The angry chap

New theme forces me to write a new post ..
There was this, rather unflattering, article that I read somewhere, that someone wrote , when he was really pissed off with the world of bloggers. According to him, bloggers are nothing more than self praising ( obviously has never come across my blog ), self absorbed ( again .. very sure doesn’t know me ), assholes ( ehh .. I hope he doesn’t know me ) who have nothing else to do but to tell people about what is happeneing in their meaningless lives and the only reason people ever comment on someone else’s blog is to make sure that the blog owner comes back to their blog to check it out , which , according to him, is the most pathetic online behaviour he had ever seen. Accoriding to this chap’s research, people who do not allow blog comments or moderate them, are the least popular amongst bloggers .. while people who allow sub standard and even unrelated-to-topic comments are the most popular.
He also went on to say that a character analysis pf people who do blog reveals that they are generally show-offs .. who either like to show off their technical knowledge or their HAPPENING life .. or worst still .. their writing skills. He also says that the blogger world is full of people who think that they write well, but the only reason they write on their own blog is because no one will ever allow their sub standard writing to appear on anything credible.
He conculded his writing by saying that owning a blog had also become a sort of status symbol for some people, who think its really COOL to be having a online presence.
This, not so wrong analysis of most people’s online life, has made me wonder .. “Gosh .. this chap had too much free time for all this research .. someone give him a job” πŸ˜€

PS -> I love this theme .. any positive comments on that shall be welcome .. negative comments shall be shown the recycle bin.
PS1 -> No, I am not the angry chap .. i don’t write in third person about myself .. Sanyam does .. !!
PS2 -> Did you check out the theme feature in Google – IG ?? Its damn cool .. keeps on changing with the time of the day .. awesome work !!



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8 responses to “The angry chap

  1. erm .. the sole purpose of this comment is that the author and all the visitors to this post visit my blog and read my pathetic writing πŸ˜€

  2. the purpose of the comment is same as mentioned by mythalez in the above comment….
    and yeah its a good theme πŸ™‚

  3. good that you too moved to a lighter theme from black … πŸ™‚ first rama, then you ….

    I wanted to try out this theme, but was always too lazy to change my old theme .. actually still am.. πŸ˜› I’ll stick with Neat!

  4. shirsha

    hey this template/theme is bootiful! its like poetry!

    abt that article, send me across the link, will ya? shud like to research on guys who write such articles πŸ˜›

  5. @Rama ,
    dude .. you are one person i can sincerely say who doesn’t write crap πŸ™‚ ..

    @Rocky ,
    thanku thanku

    @KD ,
    your theme is due a change for a long time.

    @shrisha ,
    don’t have the link now .. will look up if i can dig it up somehow.

  6. As shirsha said..the theme is pure poetry. Any places around Bangalore that resemble the header pic in ur theme? and why haven’t u linked to that article??

  7. @sreejith ,
    don’t have the link now .. i tried looking up .. had read this long time back .. πŸ™‚
    btw .. how about a trip sometime .. bike or cab .. as you wish ??

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