Hacked !!

Why would anyone be interested in me and my google account .. of all things ?

But this was true till yesterday when the google checkout thingy hadn’t come to the fore .. now with everyone owning 10 dollars each ( and if you are adventerous enough …. possibly your credit card money too ) , a google account all of a sudden has become a gold mine field for hackers.
With multiple websites providing access on google login .. someone like me who depends on google for his daily entertainment ( from ig to orkut .. everything is google owned ) a password hack would result in my online entity assasination.

anyway .. about ten minutes after the hack and password change .. the hacker started talking to one of my friends on gtalk .. why her only .. i have no idea .. but he asked her to transfer 25k to his account so that he ( me ) can go to phillipines .. 🙂

Here is the text of the conversation ..

11:51 AM
utkarsh.khare: hi how are you?
me: hey
utkarsh.khare: what?
me: what ?
subh subh kya hua ?
or sent the msg to wrong person 😛
utkarsh.khare: no
say it in english
me: what shud i say in english ?
morning morning what happened 😀
utkarsh.khare: type it in english
im practicing speaking english
me: Eh ?
utkarsh.khare: :))
me: what are u saying ?
** rolling eyes **
utkarsh.khare: can i borrow some money?
me: from me ?
utkarsh.khare: yes
can i?
me: for ?
and how much ?
utkarsh.khare: i need to send some money to the philippines because i want to go there
me: are u gone crazy?
what are u talking ?
utkarsh.khare: no
can u lend me some money?
hmmm ( I don’t do this )
me: what is this phillipines thingie ?
r u utkarsh or someone else ?
utkarsh.khare: im utkarsh
me: now talk straight
what the hell r u saying ?
utkarsh.khare: i want to borrow some money from you?
i want to borrow some money from you
me: to go to phillippines ?
utkarsh.khare: yes
me: and why r u going there ?
utkarsh.khare: i need to meet someone
me: phillippines ?
utkarsh.khare: i need 25000 rupee
please help me
me: eh
what is this ?
u talking crazy
heeelllooo ( luckily enough .. this is the point i Logged in to gtalk and i got these two messages )
u r scaring me
utkarsh.khare: yes
haan ? ( this was typed by me .. after this is not me again )
im not scaring you
me: then don;t talk in puzzles
tell me straight
utkarsh.khare: okay
i just need some 25000 rupees
can u lend me?
me: for ?
i can lend u if i get the proper reason
utkarsh.khare: i need to send some money to the philippines
me: what is this abt phillippines ?
utkarsh.khare: will you?
dont ask just lend me some
ill tell the reason after that
me: Eh
utkarsh.khare: what?
me: i m not sure of u r joking or serious
utkarsh.khare: im serious
me: u talking wierd
okie i wll give u money
utkarsh.khare: yes
me: but i need to see ur face first
utkarsh.khare: hmmm
me: in the evening
i m damn sure u r kidding
utkarsh.khare: lolz ( i don’t type these .. EVER )
im not kidding
can u send the money in the western union?
ill pay you after 2 days
me: call me right now
utkarsh.khare: i cant
me: why ?
utkarsh.khare: i have no more credits to call o you
me: what ?
utkarsh.khare: can u send now?
me: m calling u
utkarsh.khare: dont call now

After this she called ..and thankfully .. I could get my password changed by a little trick 🙂 .. He had already changed it from what it was originally !!
this time its a stronger password .. hopefully not guessable ..
Problem is .. i never login from net cafes and all .. so this can not be because of sniffing .. did someone guess my password ? ( i don’t think so .. it was a tough one ) .. or was it someone i know ( i don’t know anyone who knows my password and is cheap enough to do the above mentioned ) ..

The good thing is, after half an hour of trouble .. I am back to orkut and reader and ig 🙂

It probably coule have been better if she had taken the account number and we could have used that .. but all is well that ends well !!

Edited Later :: Thanks to Sreejith and Ashley 🙂 .. Thanks a LOT



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7 responses to “Hacked !!

  1. It probably coule have been better if she had taken the account number and we could have used that

    Some people can’t stop being mean 😛

  2. dude this is scary….
    i am changing my Google password right now!

  3. Shirsha

    Yikes! I thought you were joking when you told me abt it! This really happened!? That too, u r no celebrity!

  4. Shucks…thats bad…thank god noone is usiny my hacked id…is this something like a season for hacking going on ??? 😀

  5. @sreejith and ashley .. Thanks 🙂

    @kunal .. do it .. do it now !!

    @shirsha .. no celebrity .. ? me ? I very much am .. did your account ever get hacked ?? 😀

    @Saira .. yes . lucky you 🙂

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