English is a Phunny Language ..

Before you start getting all judgmental and weird about this … just take a moment off to appreciate the new look of the blog .. !! Looks cool .. isn’t it ?

Well .. I know I am going to get lots of brickbats for this one .. But the fact is .. I just don’t get English .. There is seriously no correlation between the way it’s written and spoken .. and as someone who was taught since primary school to look for the pronunciation of the word in the spelling, I am totally at a loss to understand some words ..

Sample this ..
if entrepreneur was supposed to be read entrepreneur then why wasn’t it spelled as ahntrupreneur ? .. Wouldn’t that have made the work of lots of people easier .. ?? Think about the poor teachers who have to explain the pronunciations .. think about the poor nursery student who would have failed in English a zillion times because he pronounced it as ENTER-PRE-NEUR .. I still do that sometimes 🙂

Forget the complex words .. no one uses such words till they get to high school and all .. but simple words .. how about swap .. We all computer engineers use it all the time .. but if it was supposed to be read swoup .. why not write it that way . ??

And don’t even get me started about Silent letters ?
Wednesday ?? .. seriously people .. if it was supposed to be read Whensday .. then why not write it was whensday ?? why introduce the irrelevant letters in the words .. ?
Or Rock .. ? can someone tell me what is C doing there ? ( This one is actually copied from Billy Madison 🙂 )

I am telling you guys, this was just the way the language was developed so that we Asians never get the words right and hence never get promoted above the Americans and British in the social hierarchy .. ( Language knowledge helps people to get promoted .. even people with zero technical knowledge 🙂 .. you should only know how to ramble on and on about the project )

phew .. ok .. I am done with the grumbling of the day .. now let me go back to the cricket match .. Bloody Brian Lara .. The law of averages catches up with him only when he is in my super selector team 😦

Edited Later .. -> On a totally different note .. check this out .. thanks to ashley for the link



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13 responses to “English is a Phunny Language ..

  1. I can see that you have waay too much free time. btw the new look is….. lets say ‘broodee, mawrbid and kontuhmpleytiv’. I love it though 🙂

    Please dont remind me of superselector and Lets NOT discuss it on gtalk too. The bloody site has gotten onto my nerves!

  2. Shirsha

    New blog template! Really cool… whr’s it from? or are you into designing them? then hey, i have a few requirements, go ahead design mine… 😛

  3. “Who am I” is interesting … 🙂
    And I am reminded of “T-O tooo, D-O dooo, then why G-O is not …. ?”

  4. Its too black .. I can’t see anything 😛

  5. @Sreejith ,
    Fine . no more super selector .. it sucks !!

    @shirsha ,
    I am bored .. Any work will do 🙂

    @Kunal ,
    More updates there pretty soon ..

    @Ashley ,
    Take your comp out in the sun .. may be sunlight will help 😛

  6. I completely agree…but then i love pronouncing…wednesday as whensday….:D
    well the new look….isnt it too dark…??

  7. Yes its Phunny Man..So many words…It sucks at times….
    and Yes U gata Nice Blog In here Man…Keep it RAwKIn!

  8. @Saira ,
    Well .. isn’t dark cooler at times ?

    @Aman ,
    thanks for dropping by .. 🙂

  9. Yeah! English is a phunny language!
    Next time I come here I need to get my specs along 🙂 :-b
    I had tried this template but never liked it …
    Not that it looks bad, why not try increasing the font size in the template? [for the likes of me ;)]

  10. Hehe. True. and the sma eis the case with french.
    You spell some thing and pronounce something else. 🙂
    but den dats d beauty of the language isnt it ?

  11. @Arti ,
    🙂 .. well .. i can’t help the font size … it’s browser controlled .. so you can adjust the font there 🙂
    Looks fairly cool to me 🙂

    @Ajay ,
    no experiences in any thing french yaar .. but a friend has .. and he also says that its equally pathetic 🙂
    thanks for dropping by 🙂

  12. knoppix

    dude change the template color ..

  13. Yes it can be changed in browser but there is a way to change in template too…
    Just increase the font size %


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