Cartwheeling Life ..

The difference between a cartwheel heading down-hill and a roller-coaster ride is the ending.

Ever felt like being on a cartwheel ?? .. been pushed downhill ??
20% scared of what it might be like at the end and 80% thrilled with the excitement of the moment .. ??
Enjoying the company of others in the same cartwheel .. happy that all of us are heading towards the same end .. and yet sad .. for the people who are not on the cart with you ? !

Ends in a disaster .. in a explosion .. always has .. will happen again !!
Get off it .. while you still can !!



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3 responses to “Cartwheeling Life ..

  1. Shirsha

    ok, stop screaming, I am…
    goodbye and enjoy your ride!

  2. i have an orkut link that i want to paste here 🙂

  3. hmmmmm … how about putting an engine, a few gears, and a break… and turn this cartwheel into just a Car… remember earlier it was only wheels .. then they made cartwheels… and then the cars… its all a learning process 🙂

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