Lets play tag – tag !!

Shirsha tagged .. and so here I am .. 🙂

Favorite Colors: Blue .. black .. dark is in !!
Favorite Food: Pizza .. does chocolate qualify as food ?? .. Paneer ..
Favorite Month:October ( lots of birthdays ) and november ( my birthday 🙂 )
Favorite Songs: basically all songs from Euphoria , Aeromith , GnR , Marilyn ( just a couple of songs 🙂 ) , Eminem ( everything he has sung 🙂 ) , Floyd, Metallica .. and when in mood for a drastic mood change .. then Jagjit singh 🙂
Favorite Movies: too many to name .. DCH , RDB .. let me just skip this .. this is an endless list ..
Favorite Book: Still reading “Rise and fall of third Reich” .. Love it .. not a big fan of fiction though .. but Rowling is changing that 🙂
Favorite Sport: Without doubt .. Cricket 🙂 .. follow tennis and play a little badminton
Favorite Season: Rain rain rain .. but not bangalore rain .. rains in gorakhpur were so much more fun .. without the tension of going out .. Remember the times when the water flooded our cricket field and we still played cricket and soccer in the mud ?
Favorite Day Of the week:Does this mean, work week .. or week as such .. will answer both anyway .. Friday for the work week ( Last working day ) .. and Saturday for the entire week ( Office is two days away )
Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Chocolate .. 🙂
Favorite Time of Day: I want to say Early morning .. but I haven’t woken up before 8 for quite sometime now .. so let me just be truthful and say .. 11 PM ( time for sleep 🙂 )

Current Mood: Office-bored and musical ( no no .. i am not singing . don’t worry ) and a little guilty-conscious ( missed the training session again 😦 )
Current Taste: Sweetish .. extra sugar dose in the tea today morning ..
Current Clothes: A checked shirt ( predominently brown ) and blue jeans
Current Desktop: I assume the question means my desktop background .. in which case the answer is “a poster of sachin tendulkar playing a straight drive and another side pic of him raising his hands after a century”
Current Toe nail Color: ehh ?? normal .. white !!
Current Time: 11:31 AM .. IST
Current Surroundings: Palash Sen singing “Ab na ja” and the guy behind me looking at stock market situation ( tell you what .. check after 2 hours .. i bet he will be doing the same even then )
Current Thoughts: Ab na jaaa .. 🙂

First Best Friend: Vinay
First Screen Name: Utkarsh
First Pet: Dog named cherry
First Piercing: N/A
First Album: Ali Haider’s Purani Jeans
First Movie: Don’t remember .. possibly some AB flick .. mom dad are major fans

Last Cigarette: Sometime in December .. I guess ?
Last Drink: Aunt’s Tea
Last Movie Seen: The Holiday ( Kate Winslet is HOOOTTT )
Last Phone Call: To a friend 🙂
Last Book Read: Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets

Have You Ever Broken the Law: Laws are written to be broken .. if you don’t break the law , then whats the use of a law ? .. Lots of times 🙂
Have You Ever Been Arrested: Nope, but that should be a good adventure ? 🙂
Have You Ever Been on TV: Yes Yes Yes .. but that was only for the audience in Gorakhpur 🙂
Have You Ever Lied: yup .. LOTS of times 🙂 .. I am no harishchandra or Mahatama Gandhi
Have You Ever Kissed Someone You Didn’t Know: Not so lucky 🙂

Thing You’re Wearing: checked shirt
Thing You’ve Done Today: Woke up .. read news paper .. had breakfast .. drove to office . stood stuck at airport road in the midst of heavy traffic ( because of some minister going to airport ) for about 45 minutes .. and responded to a couple of mails 🙂
Thing You Can Hear Right Now: Aerosmith “Girls of Summer” and my manager in the background !!
Thing You Can’t Live Without: internet 🙂
Thing You Do When You’re Bored: Browse , read up on cricket and look up youtube for interesting videos ..

ehh .. Office basement, bike parking , office, home ( didn’t know i would have to think so much about this question 🙂 )

Actually there are 5 people .. not just 3 .. 🙂
Maddy , Rocky and Poppy and Parivesh and Pankaj .. ( Very Close friends .. all of them )

1 THING YOU WANT TO DO BEFORE YOU DIE: Travel across India .. far into east .. to the deserts of west .. from the mountains valleys to north to the beaches of the south ..

And let me pass on this tag to .. lets see .. whom do i hate the most .. that would be bangalore-torpedo and great-bong .. but they don’t read my blog .. so they would never know I tagged them .. so .. let me just pass it on to people I like .. and the lazy bloggers who hardly blog .. Rocky and Maddy



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19 responses to “Lets play tag – tag !!

  1. Shirsha

    well done, I say! The tag tonic every lazy blogger needs

  2. Thanks for u dint pass…im better off not doing this one….well otherwise well written.. 🙂

  3. 🙂 abe kyun pass kar diya .. so many points to write upon 😦

  4. Supriya

    loved reading abt ur fav things! we have loads in common, don’t we? 😀 and i think u got the last movie seen wrong!! 😛

  5. @Shirsha ,
    true 🙂 .. good thing you passed it 🙂

    @Saira ,
    wish i had tagged you too .. 🙂

    @Rocky ,
    its easier than it appears .. plus pass on the link to bhabhi .. she might get to know yu better 😀

    @Supriya ,
    True .. 🙂 .. yeah .. the last movie was “honeymoom travels” .. forgot that 🙂

  6. Hey u sleep at 11 pm ..Isnt it strange for a IIITian though you are a passout but even then…

  7. i agree with Himank 😀

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  9. J

    sala atleast be original in your reading tastes..not a reader of fiction he says..and then goes to market and looks at grisham, sheldon like they are gods gift to mankind

  10. @Himank and Karan ,
    Office life changes you 🙂 .. weekends are different though !!

    @Jayaram ,
    ehh .. i don’t remember going book shopping with you .. and don’t remember looking up grisham and sheldon at all ..
    anyway .. its ok .. afterall its your right to be original .. sorry to be coming in the way of that .. 😛

  11. rakesh passed it on to me…. 😦 gah!

  12. Shirsha

    so what u sleep 12 hrs per day? 11pm to 11 am? Whoa, some lifestyle that is. But tell me this, is this sort of thing good for a healthy young boy like you? 😛

  13. Maruti Borker

    u sleep at 11 :O duh !!!! .. .waise even i listen to Eminem .. i think he is Rap God 😀 .

  14. @KD ,
    dood .. 😀 .. you wrote an obituary 😀

    @Shirsha ,
    wake up at 11 ?? dreaming again kya ?

    @Maruti ,
    ok . i seem to be drawing a lot of flake over 11 PM sleep .. unfortunately i do need to get up by 8 to get to office at acceptable hours .. hence the 11 pm sleep thing !!

  15. Shirsha

    you mean to say u dont wake up at 11 even? How dyu manage to get to office by 1 then?

  16. Oye public main jhooth bolta hai .. I heard you talking to Maddy at 00:30 AM last nite 🙂

  17. @shirsha ,
    1 .. ?? gosh . you seem to be following GMT 😛

    @Rocky ,
    00:30 AM ?? kidding me .. i was fast asleep by that time ..
    dont trust maddy .. 🙂

  18. tu kya retire ho gaya hain ??? Being a regular reader and commenter I demand a post …..

  19. life goes so fast..u generally dont stop by to think of all such frivolous details

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