Ingredients of a thriller

So .. how does one write a thriller ?? Does it involve just some fast paced action , with a pinch of adultery and a handful of sex and a totally boring theme ??
Well .. I finished reading Deception point today morning .. and after that I remembered why I had given up on fiction. Its so bloody predictable. Everything will happen the exact same way you would have thought it would. There is no actual thrill in reading it. I am telling you, J K Rowling has managed to dish out better suspense stories than Dan Brown has .. and people call her books childish. I am no major fiction fan anyway but if you think that Da Vinci code was a masterpiece .. or that there are better thrillers than Harry Potter’s adventures , I should tell you there really is no thrill Dan Brown’s thriller .. and all that it has is a noisy errr .. 😦
If you need help in writing a thriller, you need not visit a Dan Brown workshop … I can tell you all of it right here .. you need a female protagonist .. preferably a loner type .. someone who isn’t too keen on romance and has had a difficult past ( one bad experience in the life of a otherwise rich chick will do ) .. then you need a intelligent male eye candy .. Someone who is hard to attract because he looks for intelligence in women and has preferably had a dead wife and hence is kind of a loner himself .. someone who has distanced himself from society and is totally engrossed in work. There you go … you have your two main characters .. then you need a villain .. this chap or chappie needs to be a high profile govt officer … someone who has access to high tech military gadgets so that you can show off your knowledge about the military warfare and weapons through him. But what you also need to do is to make this chap look like the good chap for about three-quarters of the book .. make him look human by showing his sad past .. and also at the same time subtly ( never a Dan Brown forte ) provide the reader with the vague idea that he has a motive to do what he would do in the book ..
After this .. you need a pseudo-villain .. someone on whom you will pin your hopes of the thriller .. someone whom you paint in all black .. someone who appears to be the villain from page one of the book .. someone who is power hungry .. make him/her look evil by showing him participating in evil missions. After this you throw in a bunch of useless characters , who do little to the book other than provide a much needed break from the military gyan through whatever little humor they are capable of (and definitely Dan Brown is not capable of much anyway ) .. right at the end of the book you have to provide a little subtle sex scene between the two lead characters with whatever little humor you can provide .. There you go .. you are done .. Thats your thriller .. Dan brown Style .. !!
Disgusting the book is .. my advice .. never read Dan Brown .. My 10th standard geography lessons were far more interesting than this .. !!



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21 responses to “Ingredients of a thriller

  1. Supriya

    How can u call the book disgusting? I enjoyed it till the end! I like his style of writing … And Deception Point ,although not one of his best works , is definitely not as bad as u made it out to be !!

  2. lol πŸ˜€ loved the sarcasm …

    stop reading the thrillers… move on to some other genre .. try the Indian authors, there are some brilliant books …

    and read RK Narayan if you have not till now … one of the best I have ever read πŸ™‚

  3. @Supriya ,
    πŸ™‚ .. not his best ?? I would rather rate this amongst the worst fiction I have ever read !! πŸ™‚

    @KD ,
    Read “the english teacher” .. was pretty good .. I think you are right .. I am gonna change my fiction genre .. but the problem is there are so many thriller authors who just end up writing a variant of what Dan brown writes .. boring and predictible.
    time for a change .. my Project Design Document makes a better reading than that book .. !!

  4. Haven’t read Deception Point, but went through the tortures of reading ‘Da Vinci Code’ and worse, ‘Angels and Daemons’. Dan Brown’s absolute shit. But I don’t think one writer’s assery is reaon enough to denounce fiction altogether.

    I agree with Kunal. Try reading ‘Guide’ or ‘An english Teacher’ by RK Narayan. I’m sure that’ll be a welcome relief to you frazzled nerves after the shock they endured ‘coz of Dan Brown.

  5. kurt vonnegut .. john steinbeck .. a few good authors i discovered recently .. welll not that they r recent .. jus that I had never hrd of em before
    so jus explore .. go beyond sheldon .. brown stuff πŸ˜€

  6. I totally disagree with Aniket.. donno abt deception point, but i loved angels n demons and da vince code.. awesome entertainers they were!

  7. Shirsha

    err, haven’t read deception point ever, but jk rowling is childish and i can’t help snorting at your interest in it πŸ˜‰
    and hey, come on man, u cannot stereotype all fiction with this, its not fair!
    tell u what, u read jeffery deaver, the guy who wrote bone collector, and u read his short stories, the suspense is all thr! and u sure can’t predict most of them!

  8. Shirsha

    tone of suggestions all over your comments, but everybody says the same thing, u cannot stereotype fiction like this πŸ™‚

  9. @Aniket ,
    read both of them .. pretty good books but not thrillers .. my concern being predictibility of a thriller πŸ™‚

    @Rama ,
    Steinbeck is good .. read a couple of works but again, not thrillers .. may be he has some thrillers too ?? in that case let me look them up .. πŸ™‚

    @Shirsha ,
    I knew you would say that about rowling πŸ™‚ .. anyway i will look up some of deaver too .. thanks for the suggestion … πŸ™‚
    PS -> whatever happened to the black pearl ?? lost interest ??

  10. Shirsha

    U expected me to comment on the JKR thingie, eh, even am predictable, must must must change!

    that black pearl has been set on a silver ring for my lover, but am guessing u were not enquiring abt that black pearl, which then? :S
    Or, is it the joint venture thingie? Wrt which I went by your minimal interest and assumed the idea was dropped, and have ever since been actively looking out for other avenues for my evil ideas, eh!

  11. “My 10th standard geography lessons were far more interesting than this ”

    damn fiction as u like but not geography! i dont know anyone who has found geography boring!

    btw i’ve got some dostoevsky and goethe at home. try reading one of them and u’ll start appreciating fiction again…for its simplicity πŸ™‚

  12. Hi!

    I have read deception point and have mentioned it in one of my posts … Journey

    I liked it but I believe that each one of us has individual opinions!
    I hv also read Digital Fortress. That was predictable for me…

    Now abt ur comment at my blog…
    Do read my reply to it and also, there is a pleasant surprise for you at my blog.


    I also like this look of ur blog better than what it was before … πŸ™‚


  13. liked the way u commented on my blog.

    I have never gone thru the Dan Brown, but will suggest you to read premchand or tolstoy..
    the way they write is a beautiful example of simplicity and reality.. I love the way and the things they have written..

  14. @Sreejith ,
    you haven’t found anyone who has found geography boring ?? what planet are you from ?? πŸ˜€

    @Arti ,
    uhmm .. so you liked Dan Brown πŸ™‚ .. good .. atleast someone does .. πŸ™‚

    @Aditi ,
    I read volume one of “war and peace” and almost fainted .. I don’t think i would be reading tolstoy again .. Premchand would be a good break .. so would be Steinbeck .. still deciding which book to buy next !!

  15. Have read all Dan Brown Stuff. Well Th DA vinci code was like a deception for the remaining of his work…..;)

  16. Knock knock …
    Story sampli aahe, tu aata vaachu shaktos, eka damaat πŸ™‚


  17. I can undertstand what makes you write like this…
    Same story, even the Sydney Shelton’s are bit different but then the characters do resemble from the same back ground…

  18. @Aman ,
    true .. DVC was ok ok .. probably better of his works .. but deception point really sucked !!

    @Arti ,
    huh ?? no idea what you wrote πŸ˜€

    @Shruti ,
    Never read sheldon much .. hardly a book or two i assume .. too predectible .. πŸ™‚

  19. Hi, nice to hear from you..and i hope, soon there will be some system for cancelation for tickets also, as other than canceling the tickets we face lot more problems regarding the post service…

  20. Calbobine

    Da Vinci Code was probably the worst “book” I ‘ve read in the last five years, and Harry Potter books are the best.
    Glad we agree on that one.

  21. @Shruti ,
    yeah .. lets hope that comes up smtime in the future . πŸ™‚

    @Calbobine ,
    true .. toally agree with you on that .. πŸ™‚

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