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The Weekend that refused to end ..

I know that the post title is a little confusing , but as you read on you will understand how very apt it is.
I was in Hyderabad last weekend, trying to get over the usual office-bored,blue mood with the help of friends. And I did pretty well on that front ..
We went out for a car drive (Thanks to Maddy) to Shameerpet (27 Kms from Hyderabad). Maddy being a new driver, we stopped at multiple places on the road, not always the best place to receive compliments about wonderful driving from others on the road. The loud honk of the vehicles behind us accompanied us till we were safely out of Hyderabad.
But once we were out of Hyderabad, driving started appearing easier (though I am sure it was only because Maddy was less nervous now). We got to the lake after about 30-45 minutes of driving outside Hyderabad. We were all well fed (Thanks to Aloo Parathas from Needs 🙂 ) and come to think of it, half of us had half the mind to think about going back home after the heavy lunch. When we got to the lake, we were cursing ourselves for even thinking about returning back. From the looks of it, if weather gods permitted, we could stay there for about three – four hours .. undisturbed .. just us and mother nature.
The Pictures that we clicked there would do little justice to the beauty of the place. Imagine a serene , calm lake , Imagine a cloud cover that seems just inches above the point where the lake ends, imagine the weather that looks like as though its threatening to rain .. imagine the company of your best friends .. imagine howling winds .. imagine a way to a lake that hardly shows any sign of being a popular spot , imagine putting all this together .. Is this what you get ->

We stayed there for quite some time, climbing small hillocks, watching the beautiful weather, talking to the small group of villagers , who had come to fish in the lake, and in general enjoying ourselves.
Pics from the trip can be found here and here

We spent most the next day, just lazing around the house .. sleeping and playing cards. I was supposed to catch my return bus at 9:15 (so said the ticket), but when I got to the bus pickup point, I was told that i am hour and half late .. because thanks to the wonderful operator at , My 7:30 bus was shown to be departing at 9:15 on my ticket. I shouted and howled at the operator, even threatening to sue his company because of the money I lose, and not to mention the mental agony , because of getting to Bangalore one day late(I realized how much I can crap without topic). They finally gave me a ticket for the next day. I stayed at home, in Hyderabad, all day on monday, doing nothing but watching one movie after another. Removed lots of movies from my yet-to-watch list (Dhoom 2 and Black Friday).
Finally got back to Bangalore on tuesday morning. Everything said and done, was a good trip .. had a GREAT time with friends, met Parivesh after a long time .. and the car trip was just great.
Best pic of the trip ->
All Friends

From Left to Right -> Maddy , Pops, Rakesh (he is married now .. back off ladies 🙂 ), nirnimesh, Parivesh and Me !!

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Orkut Hack 2 .. Reply to all Scraps

Want to reply to all scraps on your scrapbook at once ?
Normally useful when you get lots of wishes on your scrapbook (like birthday and what not)

Go to your scrapbook and copy-paste the following javascript code into your browser address-bar and press enter. you will be prompted for the text you want to reply with.
It scraps everyone who has sent you a scrap on your first scrap page.

javascript: var i = 1; var message = prompt("What message do you want to Reply-All with ? ", "Thank You !! ") ; function reply_all() { var scrapTextid="scrapText_"+ i ; var linkid="b"+(3*i+1); document.getElementById(scrapTextid).value=message ; document.getElementById(linkid).onclick(); i=i+1; document.forms['replyForm'].action="#"} ; void(setInterval(reply_all,500));

PS -> Working on a version that allows you to scrap everyone who has scrapped you .. not just the people on the first page of the scrapbook .. wonder if it would be really useful though 🙂

PS_1 -> Still very bored with work 😦 .. Everything is getting more and more boring by the day .. Need a life outside the cyber world that does not involve blogging and working.
Taking a blog break now !!

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