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Bike Trip to Ananthgiri Forests

Last weekend, I was part of yet another bike trip, this time to anathgiri forests which is about 70-80 kms from Hyderabad. It was a rather unplanned trip, with people trying to find the route to anathgiri on the morning of the trip πŸ™‚ .. trust Majji to come up with such plans πŸ™‚

Good thing was, we had enough people in the group to keep the enthu going and with people like Majji and Jayaram around, you can’t really complain about lack of planning, becuase you end up having a good time anyway :).

Majji landed at our place early on saturday morning and started waking up people, with little success and of course with sleep bags like me and maddy around, you can’t say that he didn’t try enough πŸ™‚ .. I caved in, and Maddy made up the excuse of his late hours of sleep ( isn’t it overused by now ? ) to skip the trip. Very soon, I was shaved and bathed and ready to go. The big group of bikers included Me, Rocky, Kunal, Majji, Abhishek, Pankaj , Jayaram and Nitin. We biked for quite some to realize that we missed the turn to Vikarabad some 10 kms back πŸ™‚ .. We came pretty close to killing majji then and there .. but left that for later.
The place was on the same road as Chilkur Balaji temple, but about 50 kms from there. The best part of the trip was that the road was just awesome with zero traffic. There was a stretch of road of about 20-25 kms where high speed became monotony and we never dropped below 80 and touched 100s and 110s pretty frequently. It was fun driving on that stretch .. and having already stopped for some snack ,while me and jaya slipped away for a shared bottle of knockout beer, Pankaj thought that the high speed was beer taking its toll on me ( I don’t drunk on beer dude .. vodka , whisky may be πŸ˜€ ) .. anyway .. Majji tried his “fast and furious” stunt bit with me, while I tried the road rash kick thing with him .. By this time, poor Pankaj was holding on to the back seat for dear life and kept telling me to go slower .. but when you have already crossed the high speed barrier in your head, the speed on the road seems achievable and non scary.
We reached some forest thing first, which looked like it was closed for renovation πŸ™‚ .. There were obstructions everywhere on the cemented road, and the few houses here and there were deserted. Throw in some late night drama, some screaming girls, a cannibal psycho and some brave , yet scared guys and you would have had the perfect setting for a horror psychic movie then and there. But, unfortunately, no girls, no psychos and no late night either .. It was mid noon, and even the scary deserted house looked conquerable πŸ™‚
We clicked a little there .. and then moved on to the next destination .. some lake. By the time we reached there, we had had our first casualty. Kunal fell from the Pulsar at the first sight of the lake ( no .. the lake wasn’t so breaktaking .. he was just trying to avoid the pit in front of him on the thin muddy road ) .. and since accidents are inductive, our bike too fell right behind his .. We didn’t hurt ourselves as bad as him, but he was still in high spirits and joined us pretty soon in the lake πŸ™‚
The lake was the high point of the trip for me .. It had been really long since i had stepped inside water and my enthusiasm , once inside water made others think that this is probably the first time in many years that I have come in contact with water πŸ™‚ .. We were in the water for quite some time .. and even rocky, who had cold and was feverish the day before .. had a good swim there. I can’t swim .. so i just threw some water around and had fun πŸ™‚
We came out of water , put the clothes back on .. and since, we had not eaten anything since morning, which could be called as proper meal , we decided to stop at the first place on our way back that would offer us any food. We stopped at Vakirabad, which was about 10-15 kms from the lake for some food and ate a large amount of Mirchi Bhajjis and water had never tasted better than at that place, that time πŸ™‚
The icing on the cake was with Jayaram throwing us a party for his selection into Microsoft. We ate like pigs at Serendipity .. and finally got back home at 10 in the night, with a terrible headache and feeling very sleepy.
Overall, this was a great fun trip πŸ™‚
Pics ->

The entire group, and Jayaram clicking with his fake camera :) See the height difference, hardly 3-4 inches .. i am tall :)
Wonder what interested Jayaram into clicking this ? The magic stretch, lower speed limit = 80 km / hr
The jungle .. closed for renovation !! Where do we go now ?
High speed drama Road to nowhere
Going … GOING …
Gone .. The Bhoot Bangla in the middle of the forest
We step inside for a closer look Jayaram showing me hot babe pics on his cam ..
Going … GOING ..
Gone ..


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Doorie by Atif – Lyrics

Doorie.. Doorie …Doorie
Sahi jaaye na
Sahi jaaye naaaaaa
Sahi jaaye naaaaaa
Sahi jaaye naaaaaa

Khamoshiyaan yeh seh na sakoon,
Aawaaz deke mujhe tu de ja sukoon.

Doorie Doorie…….

Adhoora hoon main ab tere bina,
Adhoori meri zindagani reh jaayegi

Doorie Doorie……….

Har raah mein tu aaye nazar,
Kat ta nahin ab akele tanha safar.

Doorie ………..

Not great words .. but great music .. amazing singing anyway !!
Atif ROCKS !!

check out the video here

Lyrics taken from here .. thanks πŸ™‚


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Horrible horrible dream !!

Let me just blog this, before I forget everything later in the day ..
what follows is a figment of my dream .. and I really really really hope it never happens .. 😦

So, the situation is .. that I have gone home to Gorakhpur, and my brother is already married ( like thats ever going to happen ). Here you should know that there happens to be a HUUUGE marriage house just opposite our house .. the place where i spent most of my childhood playing cricket with other kids from neighborhood. Well, as I reach home I see that there is a huge pandaal and everything being arranged there. I am pretty much used to it .. so I think of it as probably another marriage we might be forced to attend .. So I ask mom .. “who is getting married this time ?? anyone we know ? ”
Mom replies back and says “Yes .. YOU !!” .. of course .. i can’t explain exactly how scary that sounded to me and i began to enumerate to my mom the reasons why I don’t want to get married .. I think I gave her all possible reasons from no money to not being mature enough .. !! But my mom’s mind was made up and weirdly enough, Amitabh Bachan was the girl’s father ( hey .. its my dream .. let me dream while I can ) .. and the girl was someone I had known for quite some time ( and this is where it became really scary ) .. My mom says “We found out that you guys were together sometime in the past .. and she is from a good family and is very well mannered and is the perfect girl for you .. so we thought its in your best interest to marry her” .. Of course I didn’t want to marry .. so what if she is Amitabh Bachan’s daughter .. he won’t be paying the bills and other expenses of the married life .. I will be .. damn it !!
Anyway .. lucky as I was .. to have a very supporting family in this hour of crisis .. my brother comes to my rescue .. and says .. “tell you what .. you need not marry her .. just have the engagement ceremony .. marriage can be later on .. when you want to ” .. I told him that i don’t want to marry her .. at all !! and then the smart ass replies “its ok . you hear about failed marriages all the time .. just marry her and then divorce her .. this way you will keep mom and dad happy and also you will get your way” .. I kind of have a feeling that my brother was taking his revenge on me , because I was over eager to get him married three years back ( present day ) .. And standing at the terrace of our house , I watch the pandal and everything being set up , caterers rishing food from one place to another, relatives swarming the marriage hall and I stand alone at the terrace, trembling with the fear of tomorrow .. Even in the dream i could feel my heart beat reaching the exploding limit .. !!
In the end, my mom does come to the rescue and calls up Amitabh Bachan ( he he .. I loove this part … how did he sneak into my dreams πŸ™‚ ) .. and tells them that the groom has issues with this mariage and does not want to get married .. Amitabh Bachan puts his daughter on line ( the girl I am getting married to ) .. and she hasn’t been told of my opinion yet .. while my mom hands over the phone to me, so that I can tell her myself .. she sounded extremely happy over the phone as she said “Yayy .. we are getting married .. ” and I respond back “Yes .. but I don’t want to” .. I was thinking of her face in the dream ( and this is the best part ) when my cousin woke me up .. !!
Believe me , i have never liked my cousin more than I did today morning .. !!

From now on, I have decided that i won’t ever ask my brother to get married, because last night I got the feeling what it feels to be in his shoes 😦


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Hacked !!

Why would anyone be interested in me and my google account .. of all things ?

But this was true till yesterday when the google checkout thingy hadn’t come to the fore .. now with everyone owning 10 dollars each ( and if you are adventerous enough …. possibly your credit card money too ) , a google account all of a sudden has become a gold mine field for hackers.
With multiple websites providing access on google login .. someone like me who depends on google for his daily entertainment ( from ig to orkut .. everything is google owned ) a password hack would result in my online entity assasination.

anyway .. about ten minutes after the hack and password change .. the hacker started talking to one of my friends on gtalk .. why her only .. i have no idea .. but he asked her to transfer 25k to his account so that he ( me ) can go to phillipines .. πŸ™‚

Here is the text of the conversation ..

11:51 AM
utkarsh.khare: hi how are you?
me: hey
utkarsh.khare: what?
me: what ?
subh subh kya hua ?
or sent the msg to wrong person πŸ˜›
utkarsh.khare: no
say it in english
me: what shud i say in english ?
morning morning what happened πŸ˜€
utkarsh.khare: type it in english
im practicing speaking english
me: Eh ?
utkarsh.khare: :))
me: what are u saying ?
** rolling eyes **
utkarsh.khare: can i borrow some money?
me: from me ?
utkarsh.khare: yes
can i?
me: for ?
and how much ?
utkarsh.khare: i need to send some money to the philippines because i want to go there
me: are u gone crazy?
what are u talking ?
utkarsh.khare: no
can u lend me some money?
hmmm ( I don’t do this )
me: what is this phillipines thingie ?
r u utkarsh or someone else ?
utkarsh.khare: im utkarsh
me: now talk straight
what the hell r u saying ?
utkarsh.khare: i want to borrow some money from you?
i want to borrow some money from you
me: to go to phillippines ?
utkarsh.khare: yes
me: and why r u going there ?
utkarsh.khare: i need to meet someone
me: phillippines ?
utkarsh.khare: i need 25000 rupee
please help me
me: eh
what is this ?
u talking crazy
heeelllooo ( luckily enough .. this is the point i Logged in to gtalk and i got these two messages )
u r scaring me
utkarsh.khare: yes
haan ? ( this was typed by me .. after this is not me again )
im not scaring you
me: then don;t talk in puzzles
tell me straight
utkarsh.khare: okay
i just need some 25000 rupees
can u lend me?
me: for ?
i can lend u if i get the proper reason
utkarsh.khare: i need to send some money to the philippines
me: what is this abt phillippines ?
utkarsh.khare: will you?
dont ask just lend me some
ill tell the reason after that
me: Eh
utkarsh.khare: what?
me: i m not sure of u r joking or serious
utkarsh.khare: im serious
me: u talking wierd
okie i wll give u money
utkarsh.khare: yes
me: but i need to see ur face first
utkarsh.khare: hmmm
me: in the evening
i m damn sure u r kidding
utkarsh.khare: lolz ( i don’t type these .. EVER )
im not kidding
can u send the money in the western union?
ill pay you after 2 days
me: call me right now
utkarsh.khare: i cant
me: why ?
utkarsh.khare: i have no more credits to call o you
me: what ?
utkarsh.khare: can u send now?
me: m calling u
utkarsh.khare: dont call now

After this she called ..and thankfully .. I could get my password changed by a little trick πŸ™‚ .. He had already changed it from what it was originally !!
this time its a stronger password .. hopefully not guessable ..
Problem is .. i never login from net cafes and all .. so this can not be because of sniffing .. did someone guess my password ? ( i don’t think so .. it was a tough one ) .. or was it someone i know ( i don’t know anyone who knows my password and is cheap enough to do the above mentioned ) ..

The good thing is, after half an hour of trouble .. I am back to orkut and reader and ig πŸ™‚

It probably coule have been better if she had taken the account number and we could have used that .. but all is well that ends well !!

Edited Later :: Thanks to Sreejith and Ashley πŸ™‚ .. Thanks a LOT


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Kuch Is Tarah (Doorie )- Atif : Lyrics

Kuch is tarah … teri palakein,
Meri palkon se mila de

Aansoo tere … saare,
Meri palkon pe saja de

Kuch is tarah … teri palakein,
Meri palkon se mila de

Aansoo tere … saare,
Meri palkon pe saja de

— music —

— repeat —

Tu har ghadi … har waqt,
mere saath raha hai

Haan yeh jism … kabhi door,
kabhi paas raha hai

Jo bhi gam … hai yeh tere,
unhe tu mera pata de

Kuch is tarah … teri palakein,
Meri palkon se mila de

Aansoo tere … saare,
Meri palkon pe saja de

— flute —

Mujhko to tere … chehare pe,
Yeh gham nahi janchta

Jayaaz nahi lagta,
mujhe gham se tera rishta

Sun meri guzarish ise chehar se hata de !!!!!!!!!
Sun meri guzarish ise chehar se hata de !!!!!!!!!

Kuch is tarah … teri palakein,
Meri palkon se mila de

Aansoo tere … saare,
Meri palkon pe saja de

Thanks to Rocky for the song and for the lyrics πŸ™‚


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Verizon 0.002 cents fiasco ..

You need to hear this .. use headphones if in office ..
Thanks to Sunil for telling me about this thing and then i dug up something from you-tube and something from the customer’s blog ..

More here

same video can also be seen here


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Meenmutty Falls – Wayanad

Just dug up smthg from the pics folder .. πŸ™‚

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