Is Jack Back ??

After dabbling with many thoughts and half writing about half a dozen posts, here I am again .. to bother you once more with a post about serial killers .. !!

Pankaj called me a couple of days back telling me about the new Jack the ripper from UK.
While no one is actually thrilled that the psycho is back, about a century and another decade later .. but still, the similarities seem thought provoking.
I still don’t have the data to validate this, but I need to confirm if the 5 bodies were actually mutilated and were the five bodies placed in places, which when joined by lines form mystic lines.
The number of victims being same and all of them, yet again being prostitutes, I hope this again doesn’t become another unsolvable mystery .. or worst yet .. I hope, no innocent guy is punished being accused of being the killer ( That is how Indian police would have solved the case in 2 days ) !!
The saga of the original Jack the Ripper can be read here ( not for faint hearts .. the last time I read this was in early 2005 and I did not finish the entire article because it was too gory to read at times ) .. and here is the link to the guy who seems to have made people go back in history to read about Jack !!


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