute girl scanario 😉

  2. 🙂
    dood .. of course then you have’nt seen me in a VERY long time .. 😀 .. it’s been two years since I left college.
    The average waist size of a graduating batch increases by 4 inches in a year after college. I am on the higher side of that stat 😀

  3. Shirsha

    Rocky, eh? who’s this dude who, am guessing, has a thing for non-single girls… ?
    and u, stop ‘bitching’ around like this! Wth dyu think u are!?

  4. @shirsha ,
    Rocky = rakesh
    and I wasn’t BITCHING .. !!
    strange definitions people have !!

  5. Oye !! Kyun mujh jaise sidhe saade insaan pe galat ilzam laga raha hai [:(]

  6. The bitch part was really quite funny!!! How could you have guts to answer yes to her question????

  7. socl! (see chandu’s status)
    and rocky, you and sidhe saada!!! … this is even bigger socl 😀

  8. @Rocky ,
    refer to Kunal’s comment .. 🙂

    @Himank ,
    dood .. I did’nt say yes to her being Bitch .. i said yes to the excuse me part .. except that it came out a little late 🙂

    @Kunal ,
    Was just seeing Chandu’s status when your comment came 🙂
    tu post kab karega .. ?? sanyaas tod !!

  9. You get to meet cute girls in the gym?? now why didnt anyone care to ever tell me that! dammit. And since when have u started calling girls names! very very indecent of you 😉

  10. I was probably the only one who had burst out laughing at that .. 🙂

    Isn’t that a little too much of proving your “smart”ness … 😀 ??

  11. Please tell how you finally managed to wake yourself up early. I’ve been trying to start gym again for quite a bit.

    And don’t just say ‘I have will power’.

  12. @sreejith ,
    i realized that .. it’s really very indecent . only if I knew she would take it to heart .. you should have seen her when she stopped the treadmill … If looks could kill 🙂
    @Patchy ,
    It’s not about will power .. it’s my aunt who wakes me up 🙂
    Other than that .. there is the other obvious motive now … the cute girl
    so the hint is .. find a cute member of the opposite sex at the gym (apparently there always are many) and that will be quite an inspiration ..

  13. Hi! I must say you are pretty lucky that the girl did not use you as a treadmill 🙂
    Good post


  14. Hey visited ur blog for the first time…but believe i cudnt stop laughing at the first part…lolz…it happens…:D:D

  15. Um…I doubt anything will consistently make me get up early. Still, will give that a try.

  16. @Arti ,
    now that is a scary thought 🙂

    @Saira ,
    Welcome to my blog .. thanx for dropping by

    @patchy ,
    good luck at that .. 🙂
    helped me atleast .. 😀

  17. rofl.

    I have been procrastinating going to a gym for such a long time now.. maybe its time.. phewww ! 😀

  18. 7.30 is midnight for me. that bitch thing was hilarious. good one. Got to check out casino royale

  19. @Summu ,
    as I suggested to patchy .. find a cute grl at the gym .. that should be motivation enough .. 🙂

    @Appu ,
    Do check out Casino Royale ..
    It’s one hell of a movie .

  20. the “single” line is the best line in the movie 🙂

  21. nick

    suppp ?

    any girl wud hv climbed over u r head whn u said yes to d bitch thing ….. looks like u not comfortable whn girls arnd ..

    i hv issues of waking up early , my sweet friend [girl] , gives me some 20+ miscalls early in d morning , after seeing her on ma mobile my sleep fades off ..

    u shld do d same , ask u r gf or a frnd — hopefully girl ..

    it helps sincerly … coz girls hv a habit of waking up early ..


  22. I read that he that he wanted do a Home and Away appearence! lmao. Not sure how true this is, has anyone else heard it? There’s a bit of me that sort of hopes this is true lol.

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