Fun-da-mental mistake

A word of advise to all you readers .. If you live with family and have been in the past been forced to watch some saas bahu crap .. and you eventually got so bored of it that you excused yourself to your room everytime the channel was changed to the crap-of-the-century .. DO NOT EVER ASK YOUR ELDERS what is the serial about.

Last week, I walked into my uncle’s house and my aunt seemed fairly upbeat about something .. A little later she reveals that Mritunjay performed well .. i serached through the database of names of people in my head ( there isn’t a huge list anyway ) .. and wondered whom was she referring to .. a a little later my cousin lets the secret open .. Mritunjay .. the guy from Gorakhpur who is our age ( and hence automatically assumed to be my friend .. Gorakhpur isn’t that small . you know ) who is competing in Zee Cine Star .. I couldn’t care less about him anyway and excused myself to my room.
A little later I came back and since I had finished the book at hand and didn’t feel like starting a new one right away .. and the FRIENDS dvds were kept for the night entertainment .. i thought it might be ok to kill some time sitting in front of the TV. Here beings the mistake.
A character comes on screen .. I remember having seen her somewhere .. probably some ad may be .. so I ask my aunt ..
“who is she .. ”
Aunt : “oh … she is Saloni’s sister”
.. alright .. clear enough .. just one small doubt ..
“err .. who is saloni ?? ”
Aunt : “ohh . saloni is the lead here ”

A little later a darkish tallish weirdish girl takes center stage on the TV and I was told that this is Saloni .. I hardly had time for introduction .. she sobbed for about all of five minutes that she occupied the camera’s attention. Thankfully, the scene changed a little later to the girl I started out with ..
“ohh ok .. so what is the story with this one” ..
Aunt : “She hates saloni”
ahh ok .. fine .. no wonder she was giving such glares to our female protagonist.
“So … this sister of hers” ..
Aunt : “Her name is Shubra” ..
“ohh ok .. this shubra .. she is married to this guy X ?? ”
Aunt : “yes ” ..
“then why is X behaving so cruelly towards her baby”
Aunt : ” Oh .. thats not his baby”
“But I thought you said she and X were married ”
Aunt : “yes .. but the baby is not his”
“Ohh ok .. So whose is the baby then ? ”
Aunt : “The baby is Y’s .. Shubra hates Y”
“Then how come they have a baby if she hates him”
Aunt : ” Oh no .. she used to love Y .. now she hates him”
“Ohh .. alright .. ”
Aunt : ” See .. she loved Y .. but Y dumped her .. so she married Z ”
“But you just told me she is married to X”
Aunt : ” no .. this is her second marriage .. she hated Z”
“Ok .. why did she marry Z is she hated him”
Aunt : “Oh .. she had no choice then .. but she loves him now .. ”
“Ok .. so .. she loves Z .. then why is she married to X ?”
Aunt : “Oh .. he left her .. but she loves still oves him ”

“Ok .. let me get this straight .. this Girl .. has a baby with Y whom she loved .. but hates now .. she was married to Z whom she hated .. but she loves him now .. and Z left her and she is married to X whom she doesn’t love and X doesn’t love her either .. ”
I think I confused my aunt at this point .. because the reply back came after about a 20 second pause 🙂
Aunt : “Yes .. Correct :)”

Phew .. if only life was this simple 🙂



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16 responses to “Fun-da-mental mistake

  1. Don’t you get it, they want people to learn funda of “extended” families 😀

  2. haw, thats it? no one died and came back? thats strange. must be a B grade serial then. because in all the famous ones, people die and come back also.

  3. watcher

    with a plastic surgery though 😐
    also their height, weight, size in all dimensions change.

  4. Even i got confused..:P
    Gosh how my mom keeps track of all of them…

  5. Well thats too much for a normal guy to tolerate i am amazed at your ability to be interested in such things and keep asking questions.. 🙂

  6. rofl 😀
    whenever I go home, almost always after intervals of 6 months, I find my family watching the same serials with 20 year old people playing 40 year old characters … A strand of white hair and a pair of spectacles is enough to make them 40 ….

  7. @Ashley ,
    ahh . that explains 🙂

    @playboi ,
    no no .. no dying people yet .. i believe .. but you never know .. i didn’t have the courage to ask anything after this question answer session 🙂

    @watcher ,

    @Saira ,
    Weird .. all moms are good at this

    @Himank ,
    dood .. I didn’t have anything else to do .. and now i rue the decision to ask so many questions .. 😦

    @Kd ,
    Yup .. just imagine going through the torture everyday 🙂

  8. @Playboi and Utkarsh: I too wanted to write about this dead man coming incident…
    There was a time, I was home and in three of these K* serials .. the lead Died then came back … with a new face… and a lost memory …

    I think thats why they say “Chehare badalte hain Kahani nahi badalti”

  9. lol lol rofl rofl
    Dont care tell the name of the *series*, I am sure they are all same 😀

  10. Who is this Saloni???? Never heard of her 😕
    And I thought I saw ALL the serials on TV 😀

    One more funny thing abt the “K” series …
    The inner-self of almost all characters come out of the body and converse with them 😀
    I had written something similar at my blog
    What’s going on
    and typical Ekta Kapoor plot of 20 yrs jump 😀
    Twenty Years Later


  11. @Rocky ,
    tu aadat daal le ab saas bahu dekhne ki .. 🙂 .. kaam aayega 🙂

    @Vivek ,
    They do look all the same to me 🙂

    @Arti ,
    I tried going through the twenty years later post .. you should probably contact Ekta Kapoor .. It’s so close to what Ekta sells .. 🙂 .. it has all the ingredients for a successful soap .. 🙂

  12. been there done that ;p

    the bane of going home ;(

  13. Adi

    he he .. even I got the chance of watching these serials when my grannys were here .. almost all the serials looked similar ..

  14. d00d.. You never ask questions.. thats like the thumb rule! What were you thinking.. Anyways, made an entertaining read.. 😀

  15. lost you after u introduced the x character. never mind. Find better things to do in bangalore 🙂

  16. @Obelix n Adi ,
    yes .. i have delayed my time to reach home by half an hour so that i don’t have to watch the thing 🙂

    @Spawn ,
    knew the rule .. never actually cared .. now i do 🙂

    @Sreejith ,
    attention dude .. if you don’t then the next time you watch it the same your main lead would be granny to ten children 🙂

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