Been scared ??

Have you ever been a little scared of writing something on your blog, for the fear of how it will be interpreted by people .. people who haven’t met you .. but would still like to pass a judgement on you .. based on what you write here ??

Weird .. how sometimes people pass judgements on your habits and you based on a post that was possibly about a day .. or may be just one moment of madness .. !!

I would like to follow Maddy’s advise on this – “People who think that they know me just because of what i wrote on my blog .. i don’t need to know such people .. they don’t matter to me” ..

But .. what if they mattered to someone who mattered to you ??

Senseless garble … just ignore it … 🙂



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10 responses to “Been scared ??

  1. For me it has been the other way around, I sometimes fear writing not knowing how it would affect my friendship/relationship with any person… People whom I do not know, people who do not know me, for those I just don’t care.

    Follow Maddy’s advice, why do you care about what others think. It is your blog, your are the king – do as you wish.

  2. Shirsha

    all that’s fine but what happened to the story u were churning? or .. or.. are you chucking it?

  3. “Humming Bird hums for a while and then says…”

    stay away from disclosing the facts about you [online privacy you know :D] other than that feel free while giving words to your thoughts … those who matter to you are also the ones who understand you…

  4. @KD and anon ( oracle ?? who ?? ) ,
    Thanks mate .. help apprecited .. 🙂

    @Shirsha ,
    true .. chucked !!
    possibly some other time i will continue on this .. not now !! 🙂

  5. Oracle.. who?? seems someone has forgotten his old COMPANY 😀

  6. @anon ,
    problem is there are too many old comapnies to keep track of now 😀
    who is this anyway ? 🙂

  7. You write something thought provoking and then ask to ignore it?
    Well! Sometimes people’s opinion does matter but I follow the mantra …
    It is better to write for yourself and have no audience than writing for the audience and not having self.

    This is a quote I had read somewhere …


  8. this reminds me of how big a wuss u are 😀

  9. @arti ,
    thanks 🙂

    @Sreejith ,
    Thanks .. i appreciate your concern .. 😛 .. why don’t you show us how to be macho ? 😀

  10. Scared? No…But ppl do that..
    Let alone ppl who I havent met,but also some of them Who know me..
    aneways who cares!

    You have a wonderful blog man!

    Please keep it up!


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