India Poised ..

Read this on the front page of the 1st January edition of TOI and got the video from Ashley .. looked up youtube .. and here we are ..

AB’s voice lends gravity to the words like no one oculd have imagined .. A Must See ..



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12 responses to “India Poised ..

  1. This video is sure interesting and so seems the whole campaign… “India Poised”. Check out the text of what they call as ‘India Poised Anthem’ here ->
    Worthwhile review of a 60 year young country 🙂 !

  2. Beautiful rendition …
    You are bang on target about AB’s voice… No one could have said it better…

  3. put this on that ibibo too

  4. Wow! that is all that I can manage at this time!


  5. @Ashley The page does not open!


  6. @ashley ,
    thanks for the video .. 🙂

    @KD ,
    true ..

    @Jayaram ,
    it’s already there

    @Arti ,
    Hope you got the link now ??

  7. Kish....

    Is this available in Hindi? I believe it was done in Hindi as well.

  8. @Adi ,
    Yeah ..

    @Kish ,
    Actually it is available in Hindi too .. and I heard that one too .. but somehow this one seems to be conveying the same feeling in a more passionate manner .. The feelings somehow seem stronger here .. don’t know why 🙂

  9. Iqbal

    For those interested in the Hindi version, pls see it here:

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