Some pics !!

Was just playing around with Picasa and got these collages ..
They look rather nice .. don’t they .. ?? 😀

collage-everyone-wayanad.jpg collage-home.jpg
collage-me-wayanad.jpg collage-scenery-wayanad.jpg


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6 responses to “Some pics !!

  1. Shirsha

    yup, most of them look nice, except… per’aps those with… errr… you!

  2. thanks for the supprt Shirsha 😀

  3. Shirsha

    btw, this is indeed a great way to show pics to acquaintances, you don’t necessarily have to bore them through a slide show. Nice idea, think am gonna flick it!

  4. Ahh.. why does picasa add so much of white border to the snaps?!!

  5. @Abbulu ,
    Thanks to picasa 🙂

    @Shirsha ,
    when do we get to see more of your pictures from the trip ?

    @Ashley ,
    makes them look nice .. 🙂

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