Is Dada back ??

I am as much a Ganguly hater as I am a Sachin Lover. I thought that as a captain he did everything in his power he could to keep the attention on himself. For me, he is a media crazy, overly bossy , self centered bastard. His cricketing skills, though not the best .. are good enough for a mention in record books.
Saurav averaged 32 and 22 against australia in tests and ODIs respectively .. which is arguably the best team in the time duration in which Saurav has played as against his overall average of 41 in both forms of cricket.
The same saurav has also averaged 88 and 56 against Bangladesh in tests and ODIs respectively .. which is possibly the worst team in sight today ( zim used to be better .. remember the days of Andy Flower and Heath Streak ? )
So what does all this stat tell us .. that He is good against Bad teams and vice versa ?

The lack of match practice and the insufficient time before the ODI series started were the reasons given by most as the reasons for India’s dismal performance down under. Ganguly landed in SA a couple of days back and is on 56 n.o. in the tour game against rest of South Africa. All this while the rest of the team has been facing trouble in coping with the bounce and seam movements .. Ganguly walks in .. mistimes a few of his shots .. adjusts and is now on his way to what could be a GREAT come back, if only he can survive the threats off the field from Chappel and likes.
Ganguly may not have many admirers in the world .. he also might not be the most fluent against pace bowlers, but you got to give him that he has the fighting instinct. Lots of people have written off Ganguly as the unfortunate dark past of indian cricket. But what they forget is that the same man lead India to series victories overs lots of other countries. He was the one who used Australia’s intimidating tactics succeefully against them in their own backyard. And while we all love to ignore his good times, lets not forget that the Indian resilliance down under in that unforgettable tour began with Ganguly scoring a 144 in a rain hit match.
The man, we all love to hate .. Ganguly is on his way to scoring possibly another face saving innings for India. Let’s just try to forget the media crazy , self obsessed Ganguly and welcome him back to the team .. and as Mr. Chappel said “Great to have you back” 🙂
I really hope he stays in the team for a long time to come now, not as captain .. but as a truly gifted batsman and a senior member who has something valuable to offer the game at 34 years of age.



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7 responses to “Is Dada back ??

  1. Asheesh

    Dude probably u have forgotten the sight of ganguly being bounced
    out by bowlers who hardly crossed 120 km/h….
    The youger players haven’t fared any better any thing which helps Indian Cricket is welcome 🙂

  2. you gave words to my thoughts…. thanks…
    although it is a different matter altogether that my thoughts have been with me only these days…. 🙂

  3. He might av played one good inning.. but i don’t think he’s going to last in his nu avatar for long.
    Bowlers will soon find a way 2 counter his flirtatious nature outside the offstump n get on top of him.
    It’s only due to the utter lack of talent in the Indian domestic scenario and the failure of likes like Kaif and Raina to adopt that he’s in

  4. Dada, ke kichchu bolbe nai !! abhi tere blog pe danga ho jayega 😀 … waise same here I too am as much a Ganguly hater as I am a Sachin Lover

  5. bottom line is “i’ll never include ganguly in my superselector team”.. but then neither will i include sachin,sehwag or any of their ilk in it 😀

  6. That guy has got grit in him to surapss some difficulties but in the end it all comes to technique and talent and he lacks in them…. And ya the pt brought fwd is noteworthy he always perfroms well in front of the minnows but gets into the shell in front of quality oppositon
    And ya i too am as much a Ganguly hater as a Sachin fan
    hope the italics tag works!!!

  7. @Asheesh ,
    dude .. atleast he is doing better than other stars of our famed batting line up 🙂

    @Karan ,
    I think he would adjust well .. He is fighting for his place in the side unlike the others who are so over confident of their place that they take things for-granted ( Sehwag )

    @KD ,
    Abe .. blog kab karega ?

    @Rocky ,

    @Sreejith ,
    Neither would I .. but did you know that the first test match between NZ and SL was not to be considered for the superselector points 😦 .. i hardly scored yesterday 😦

    @Himank ,
    🙂 .. yes .. the italics tags works .. lets just hope he doesn’t get into the non-performing groove after this one good performance

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