Horrible horrible dream !!

Let me just blog this, before I forget everything later in the day ..
what follows is a figment of my dream .. and I really really really hope it never happens .. 😦

So, the situation is .. that I have gone home to Gorakhpur, and my brother is already married ( like thats ever going to happen ). Here you should know that there happens to be a HUUUGE marriage house just opposite our house .. the place where i spent most of my childhood playing cricket with other kids from neighborhood. Well, as I reach home I see that there is a huge pandaal and everything being arranged there. I am pretty much used to it .. so I think of it as probably another marriage we might be forced to attend .. So I ask mom .. “who is getting married this time ?? anyone we know ? ”
Mom replies back and says “Yes .. YOU !!” .. of course .. i can’t explain exactly how scary that sounded to me and i began to enumerate to my mom the reasons why I don’t want to get married .. I think I gave her all possible reasons from no money to not being mature enough .. !! But my mom’s mind was made up and weirdly enough, Amitabh Bachan was the girl’s father ( hey .. its my dream .. let me dream while I can ) .. and the girl was someone I had known for quite some time ( and this is where it became really scary ) .. My mom says “We found out that you guys were together sometime in the past .. and she is from a good family and is very well mannered and is the perfect girl for you .. so we thought its in your best interest to marry her” .. Of course I didn’t want to marry .. so what if she is Amitabh Bachan’s daughter .. he won’t be paying the bills and other expenses of the married life .. I will be .. damn it !!
Anyway .. lucky as I was .. to have a very supporting family in this hour of crisis .. my brother comes to my rescue .. and says .. “tell you what .. you need not marry her .. just have the engagement ceremony .. marriage can be later on .. when you want to ” .. I told him that i don’t want to marry her .. at all !! and then the smart ass replies “its ok . you hear about failed marriages all the time .. just marry her and then divorce her .. this way you will keep mom and dad happy and also you will get your way” .. I kind of have a feeling that my brother was taking his revenge on me , because I was over eager to get him married three years back ( present day ) .. And standing at the terrace of our house , I watch the pandal and everything being set up , caterers rishing food from one place to another, relatives swarming the marriage hall and I stand alone at the terrace, trembling with the fear of tomorrow .. Even in the dream i could feel my heart beat reaching the exploding limit .. !!
In the end, my mom does come to the rescue and calls up Amitabh Bachan ( he he .. I loove this part … how did he sneak into my dreams 🙂 ) .. and tells them that the groom has issues with this mariage and does not want to get married .. Amitabh Bachan puts his daughter on line ( the girl I am getting married to ) .. and she hasn’t been told of my opinion yet .. while my mom hands over the phone to me, so that I can tell her myself .. she sounded extremely happy over the phone as she said “Yayy .. we are getting married .. ” and I respond back “Yes .. but I don’t want to” .. I was thinking of her face in the dream ( and this is the best part ) when my cousin woke me up .. !!
Believe me , i have never liked my cousin more than I did today morning .. !!

From now on, I have decided that i won’t ever ask my brother to get married, because last night I got the feeling what it feels to be in his shoes 😦



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13 responses to “Horrible horrible dream !!

  1. should I empathize with you or should I do rofl ????

    now you have me in a dilemma, should I force my bro to get married soon or not ?

  2. @KD ,
    dood .. empathize .. and don’t force your bro .. !!
    believe me .. its a horrible horrible feeling .. I almost felt like a cancer patient who would die the next day !!

  3. Manoj

    rofl… i am still thinking why did AB of all the people came into your dreams.

  4. Maruti

    Maybe GURU has sme affect on ur dream 😛 abhishek acts similar to AB in that movie 😛 .

    rofl @the dream 😉

  5. rofl @ maruti for comparing this with guru 😛

  6. Oh well! I agree u shd never force anyone into the marriage :p
    see … ur dream saved u right on time 😀

    amitabh ki ladki? gotta tell this to Jaya 😉


  7. sheesh … here we go again :p
    ur blog did not like my tongue so I cleaned it 😀


  9. Shirsha

    Amitabh Bachchan’s daughter!! ROFL!!!
    Hmm, inevitable tomorrow!

  10. @Majji ,
    even i am thinking of the same .. !!

    @maruti and karan ,
    could be possible .. his daughters were rich and hot in the movie .. !! that explains a lot !!

    @arti ,
    I think 😛 should work .. !!

    @Shirsha ,
    yeah yeah .. !!

  11. @Arti ,
    : followed by P seems to work .. but it looks the same as : followed by D , except for the reddish tongue !!

  12. Mx

    Hi,could imagine the whole view……..my house nd u standing on ur terrace

  13. did i tell you srikanth was my favorate cricketer?

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