Advantages of attending conf-calls

Attending meetings have the advantage that you can somehow ramble on non-stop about your project to a non-technical human .. or to a junior in office .. or to a witless colleague .. but then there are times when even that insignificant bit of knowledge doesn’t help either.

Following stuff .. did happen 🙂

Scene 1
employee 1 .. “Hey .. they keep referring to this AAL2 bearer thing .. do you know what the hell is that .. ?? ”
employee 2 .. “you don’t know what a AAL2 bearer is .. ?? ”
employee 1 ( looking a bit defensive now ) .. “Of course I know .. I was just asking you if YOU know what it is .. ”

Scene 2
employee 1 .. “Now what in the god’s name is RTP”
employee 2 .. “really trust-worthy protocol”
employee 1 .. “yeah .. i know that ..but what does it do ??”

Scene 3
employee 1 .. “Why do they keep telling us things in acronyms .. like we are supposed to know all of them by-heart”
employee 2 .. “Oh .. didn’t you go through the trainings .. ?? ”
employee 1 .. “Yes .. I did”
employee 2 .. “Oh .. must be a different one from what I attended . they made us write full forms for all these acronyms all over our hands and chest and back , so that we remember them all our life”
employee 1 .. “don’t kid me .. I know thats not possible”
employee 2 .. “Of course its not possible .. but that makes such a better way to scare the shit out of you than the usual I-don’t-know ” ”

Scene 4
employee 1 .. “Hey .. What is this Managed Object ? ”
employee 2 .. “Uhmm . heard of UFO ?? ”
employee 1 .. “You mean .. the .. Unidentified flying objects ?? ”
employee 2 .. “yeah .. thats the one .. once they identify the flying object it becomes a managed object”



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9 responses to “Advantages of attending conf-calls

  1. hehehe …

    The only good thing about my conf. calls is, they are in the night .. so the dinner is on the company 😀 eat all u want, whatever u want 😀

  2. shirsha

    is this u and one of your other personas?

  3. Manoj

    now I know that someone doesn’t know what AAL2 bearer is ?

  4. hmm been there my friend…feels like the experienced people are speaking some foreign language altogether.. 😦

  5. last scenario is rofl ….. 😀

    for that matter, even here everyone keeps talking in acronyms … seems to be the guru-mantra of all corporates.. talk in either multi-syllable words or in acronyms and intimidate people 🙂

  6. LOL!! back to HBAP to do CTT for ET and SME now 😦

  7. @Himank ,
    thanks 🙂

    @Vishu ,
    unfortunately , lucent doesn’t do that .. we just eat company dinner which isn’t much different from company lunch 🙂

    @Shirsha ,
    ehh .. that was me talking to myself .. 🙂

    @manoj ,
    dude .. people here have gone absolutely crazy wondering about difference between AAL2 and ALCAP 😀 .. any help ??

    @Shrek ,
    true .. and in the absence of a translator .. we just take up the translating job ourselves .. who cares what the actual stuff was 😀

    @Kunal ,
    yeah .. I was thinking about UFOs at that time .. somehow that came up 😀

    @Sreejith ,
    Let me decrypt ..
    Laughing out loud .. !! back to Hyper Busy Actively Presentation to do Common Team Tests for Enterprise Testing and Software Management Encapsulation ?? howazzat ??

  8. rofl..
    nicely written 🙂

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