Total Bheja Fry ..

There are comedies that make you smile and then there are ones that make you laugh. I had thought that the golden era of the second sort had come to an end with Govinda not doing any more * no. 1 type movies .. but then I had no idea that Vinay Pathak could be such a wonderfully idiotically funny actor to turn a ok-ish theme and otherwise-boring actors to be ingredients of a laughter-fest.
Everything about Bheja fry is comic starting from the situational humour, to the funny dialogue delivery at times, to the tickling characters. Acting wise, Vinay Pathak is Sublime .. Rajat Kapoor chips in with a creditible performance .. Sarika looks more and more like the ageless beauty that she is, with every movie I see her in. If you are really looking to find a grey spot, and I mean really really looking to find one , then I guess you can say that Milind Soman was a bad choice for the character he played. I read somewhere that he acted like plastic, I personally felt that a puppet could have probably done a little more justice to the character. He did over-act with his hands , but sincerely by his standards it was good acting. I have seen him in other movies and he is a total goner at acting. He might have the looks, but definitely lacks the talent to make it to the critic’s list for best actors. I assume he was added to the movie to add to the glamour quotient, which was hardly needed. Bhairavi Goswami was also a not-well-auditioned character. She acted worse than Milind Soman but ,thankfully, she had too little screen presence to spoil the fun for the audience. She is quite the eye candy, but definitely not acting material.
But, Vinay Pathak covers it all up. He is quite the heart and soul of the movie. Rajat Kapoor did his frustrated bit VERY well and everyone else just keeps adding to the fun in the movie.
My rating -> 4 out of 5 (can’t give 5 out of 5, Milind Soman had to cost smthg to the movie rating )
Fav scenes -> can’t pick any , everything is awesome or marginally below that. The Amazing screenplay makes it pleasantly difficult to pick favourites.
Fav Lines -> How does one choose favourites in a movie that is based on situational humour. All the lines are more like you have to be there to experience the fun in the line.
My advice -> Do watch the movie, if you haven’t. And If you have, lets go watch it again. I am game for it anyday.

Quote of the day

Golf and sex are about the only things you can enjoy without being good at.
– Jimmy Demaret



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11 responses to “Total Bheja Fry ..

  1. Hi Dear,
    Lovely review, i havent got time to watch this..
    And i doubt i can manage to see that..but surely try it..
    Take care..

  2. the movie was amazing … loved every moment of it …
    I am becoming a fan of the low budget comedy movies after seeing this and khosla ka ghosla 🙂

  3. Shirsha

    Hmm, so when u taking me to watch this? 😛 Or are you too busy with others… err… to take me to movies? Oh, I love this shameless flirting at times 😉

  4. @shruti ,
    yeah .. the movie is pretty good .. do see it when you get time 🙂

    @KD ,
    I missed khosla .. have to watch it sometime

    @Shirsha ,
    ha ha .. anyday ?? an evening out with you does wonders to my repo anyway 🙂

  5. Supriya

    oye! how come u didn’t take me for the movie? how rude! 😦

  6. hmmm..strangely two of my gud friends who watched this movie told me its damn too bad a movie which’ll actually fry ur bheja and advised me not to watch it…I know its a takeof on a french flick but still haven’t read as many contradictory reviews as read for this one.

  7. @Supriya ,
    no issues, I am ready to go again anyday 🙂

    @Somya ,
    different people, different opinions .. which is why you should watch it yourself and decide 😀
    Anyway, I have also come across some people who didn’t like it at all .. but I loved it .. atleast, its not a bheja fry .. its a good comedy 🙂

  8. Supriya

    thnx for finally taking me for bheja fry.. u were right… cute movie .. totally worth it! 🙂

  9. Told you , it really was one awesome experience ..
    Even while watching it twice, I didn’t get bored 🙂

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  11. You have great blog and this post is good!

    best regards, Greg

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