Innate Superficiality ..

I was having this conversation with a girl yesterday about the Sanjay Dutt thing .. she says he looks sooo innocent .. now . dear lady .. he is the guy who is charged with having links with the D gang .. remember .. ?? He is charged with helping the Memons with Arms .. remember ?? But leaving all that aside .. He should be let go because he ‘looks’ innocent ?? .. And for those who say he is a ‘reformed’ man .. don’t base your arguments on the movies he does .. Munnabhai was a MOVIE .. a fiction .. And wasn’t there an audio tape leak some couple of years back that showed that he still had links with dawood ??
I am yet to come across a girl who likes a member of the Indian cricket team for his cricket-ing skills .. All the Dravid fans, dhoni followers, Yuvraj admirers, Sachin devotees amongst the ladies are there because of their looks .. I mean, even at the height of their careers, The Kaifs and Nehras never had even a fraction of the following amongst the females as all the above mentioned ones have even during injury or off seasons .. Can someone explain this to me ??

And lets not just blame the girls for this kind of behaviour .. We guys have been just as superficial .. Wonder why Steffi Graf was always more popular than Monica Seles or why Sharapova still is the hot favourite and crowd puller at tournaments and not Sabatini .. ??

I still remember discussing Sania Mirza during college .. the conversation started and ended with her looks .. even as she slipped in her rankings to rock bottom.

We try so hard to be not superficial .. and yet, we so obviously .. ARE !!

PS -> I am discovering a new song on my play list everyday now .. thanks to the unrate-all thing in WMP .. Aerosmith Rocks !! Dream On ..

PS_2-> My orkut scrapbook has turned into a fmaily reunion party .. Almost everyday I find some cousin and or aunt pinging me on orkut .. I think I better start taking care of what I post about now .. this post was the first step in that direction šŸ˜›



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25 responses to “Innate Superficiality ..

  1. Shirsha

    Before you cast accusing fingers at every girl, I wish to clarify that ‘He looks so inncocent..’ doesn’t necessarily mean.. ‘He looks so innocent, and hence shud be pardoned for those blasts..’ Justice will follow its course and it rightly has done so… (or has it!? heard them say it was areduced sentence, no? looks like the judge finds him innocent looking too ;))
    Then coming to cricketers, here much as I hate being the voice of girls all over, I have to tell you this, I find cricket immensely boring… And that being one of those tv programmes forced down on me by male family members, I have nothing else to satiate my idle mind with but the rather few, mind-numbingly hot, gorgeous cricketers, and frankly we are no good judge of good/bad cricketers as sportsmen with real skills. So just let us lech at them to our heart’s content… thats all we desire from cricket šŸ˜‰

  2. Shirsha

    And.. err, no am not the girl he had that conversation with šŸ˜›

  3. šŸ™‚ This reminds me of an incident

    There was some comedy show on TV which they were showed the cricket players beating team management after getting frustrated for making them sell products than playing games
    It was hilarious gag. I was watching with other gal (OG).

    Me: Kitna sahi dikhaya hai na. I like it
    OG: Naah. I didn’t like it.
    Me: Oh why ?
    OG: Unhone Dhoni ko pitayee karate hue dikhaya hai. He is so cute. Usake liye aise nahi dikhana chahiye
    me: Duh?

  4. So true…looks matter a lot…and probably thats y most ppl love the glamour world…but atleast i think there’s lot more than all this glamour and superfaciality…i hope atleast i stay awy from all that(the drooling on actors and crickets).

  5. @Shirsha ,
    Hmm .. did I even mention you ? why do you need to get so defensive ? šŸ˜€

    @Ashley ,
    some real life incident t orealte my post to .. thanx šŸ™‚

    @Saira ,
    unfortunately not everyone thinks like you .. !!

  6. Excuse me but are u in your right senses?? how did you ever find seles and sabatini ‘not’ hot… even in comparison with sharapova/graf?? and please dont take sania’s name in the same post as graf/seles/sabatini! its an insult to the greats.
    btw you might want to read this

  7. come on! who says sabatini wasn’t good looking? i remember being mad about her even though i was just about 5 years old then.

  8. @Sreejith ,
    Read that post the day you published šŸ™‚
    nice thought !!

    @Rocky ,
    abe Mr. Smiley .. aage kuch bolega ?

    @sankalp ,
    uhmm .. well . different choices .. šŸ™‚

  9. Shirsha

    defensive against your offensive comments [:p]

  10. Adi

    That’s a nice thing happening to ur scrap book .. do u remember some time back some one was backmailing in my scrap book .. now its going to be my turn šŸ˜‰

  11. hey !

    well i like Kaif a lot …..

    Aerosmith’s dream on is a great one .. in fact , most of Aerosmiths are šŸ™‚

  12. been so long since i came by … everything looks so diff šŸ˜¦

  13. @shirsha ,
    Well .. Wonder why would you find it offensive .. wasn’t directed at you ..was it ? šŸ™‚

    @Adi ,
    uhmm .. well .. lets just ceasefire ?? what say šŸ˜›

    @Deepa ,
    Totally agree with you .. Aerosmith ROCKS !!

  14. awesome – Last 2 posts

    is back – the wit and the chandler humour
    is passe – senti, nostalgic n emo stuff

    i love – your blog again šŸ™‚

  15. btw, you forgot

    the zaheers and the pathans

  16. @Sam ,
    Thanx for droppin by man .. looong time no c šŸ™‚
    Hoping to make you keep coming back šŸ˜€

  17. Sabatini was hot! šŸ˜”

    And cricket is not meant for girls.. they are better off with the saas bahu serials.. Believe me. Look what happened when Mandira Bedi tried being different.

    Experiments gone horribly wrong.. šŸ˜¦

  18. Shirsha

    Well, it’d be offensive, well, almost, to anybody who isn’t superficial. Now am all saintly, and no, not at all superficial šŸ˜‰

  19. @Parry and Spawn ,
    ok .. lets just forget who was hot and who was not .. šŸ™‚ .. the point of the post was superficiality .. not who is hot and who is not

    @Spawn ,
    Well . you never know . I know some girls who play Cricket .. šŸ™‚
    plus saas bahus are really boring gibberish .. i don’t think anyone who has time to do anything else would watch them

    @Shirsha ,
    ahha .. I shall agree with you … you are saintly and all .. šŸ™‚

  20. skp

    The innate hatred towards ladies huh (yeah I know u wrote about lesser humans who are male too but I dont care…) …. btw I SECOND Srjth too … Lets have a srjth fan club on Orkut !! >:)

    nice going buddy šŸ™‚ keep posting .. its the natural, raw Utkarsh Khare… as Sam said….

  21. Language – a great divider. It’s finding the common thread that knits us all together.
    Best wishes

  22. Superficiality – it’s not always a bad thing, sometimes you need a little light relief / give the other guy a break.

  23. @Skp ,
    totally for the sreejith fan club … me forming one … will send you the invite asap šŸ™‚

    @mcewen ,
    thanks for dropping by šŸ™‚ ..
    language sure is a uniting factor too .. the world would be a horrible place to live in if everyone just conversed in their native language .. but then, there will always be faults with even the best of things šŸ™‚

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