Things I do

Here is a simple list of things that I do when I am total frustoo with anyone or more than one of the following things

  • Life
  • Work
  • Bangalore Traffic
  • India cricket team’s performance
  • Boring cricket matches

The idea is to regain focus .. you can’t stay stuck frustoo about a single thing for a long time. For example, lets say
1. If you are frustoo about Life, about the way you seem to be heading no-where in life .. just waiting for good things to happen to you .. you think about the wonderful work life to take your mind off it.
2. But when you get frustoo about the shitty meeting hours, about the non-entity nature of work at office, about the useless phone conferences and about the Over head transmission about the fucked up Call Processing Architecture in the project that you will be working on.. think about the wonderful drive back home.
3. If you are frustoo about the fucking bangalore traffic, about the idiotic auto drivers who think they are god’s gift to bangalore’s roads … about the stupid car driver who seems to have mistaken his steering wheel for the whip of a cart-driver .. or about the bus driver who seem to have decided to take out the fury of the fight with their wives on the people on the road .. then you think about the wonderful cricket matches at World Cup.
4. If you are frustoo about the boring and no-comptetion matches in the World Cup ( like, Bangladesh Vs australia ) .. about the entry of Bangladesh and Ireland into the World-Cup super 8s .. about the no close contests so far in the world cup .. about the easy points for so many teams .. you think about the wonderful cricket matches coming up after the World cup is over
5. if you are frustoo because you think that India will continue it’s dismal performance in the Bangladesh tour .. so you think about .. ehh .. well .. there is nothing else to think about .. you just go to sleep after this point. It helps !! trust me !!

PS -> If you are frustoo over a dear friend’s changed marriage plan, because of which you have lost out a huge sum of money on the flight ticket .. then you go to hyderabad and KICK HIS ASS !!



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5 responses to “Things I do

  1. @KD ,
    thats me telling google to look up my blog for stats and other realted info .. just some timepass .. its no better than the facility wordpress provides.

    @Rocky ,
    damn .. where is the angry smiley .. πŸ˜›

  2. shirsha

    u barely commute and u r frustrated abt bangalore traffic!? what if you were coming form banashankari to office everyday…huh!

  3. @shirsha ,
    then i owuld switch office πŸ˜›

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