Bhula Do – Raet .. Lyrics

I am not in a sad mood .. it’s just that the song is amazing … 🙂

[ bhula do bhula do
vo baatein purani
jo dil ko jalati rahin

vo yadein tumhari
vo batein tumhari
jo hamko satati rahin ] – 2

vo kaisi subah thi
khushiyon ka tha safar
sab yaar sang the
koi thi na fikar

dukh aaya , sukh khoya
gum ban gaya humsafar

apne kya paraye kya
sab rang hain ek se
kache sab dhage hain
ye band hain raet ke

manzil na saathi hai
chalta hun mein bekhabar

[ bhula do bhula do
vo baatein purani
jo dil ko jalatoi rahin

vo yadein tumhari
voi batein tumhari
jo hjmko satati rahin ] – 2



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91 responses to “Bhula Do – Raet .. Lyrics

  1. skp

    Good that u mentioned that u are not in sad mood … that confirms it that you are !!

  2. Shirsha

    Yeah, the clarification at the start does to make the clarification more incredible 😛

  3. i love this song.this is going to b my first stage performance.

  4. Mia

    Hey i want that song can i download it from here? or somewhere from da net??

  5. Bull

    Hey Utkarsha Can u give me the link to download bhula do song… I need it badly man. Please mail me the link.. Bye

  6. Parth

    if i m in a sad mood which is the best sentimental song to listen to plz tell me utkarsh

  7. HellKing

    End Verse is wrong,
    correct is
    [ bhula do bhula do
    vo baatein purani
    jo dil ko jalatoi rahin

    vo yadein
    voi batein
    jo mujhko satati rahin ] – 2

    and, for the song, check out

  8. Stranger

    Beautiful song , I love this song very much, and i got the link to dwnload ths song if any body want the link just let me knw on my Id ”

  9. Thanks for the comments everyone ..
    the Song video is on youtube .. just in case you want to see it
    here is the link

    and thanks to Hellking for correcting the last paragraph !!

  10. veeery romantic n kl yaar kider se liya yeh song ?? shhhit really smart naah!!

  11. Dilzaara

    Oh my… any translation?? pls 🙂

  12. aeroze

    This song is too good. N raeth way to go man

  13. Thanks for posting! I liked it 🙂

  14. Charanpal SIngh

    Hey its an amazing song, i heard it on radio, and ended up here. I relly liked the sing, amazing style of singing and powerful music… hmmm its really toooo goood.. 🙂

  15. Avni

    Kitna bakwaas gana hai!

  16. Maleeha

    This is a Nice song….Makes you wanna think….

  17. Its a superb song made and sung by you. Keep it up!

  18. alex


    • anmol

      vo kaisi subah thi
      khushiyon ka tha safar
      sab yaar sang the
      koi thi na fikar manzil na saathi hai
      chalta hun mein bekhabar {i miss u}

  19. subhankar nit raipur

    i love this long very much this song is dedicated to my dear girl friend who had left meee alone in my life went to enjoy alone in other world

  20. qahid hamid

    realy goooooooooooood song
    for all kinds of moooooooooooooooddddddddddds
    not only unhappy ppplllllllllle

  21. qahid hamid

    avniiiiiiiiii jeeeeeeeee ikbar ur sonnnneyyyyyyyyyeeeeeee
    bahut acha gaaaanaha hai

  22. this is good songe@};-

  23. manzil na saathi hai
    chalta hun mein bekhabar

    [ bhula do bhula do
    vo baatein purani
    jo dil ko jalatoi rahin

    vo yadein tumhari
    voi batein tumhari
    jo hjmko satati rahin

  24. Vaibhav

    Damn good song. Lyrics r very nicely attached with raet. Music makes it more special.

  25. anish

    hey tht song is my favvvvvvvvvvvvv……th lyrics nd th tune is jst super coolllllll……….love itt!

  26. Riyadh

    Rocking music….I love this song very muchh..Itz great song!!

  27. A.N

    Well this is a song from a Pakistani band called Raeth! No Wonder, a simply great song! Keep Rocking Pakistani bands!!

  28. kooooooooolllll…………

    bhula di wo sb batein

  29. sab

    hey where can i get the english translation of this song?pls:( its sooo nice but dont know what he sayd:(

  30. mohammed reza

    this is one of the best songs i would have ever heard in my life.
    raeth rooooockkkkkkkkssssssssss

  31. niti

    this song is one of my favorite
    i love this song very much
    thanks utkarsh

  32. nanni

    i lv this song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    it is my fevourite!! i really like it. thanx to the crew who made it.

  33. Max

    best idea search on google u will get the song lyrics video everything

  34. mounsa

    my my,,,,,,,,,,,wnderful song….i swear…………..beautifully sang…..lovv it…..soo guyz keep rokin ………u rule!

  35. abida

    awesome song.. it really touches the heart..

    thank you for making this song…..It such a treat to ears and heart…Thank you!!

  36. AnaRummy

    Hi we love this song not only bcoz the song is good but also it touches our heart at one situation of our life.we really love the wordings of this song as it solves out one of the situation of our life.

  37. prettygal

    hey i love this song alottt..!!!
    just keep rocking guys…!!!!!!!

    gr8 song,,,!!!

  38. MYB

    By far, da best song in da past 2 yrs!!!!

  39. Ajay dhurve

    realy yar this track is so realistic ………….
    i just love it !


  41. hello
    thiz song is one of my fav songz
    thiz song is Amazing !!!
    i just luv it !!!
    KEEP IT UP 🙂
    rocking 😀

  42. pooja

    i really like this song & its it one of my fav song
    keep it up… & wish u a glorious journey to success !

  43. Nadee

    ya , it’s really nice. i like it.

  44. Abha

    hey! i wnt dis sonnnnnnnnngggg :((

  45. Sanju

    Superb song..well done Raeth..:)

  46. pratul anand

    really touching song
    reath…….. u deserves cheers man
    go ahead… god bless

  47. harika

    this song is is sad but very nice.
    really touching song

  48. yash

    chutie pateli mat mar

  49. palash

    so so so good nd mu favraaaaaate songggggggggggg

  50. itisha

    its my frnds fav song so i like it

  51. nishita

    wat a song man…………i jz luv ds song…..

  52. Sweatu

    Heyy. . .I love this sad song !! Thx fr d lyrics. .Ut bhaiya. . . .

  53. viom

    ausum……….song hai yaaro…..!

  54. nice song Dil ki bat boldiya….

  55. sourabh khandelwal


  56. Abdul Raheem

    nice song love it……

  57. Agnivesh kumar

    Hey man i wanna talk to you

  58. manish

    cool dude
    i m going to perform it in my next stage performance

  59. Sakeena

    I jus love dis song…. many memories….. 🙂

  60. poonam

    i really love this song……………… dedicated to my one n only boyfriend who left me…………. bt still main nai bhul sakti hu use kabhi nai……………………………

  61. its really amazing becoz i m in luv nd i rilly noe its true meaning..dis song has changed ma lyf…

  62. jeet

    Album Name is REATH not Raet

  63. i never heard this song. So i dont like it .

  64. sapan

    Love this song…..

  65. Fahad

    Poonam fiker not we all boys r here na agar wo chala gya to kya hua hum sab hain na . . . .bhul ja bhul ja us ko jo na mila tujh ko . . . . . . . . .samjhi kuch?

  66. bhavna

    sexyyyyyyyyyy!!! jus love it…….:D:D<3

  67. samina

    verryyyyyyyyyyyy niceeeeeeeeee songggggggggggggggggg

  68. Deepti shukla

    Awesome song…

  69. priti

    this song is very nice

  70. really nyc song………love dis song

  71. thanks for posting, got with a quick google.

  72. Rajani

    awesome song… i love dis song

  73. i wnted d lyrics n got it frm dis pg….:)

  74. i will sing the song on stage at 2 nov 2011.bcoz this day was made sayaji since 15 yrs thnx for reath band giving this song

  75. Heyy atifff ds sng vry nys bhulado n mind blowng yr realy ur gr8 sngr i miss ur sng n ur voice n u… Hmmm,, i lyk u

  76. Maher asad

    VeRy NiCe VocL AnD LyRicS,,

  77. pradeep sharms

    when reath’s band come in uiet 25 i also see it nd enjoy the nights!!

  78. thakur pranjal singh

    love this one

  79. abdur rahman prince

    the most good song……for heart breakers

  80. saddam hossain.

    Nice & my life story almost same like this song. Thanks to lyrics writer.

  81. neil joshi

    i love you so much wajih faruqi reath your all songs please coming to india plssssssssssssssssssssssss

  82. pankajjain

    this is so sweat song.

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  84. saki

    bhula do bhula do
    vo baatein purani
    jo dil ko jalati rahin

    vo yadein tumhari
    vo batein tumhari
    jo hamko satati rahin

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