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New year round the corner !!

Happy New Year Everyone ..

Next post :: New Year Resolutions ..

Normally I never make resolutions .. but this time I will !!
And hopefully act on the resolutions too 🙂

Have a fun filled vacation and enjoy the new year with the people you love !!


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Trip to Wayanad

There is a saying by Mr. Nirnimesh ( former system admin at IIIT , Google star employee for five weeks running and a good friend of mine )

The more you plan for the trip, more are the chances that the trip will never happen

The Goa trip, that was planned initially, never happened .. since none of us could arrange for a stay there. So, after referring to multiple people and getting inputs from various sources we decided that Wayanad might just be the perfect place to spend the Christmas Weekend.
The guys from Hyderabad ( Rocky, Maddy, Parivesh, Nirnimesh and Nitin ) arrived in Bangalore on the morning of 23rd and we started for Wayanad at around 10:30 AM in the morning. The place is about 253 Kms from Bangalore, which is about 5 hours of cab driving. We stopped at multiple places on the way, either due to the traffic, or due to nature’s call or due to lunch breaks .. and we finally entered Kerala at around 4:00 PM. We crossed a couple of elephants on the way which looked sad and hungry ( lethal combo .. I am sure if I was outside the cab, they would not mind eating me either ). We finally got to Wayanad at around 5:00 PM and we stopped at Sultan’s Bathery which is about 17 Kms from the main Wayanad center ( Kalpetta ). Bathery did have a couple of ok-ish places to stay, but everything was booked ( Christmas Weekend ). Finally Rocky and Parivesh managed to find a decent enough place to sleep for the night. We all were pretty tired trying to find a place to stay and we took to beds like fish to water ( or something less desperate sounding ).
Next morning, as expected, Maddy and Nitin were up early morning ( that was 5:00 AM ) and started waking up everyone. The last thing you want to do when you are in a place like Kerela is waste time sleeping .. but the bed seemed to be offering much more. Anyway, you can hardly expect to sleep once Maddy wakes up. And all of us were up and ready by 8:30 AM.
First stop Edakal Caves : The drive to the place was as nice as the place itself. Since it was early morning, we were enjoying ourselves totally oblivious to the road ( or lets call it, the mountain ) ahead. The car was stopped about a kilometer from the place where the caves were, by a group of money hungry parking lot people. We could have actually driven right up till the caves, but … anyway .. this at least gave us a chance to flex our leg muscles to prepare them for the ordeal ahead. It was about a kilometer that we had walked up the mountain, but it was not tiring .. it was just exhausting .. and since we were not carrying water bottles, we had more trouble trying to keep pace. But anyway, we managed to get to the caves .. and in my head I was hoping that this was it .. but others had other plans .. It seems there was a little hike ahead .. which took you to the top of the mountain. Maddy is always the first to find out such things and shout “lets go .. ” and I am always the last one to listen to such things and I always shout back “Are you kidding me .. up THAT way ?? ” But since, everyone was going .. I followed suit .. and very soon we were pretty much doing MI-2 stunts without duplicates and without any safety equipments. My slippery shoe didn’t help the cause much and everytime i stepped upon a rock I felt like this would be my last step. I scolded myself for not getting the roaming activated so that I could call my mom and dad and bro and tell them “I love you guys” .. but since even that involved taking my arms off the rock ahead .. I don’t think it was really advisable. There was a part of the mountain for which we were supposed to take the help of a rope to go up … looked easy, was a bit difficult to do initially, but soon I got a hang of it and it all seemed easy again .. but even that was not the end of it. Four of the group made it to the top of the mountain (Rocky, Maddy, Nirnimesh and Parivesh) while Me and Nitin were catching our breath about 20 ft below. We came back from there, because it was adventure enough going up all that distance :). The way back seemed easier and Maddy REALLY enjoyed himself on the way back ( ask him what that means .. I am told to be cautious of what I post on the blog ).
Second Stop Muthunga Wild Life Sanctuary : We went straight to the Wild Life sanctuary hoping to catch the sight of some Wild Life. I was told by a office colleague that the sanctuary is the most boring thing at Wayanad. Still, I didn’t tell my friends about this … because Wayanad is famous for the sanctuary and if I we didn’t go there .. it would be like going to a girls college and not checking out the hot babes there. In the end, I didn’t want to be blamed for what the sanctuary MIGHT have been like .. 🙂 .. so we went there anyway. Our driver was the more scared thing I have seen in a really long time ( and I have seen myself in the mirror after the movie Bhoot ) at the idea of going inside the jungle. His fear actually got me thinking that there just MIGHT be a chance that there are wild animals inside. But all we saw were a bunch of deer from different angles and a couple of elephants. But the fun part of this visit , for me , was the drive , because I was standing at the back end of the open jeep on the door , and it was fun to be able to see the wild life from a distance and the bumpy road and the fast drive only made the task a little more fun 🙂
Third Destination Chethalayam Falls : We didn’t actually find the lake .. but we had a good time trying to find it .. because every time we talked about tigers and lions on our way to the place we noticed that the speed of the cab increased a bit. Our driver was mighty scared driving into the jungle and since the way to the falls was blocked by a fallen tree we could not get to it .. but we did see the part of it where water was falling .. and we also saw a wild boar .. which ran off as soon as the cab doors opened 🙂 .. poor thing .. !!
But the good thing was .. the little stop here woke up everyone ( including me ) and we were back to our hotels in forty five .. hoping for a even better day when we wake up.

Next day
Meenmutty Falls : We were under the impression ( and were desperately hoping for it after the adventures day before ) that we would not have to trek to get to the place .. but as it turned out .. this one also involved some trekking .. the way down was tricky and very narrow .. I was VERY sure that this was not the actual way and many times during the trek we had to rely on the sound of falling water to decide the way to go .. the first sight of falling water was fun .. but it was water falling from a height of about 10 ft .. and definitely not what we had in mind .. 🙂 .. This was the place where we lost track of Nirnimesh and Parivesh ( unfortunately we found them some time later 🙂 ) because they started off from here a little earlier and the rest four of us were a little behind. Finally when we got to the falls .. it was a beautiful sight .. Water falling from such great height ( ok .. it was no Niagara falls .. but still it was a nice height ) and the sound of water made us forget the sweat that it took to get to the place .. and pretty soon we were all charged up again .. We didn’t click many snaps on the way to the falls ( which was rather sad .. but I guess everyone was more worried about surviving the trek and not about what to show for actually surviving ) .. but we did click many once we got there .. I clicked some snaps of a group of school kids ( these guys took the actual route, which was the one we took for our way back .. this one seemed lot shorter and easier ) who were there on a class trip or something and promised to send it to them because they gave me their address ( should probably do that .. nice enthu bunch , they were ) . The way back up from the falls shall always be etched in my mind as the day when Maddy told us a zillion times “Guys, I can see the tea plantations which means we have reached our cab .. must be hardly 2 minutes walk from here” .. and after every 2 minutes of such walk .. we would still not find even a single tea plant .. forget the entire plantation .. and every time the three of us felt like throwing him off the top of the mountain .. But actually we were too tired to say it .. so we three would just look at each and mentally make a note that once we are back on our feet .. “Lets kill Maddy” !!
We found Nirnimesh and Parivesh ( unfortunately 🙂 ) a little distance away from the tea plantations ( finally we did find it 🙂 ) .. After which it was actually a two minute walk !!
But Still .. “Lets kill MADDY”
Pookote Lake : We were tired .. definitely .. but once we got to the top .. near our cab .. we were actually so happy to have made it that pretty soon we had all forgotten the tired legs and the sagging spirits were back on their feet. Actually ( at least for me ) .. there was a cute girl near our exit .. and the very sight of her was pretty refreshing .. too bad we couldn’t click her .. because her dad kept coming in the way. After the trek, we decided not to go to any place which could make us walk .. up or down .. doesn’t matter … there should be absolutely no walking .. 🙂 .. So we went to the lake .. !!
This proved to be a wonderful decision .. and I must thank Nirnimesh here to come up with the idea of rowing and not use pedal boats. He and Parivesh started first ( and didn’t drown .. unfortunately !! ) after which me and Rocky followed suit. We actually did pretty well .. This was my first time rowing and I totally enjoyed it !! I had my favorite moments of the Trip while I was rowing .. ( actually it was just rocky who was rowing .. I was just sitting on my ass and enjoying the view 🙂 ) .. We clicked a little here too and then we saw the Microsoft employees ( Nitin and Maddy ) trying to sink a rowing boat .. they didn’t actually succeed .. but it was rather interesting to imagine how their moments on the boat could be mapped to their work life at office .. 🙂
Banasura Sagar Dam : This actually was a good walk … thats it .. nothing VERY interesting .. but we had a scenic view and we had the incentive that we got to the other end in time, we might get a chance to be on the speed boat ( which didn’t work out 😦 ) .. We clicked some nice snaps here too .. and We lost+found Nirnimesh here too ( again .. unfortunately 🙂 ) !!

The trip was more about enjoying the moments with Friends, having fun in spite of tiredness and the sinking spirits during the treks .. Although we did not see anything GREAT in the wild life sanctuary, although we did not get to speed boat on time .. still .. it was not disappointing to anyone .. At the end of the day .. It was the fun of being together in the group of Friends that mattered .. Somehow the fun side of us, that was lost due to the hectic work life and the work pressure and commitments, that came to the fore .. We all had a total BLAST on the trip .. !!

Quotes from the trip
A friend ( not ms employee, not synopsis employee, not oracle employee) on the proposal from a girl colleague that during their upcoming visit to the US, they should visit pubs everyday
“Saala .. Paisa Kaun Dega ?? ”

Maddy , during the trek up from Meenmutty falls
“I can see the tea plantations right in front of me .. must be hardly 2 minutes from here ”
Rest all of us in unison

“Lets Kill Parivesh ” 🙂

Nitin , On the second sighting of the elephants in Wild Life Sanctuary
“I think these are the same elephants .. They have just moved to a different position to fool us”

Nirnimesh ( to me , at the Chethalayam Falls .. on way to which I had fallen sleep and had just woken up .. He was about to click a snap of me )
“Khare .. Boot Ho ja”

Me ( about Parivesh’s suggestion to kill Murphy for coming up with Murphy’s laws)
According to Murphy’s law , when you try to find Murphy to kill him, you shall never find him and when you are not trying to find him .. you will find him everywhere

Acknowledgements –
Shirsha ( for suggesting the place in the first place ) -> THANK YOU !!
Blogs ( from which we learnt about other’s experiences ) -> Keep going people .. you are helping more people than you can imagine.
The Numerous websites that helped us find the way to the place and gave us a snap shot of what to expect once we get there !!

Link for snaps from the trip is here


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The Drive ..

A friend told me today afternoon that its quite cold today in Bangalore .. and the weather outside is actually the coldest Bangalore has been for quite some time. All this was while I was sitting in my cubicle totally oblivious to the world outside. How much do we miss sitting in here … ?? With absolutely no idea about the weather, the rain, the storm , the accident outside ?? We have to be told by people who have just come in about what is happening in the world outside ..

Thankfully, I got a chance to go out today .. the excuse was to get return tickets from Bangalore to Hyderabad for friends who were coming over for a trip to Wayanad. All of a sudden, I realized that is the first time in many days that I was driving at this hour. It just seemed to beautiful .. there as no rush to get anywhere .. thoughts drifted to the laidback winter afternoons of childhood and the accompanying fun. The traffic was not thin by any standards .. but I didn’t find myself getting irritated by the constant honking of the horns, by the turning without indicators, by the slow driving car ahead of me. Its probably all just in the head .. right ?? I mean .. I see these things everyday .. and think of people who do these things to be Bangalore’s bane .. and yet .. here I am .. driving in the middle of the day in the midst of such people and not getting mad at all ..

The fun of driving was back .. I wasn’t trying to speed my way out of a possible jam .. I wasn’t overtaking the slow moving car and cursing the driver .. I wasn’t even minding the way auto rickshaws were over taking me .. It was just plain fun .. driving slowly and steadily .. enjoying the mild sunshine that seems to be such a mood maker for a wonderful drive ..

Call it the pre-effect of the trip that I am off to tomorrow , call it just mood swings or whatever .. but it was the same as the first time I was driving a bike .. that was for the fun of driving .. not because of rushing to some destination.


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Is Jack Back ??

After dabbling with many thoughts and half writing about half a dozen posts, here I am again .. to bother you once more with a post about serial killers .. !!

Pankaj called me a couple of days back telling me about the new Jack the ripper from UK.
While no one is actually thrilled that the psycho is back, about a century and another decade later .. but still, the similarities seem thought provoking.
I still don’t have the data to validate this, but I need to confirm if the 5 bodies were actually mutilated and were the five bodies placed in places, which when joined by lines form mystic lines.
The number of victims being same and all of them, yet again being prostitutes, I hope this again doesn’t become another unsolvable mystery .. or worst yet .. I hope, no innocent guy is punished being accused of being the killer ( That is how Indian police would have solved the case in 2 days ) !!
The saga of the original Jack the Ripper can be read here ( not for faint hearts .. the last time I read this was in early 2005 and I did not finish the entire article because it was too gory to read at times ) .. and here is the link to the guy who seems to have made people go back in history to read about Jack !!

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Bangalore Rocked ..

As I had thought .. the Deep purple concert ROOOOCCCKKKEEEEDDD Big time.
I had never been to a live performance before this .. except the college band types .. and this one exceeded all my expectations. When you go to such concerts .. you realize why Deep Purple is called the BAAP of ROCK .. !!
I met a college friend at about two and was at the concert entrance gate at 3 when the gate was supposed to open at 5:30 🙂 .. and I am telling you .. that two and half hours of wait was worth watching Deep Purple perform live in front of you .. I was somewhere around third row all through the concert .. and being surrounded by hot chicks and head banging yourself .. you got to be there to experience what it actually felt like. At the end of the two hours of deep purple, I realized that my feet are not in a position to take my weight any more 🙂
And for the non-believers in my dancing art .. I actually felt like dancing .. ( ok . notice the word “felt like” .. I didn’t actually DO it 🙂 ) .. It was totally unbelievably amzing.

anyway .. Here are the pics .. Thanks to Ashley’s camera phone for that ( no cameras allowed otherwise ). Some pics are blurred because it is difficult to take pictures when you are head banging 😀
I came within three inches to getting hold of Steve Morse’s guitar pics that he threw into the crowd .. But some hairy bastard stomped on my feet .. and I couldn’t get it .. Must have been hell of a way to start learning guitar had I got it .. 😀


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Fun-da-mental mistake

A word of advise to all you readers .. If you live with family and have been in the past been forced to watch some saas bahu crap .. and you eventually got so bored of it that you excused yourself to your room everytime the channel was changed to the crap-of-the-century .. DO NOT EVER ASK YOUR ELDERS what is the serial about.

Last week, I walked into my uncle’s house and my aunt seemed fairly upbeat about something .. A little later she reveals that Mritunjay performed well .. i serached through the database of names of people in my head ( there isn’t a huge list anyway ) .. and wondered whom was she referring to .. a a little later my cousin lets the secret open .. Mritunjay .. the guy from Gorakhpur who is our age ( and hence automatically assumed to be my friend .. Gorakhpur isn’t that small . you know ) who is competing in Zee Cine Star .. I couldn’t care less about him anyway and excused myself to my room.
A little later I came back and since I had finished the book at hand and didn’t feel like starting a new one right away .. and the FRIENDS dvds were kept for the night entertainment .. i thought it might be ok to kill some time sitting in front of the TV. Here beings the mistake.
A character comes on screen .. I remember having seen her somewhere .. probably some ad may be .. so I ask my aunt ..
“who is she .. ”
Aunt : “oh … she is Saloni’s sister”
.. alright .. clear enough .. just one small doubt ..
“err .. who is saloni ?? ”
Aunt : “ohh . saloni is the lead here ”

A little later a darkish tallish weirdish girl takes center stage on the TV and I was told that this is Saloni .. I hardly had time for introduction .. she sobbed for about all of five minutes that she occupied the camera’s attention. Thankfully, the scene changed a little later to the girl I started out with ..
“ohh ok .. so what is the story with this one” ..
Aunt : “She hates saloni”
ahh ok .. fine .. no wonder she was giving such glares to our female protagonist.
“So … this sister of hers” ..
Aunt : “Her name is Shubra” ..
“ohh ok .. this shubra .. she is married to this guy X ?? ”
Aunt : “yes ” ..
“then why is X behaving so cruelly towards her baby”
Aunt : ” Oh .. thats not his baby”
“But I thought you said she and X were married ”
Aunt : “yes .. but the baby is not his”
“Ohh ok .. So whose is the baby then ? ”
Aunt : “The baby is Y’s .. Shubra hates Y”
“Then how come they have a baby if she hates him”
Aunt : ” Oh no .. she used to love Y .. now she hates him”
“Ohh .. alright .. ”
Aunt : ” See .. she loved Y .. but Y dumped her .. so she married Z ”
“But you just told me she is married to X”
Aunt : ” no .. this is her second marriage .. she hated Z”
“Ok .. why did she marry Z is she hated him”
Aunt : “Oh .. she had no choice then .. but she loves him now .. ”
“Ok .. so .. she loves Z .. then why is she married to X ?”
Aunt : “Oh .. he left her .. but she loves still oves him ”

“Ok .. let me get this straight .. this Girl .. has a baby with Y whom she loved .. but hates now .. she was married to Z whom she hated .. but she loves him now .. and Z left her and she is married to X whom she doesn’t love and X doesn’t love her either .. ”
I think I confused my aunt at this point .. because the reply back came after about a 20 second pause 🙂
Aunt : “Yes .. Correct :)”

Phew .. if only life was this simple 🙂


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Is Dada back ??

I am as much a Ganguly hater as I am a Sachin Lover. I thought that as a captain he did everything in his power he could to keep the attention on himself. For me, he is a media crazy, overly bossy , self centered bastard. His cricketing skills, though not the best .. are good enough for a mention in record books.
Saurav averaged 32 and 22 against australia in tests and ODIs respectively .. which is arguably the best team in the time duration in which Saurav has played as against his overall average of 41 in both forms of cricket.
The same saurav has also averaged 88 and 56 against Bangladesh in tests and ODIs respectively .. which is possibly the worst team in sight today ( zim used to be better .. remember the days of Andy Flower and Heath Streak ? )
So what does all this stat tell us .. that He is good against Bad teams and vice versa ?

The lack of match practice and the insufficient time before the ODI series started were the reasons given by most as the reasons for India’s dismal performance down under. Ganguly landed in SA a couple of days back and is on 56 n.o. in the tour game against rest of South Africa. All this while the rest of the team has been facing trouble in coping with the bounce and seam movements .. Ganguly walks in .. mistimes a few of his shots .. adjusts and is now on his way to what could be a GREAT come back, if only he can survive the threats off the field from Chappel and likes.
Ganguly may not have many admirers in the world .. he also might not be the most fluent against pace bowlers, but you got to give him that he has the fighting instinct. Lots of people have written off Ganguly as the unfortunate dark past of indian cricket. But what they forget is that the same man lead India to series victories overs lots of other countries. He was the one who used Australia’s intimidating tactics succeefully against them in their own backyard. And while we all love to ignore his good times, lets not forget that the Indian resilliance down under in that unforgettable tour began with Ganguly scoring a 144 in a rain hit match.
The man, we all love to hate .. Ganguly is on his way to scoring possibly another face saving innings for India. Let’s just try to forget the media crazy , self obsessed Ganguly and welcome him back to the team .. and as Mr. Chappel said “Great to have you back” 🙂
I really hope he stays in the team for a long time to come now, not as captain .. but as a truly gifted batsman and a senior member who has something valuable to offer the game at 34 years of age.


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