The Drive ..

A friend told me today afternoon that its quite cold today in Bangalore .. and the weather outside is actually the coldest Bangalore has been for quite some time. All this was while I was sitting in my cubicle totally oblivious to the world outside. How much do we miss sitting in here … ?? With absolutely no idea about the weather, the rain, the storm , the accident outside ?? We have to be told by people who have just come in about what is happening in the world outside ..

Thankfully, I got a chance to go out today .. the excuse was to get return tickets from Bangalore to Hyderabad for friends who were coming over for a trip to Wayanad. All of a sudden, I realized that is the first time in many days that I was driving at this hour. It just seemed to beautiful .. there as no rush to get anywhere .. thoughts drifted to the laidback winter afternoons of childhood and the accompanying fun. The traffic was not thin by any standards .. but I didn’t find myself getting irritated by the constant honking of the horns, by the turning without indicators, by the slow driving car ahead of me. Its probably all just in the head .. right ?? I mean .. I see these things everyday .. and think of people who do these things to be Bangalore’s bane .. and yet .. here I am .. driving in the middle of the day in the midst of such people and not getting mad at all ..

The fun of driving was back .. I wasn’t trying to speed my way out of a possible jam .. I wasn’t overtaking the slow moving car and cursing the driver .. I wasn’t even minding the way auto rickshaws were over taking me .. It was just plain fun .. driving slowly and steadily .. enjoying the mild sunshine that seems to be such a mood maker for a wonderful drive ..

Call it the pre-effect of the trip that I am off to tomorrow , call it just mood swings or whatever .. but it was the same as the first time I was driving a bike .. that was for the fun of driving .. not because of rushing to some destination.



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4 responses to “The Drive ..

  1. @ Utakrsh :
    Nothing like riding a bike šŸ˜€ , but u like it in traffic too ?? :O

  2. I have also felt a similar feeling…we should definitely put a ride outside in our feel the sun and the wind ..

  3. I know the feeling you are talking about…. Its just amazing…
    By the way, put up the Waynard account as soon as humanly possible…

  4. @abbulugadu ,
    uhmm .. yeah .. you got to feel it to understand what i meant šŸ™‚

    @Sandeep ,
    Very true .. probably we should just learn to relax better !!

    @KD ,
    done !! šŸ™‚

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