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Deception – 3

Deception – 1 -> Deception – 2 ->

The police began its investigations into what they thought was a straight-forward case of suicide. There was a suicide note in the back pocket of the body, no one was to be blamed for his death. No one had seen the fellow go to the top of the building, not even the security guards. The worst part of the problem was, it was very difficult to identify the body. With the skull broken , the only way to identify the person was through body marks. When that didn’t help either, they looked into missing person’s reports. Given the huge number of teenagers who run away from home, it was near impossible to find the right people to give away the body to.

Uday received a message from Jasmine that same day, and she sounded genuinely worried about Raj’s whereabouts. Uday told her that Raj committed suicide last night and was to be cremated in a couple of days. They talked till late in the night about Raj. Uday had the toughest time consoling her as she went on and on about how close she felt to Raj. Uday knew that he would have to wait for a few days before he would make his move. The first step in his plan had gone wonderfully well, but this second step required more tact then the easier to do throwing-a-teenager-off-a-building.

Jasmine continued her conversations with Uday, though she was not the same anymore. Earlier she sounded chirpier, but now she was rather quiet. Days went by, and it seemed as though Jasmine was coming closer and closer to breaking off the last strands of her relationship with Raj. Now with Raj dead, there was obviously not much she could talk about. Uday was getting impatient in his heart. He missed the days when he could talk all night about sex with her. He missed being Raj. Some days, he wished , he could be Raj again .. just for that one night may be.
Uday was getting a feeling as though Jasmine was getting irritated with him very frequently off late. She hardly initiated a conversation anymore .. did not bother to reply for long durations while chatting and more importantly she even stopped coming online every night. His plan to get her to talk about sex was not going too well either. Every time, he came close to the topic, she would start talking about Raj again and then eventually switch off. It was getting on his nerves too .. wasn’t he the same man who was talking to her all this while .. did she not have fun while talking about all this to him earlier .. did she not talk all night to him earlier .. now just because he is a 45 year old man, does that mean she would stop talking to him altogether ? He thought that she was being unreasonable and shallow. He decided that he would have to tell her that he loves her, may be then she would start listening to him and paying more attention to him.
He came clean one day, at least as clean as he could afford to be without scaring her. He told her that he was in love with her and that even though Raj was her first love , she should at least give him a chance to prove himself. She gave him the sort of reaction that was to be expected off any teenager. She gave him the angry smiley a zillion times and told him that he was a freak and she did not want anything to do with him. He kept on trying, but nothing seemed to be getting better. She eventually told him that she looked up at him as sort of a father figure and she would not even dream of getting into a relationship with him.
Uday was really pissed off that day. He had not thought it would go this way. The only thing that seemed to be going against him was his age. But then, why was she being so unreasonable .. was she in love with youth or the real person she talked to. He knew that the ghosts of Raj would not leave him so soon .. even though he had finished him off, she was still in love with him.

The police search for the parents of the dead body lying in the hospital had hit a dead end. There was no progress at all and eventually they decided to put up a notice in local newspapers stating the particulars of the dead person and may be then someone will show up. They put up a picture of the dead body, asking people to come forward , if the person seems familiar. It was gruesome, no doubt .. ugly even .. but they could not let the dead body rot in the hospital for ever.
After about a week, they got a call from a woman .. telling them that the she knows the person in the picture and could identify him on the basis of his clothes. She refused to tell them how she knew the person. She said that she just knows him as an distant acquaintance .. and could not claim the body. But it was what she told them after that, that made the policemen feel the ground trembling below them. She said, that she thinks that he was murdered and it was set up to make it look like a suicide. She said she had valid proof to back what she was saying. She also said that she thought that her life was in danger, and if everything was not resolved soon enough, the killer might escape the clutches of law.

Uday and Jasmine’s relationship had hit rock-bottom. She talked to him only enough to keep him interested and while he craved for more conversations, all he got was an acknowledgement once in a while. Uday grew increasingly frustrated and he thought he would have to look for other avenues to fulfill his sexual desires. He even started chatting again randomly with other girls online, but not even one of them felt the same way as Jasmine did. Uday knew that it was because he loved her. His family had become more and more distant from him in all these days. His children kept away from him, because most of the time he went into uninitiated rage. His wife, never a very friendly person, also maintained her distance. Uday was left all alone .. and he knew that it was all because of Jasmine … all because she refused to return his love .. all because she was a shallow person who enjoyed conversations with a 19 year old but not with a 45 year old .. all because she failed to see that Raj and Uday are the same person.

Police eventually found the woman who had made the call, and when they knocked on the address given to them over the phone .. a middle aged woman (generously speaking) opened the door. She said that the call to the police was made by her daughter Jasmine, on her behest. She said that she found out about her daughter having a cyber relationship with a person named Raj when she was browsing through her computer. All the chats had been saved and she had a picture of him. The dress that the dead body had , was same as the one in the picture. She took the policemen inside and showed them the pictures. It was really incredible, that everything matched so perfectly. The dress was the same, from head to toe. On a close examination of both the pictures, the policemen could all concur unanimously that they were the same person.
Only one thing remained unanswered, why did she think her or her daughter’s life was in danger. She went back to her computers as though she was dying to show this particular piece of detail to the policemen all this while. She opened the chat records again , and it was a day after Raj’s death. It was Jasmine talking with Raj’s uncle, Uday, who said that Raj had committed suicide and would be cremated in a couple of days. If Raj had not even been identified all this while, how could Uday know that he would be cremated in a couple of days. The policemen could not believe for quite some time that they had stumbled blindly upon a piece of evidence that would nail the man who killed the boy.
The police said that they would need to speak to the girl before they frame their case, or go ahead with anything else, but the woman insisted that her daughter Jasmine be kept away from all this. She said that the little girl had already been through enough, with her boyfriend’s death and now with chances to a killer lurking out there waiting for a chance to stab her. The policemen’s effort in getting to talk to the girl only resulted in the woman telling them the girl had been sent off to her grand parent’s place so as to stay away from all this. She, being a divorcee , cannot handle her everyday life and job and the pressure of looking after the well being of her daughter all day. The policemen sympathized with the old woman. She was, after all, doing what anyone would have done .. she was looking after her kid.
They took print out of chats, of the picture to publish in the newspapers again .. so that someone could identify him so as to get to his legal guardians. All that remained was finding his uncle Uday now .. case solved !!
Pictures were published in the newspapers the following morning with the two pictures put side by side as though in a “then and now” VLCC advertisement. The police quickly reached Raj’s house through his neighbors where he lived alone. From his house, they could get hold of his parents’ phone numbers, living in a distant city, who were getting more and more worried about why had their son not returned calls for so many days. But the problem persisted, who was Uday ?. The parents could not point to anyone who could have gained anything from the teenager’s death. Obviously , there was no Uncle Uday either.
The neighbors’ pointed to the fact that there was a person named Uday who lived in the vicinity, but he was a god fearing .. family loving man. He would not have done anything like this. A little more prodding and the scared neighbors’ directed them towards this Uday’s house. This was a perfect house .. two little kids .. one loving wife. Of course, this could not be the Uday they were looking for. Still, for formality, they started to question the people in the house, while Uday was off for work. Very soon, skeletons began to stumble out of the closet. On the surface, what looked like a perfect home .. was actually a broken house. The happy pictures hanging on the wall seemed like a distant past, or may be a dream. Children revealed that they were scared of their father these days, because he seemed to be very frustrated these days. He hardly talked to anyone .. and mostly responded with curt nods and taunts directed at their mother. Eventually, it all boiled down to the conclusion that Uday had changed since the past couple of months.
Policemen arrested Uday in a few days. They got hold of his computer documents and the saved chats revealed the dirty secret he had been hiding all this while from everyone. Under intense interrogation, he confessed to be holding the double identity on the internet and killing the young teenager, because he wanted his story to be more authentic. He said he looked at the young man from across the street as the perfect guy whom girls would fall for .. He had thought that Raj would be cremated in a couple of days anyway and it would be forgotten soon. He said that it was only the ugly circumstances that made him do what he had done. He said that he did not want Jasmine to see Raj anywhere, once they got married. Sooner or later, he had to kill Raj.
The court sentenced him to death penalty in a couple of months. He requested to see not his family, but Jasmine, before he died .. the wish was granted with the consent of Jasmine’s mother who was present during the trials. She told the court that she is still hiding her daughter from the monster .. and it is probably best for her to not see him. The court sympathized with the old lady’s sentiments, but granted Uday’s wish to see Jasmine one last time from behind the bars.
On the day before the hanging, the last day that he was allowed to meet anyone , Jasmine came to him with her mother in the tow .. She was every bit as beautiful as the pictures suggested. She hardly said anything and kept looking at her mother every time Uday said “I love You” .. probably looking for an appropriate answer.
Uday soon got fed up with no replies coming from Jasmine ..and got up to leave. Jasmine understood her job here was done and left, leaving her mom with alone for one brief instant with Uday.
The old lady looked up at Uday with a sort of mixture of fear and mirth. Uday was already pissed off. He realized how much this woman reminded him of the ugly world he would be leaving behind tomorrow. He said in a mocking tone , “What the hell are you doing here .. What do you want to talk to me now ?” ,
She replied, “Anything you want to talk about is alright with me .. Its late in the night and I am really really lonely” and left.

The link to the real story -> here



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Deception – 2

Deception – 1

Taken aback as much by the sudden rise in his fortunes as by his willingness to talk to her, he gathered all his wits to reply back with a funny message
(That always works .. he had learned from experience).
hotguy_19 : “Depends on what you want to chat about.”
Sound confident .. come to the point .. yes .. he had seen enough of all this in chat rooms. He knew that if the reply is positive, he would have hit the jackpot else she would just leave immediately.
The reply came back after what seem like a very hesitant thirty seconds.
sweet_girl_17 : “Anything you want to chat about is alright with me .. Its late in the night and I am really really lonely” .
The words “Bingo” did a dance in his head, surrounded by flash bulbs and disco lights.
What began that night was just a trailer for things to come. Her name , she said, was Jasmine. Since that day, the two of them talked every night. Most of the times about what they would want to do to each other and what they would want the other one to do to them. Very often things turned so hot for him that he would absolutely crave for sex. And not finding enough assistance from his wife, he would think about how futile it was to marry this woman.
He realized that he would have to see this girl, if not in person then at least in pictures. That would show how serious she was about this online relationship. One day he boldly ventured into the topic which he thought would either spice up the relationship or end it altogether. He asked for her pictures, and after some minutes of wait, she told him that she would send them to him. Happy as he was, at this .. it made him wonder, why had she agreed to send the pictures to a total stranger. After receiving the pictures, all sorts of doubts began to circle in his head. She was , simply put, amazingly good looking. Pictures from some school trip, she told him. How could she have sent these beautiful pictures to him within such a short time of knowing him. Does she do it with other guys too? Does she talk to other guys as intimately as she does to him? Are there others who are chatting with her at this very time?
He confronted her with these doubts one day at which confessed to have sent the pictures to other guys as well, but she also went on to say that she was really enjoying this relationship with Raj and she wanted to continue the same way with him.
Love, he thought, was taking its first little toddler step in her heart.
Very soon he floated another profile online .. using his real name, Uday .. but pretending to be Raj’s maternal uncle . He used this profile to talk to Jasmine once in a while. He tried to keep the two entities as different as possible. He told Jasmine that Raj confides in him, and that she can tell him things she wants to tell Raj if he is not around. On other days, he would , as Raj, tell her that Uncle Uday is the perfect man .. And he aspires to be like him some day. He would tell her about Uncle Uday’s work life and try to gather sympathy for the old man. It did seem to be working.
Things were starting to work out in his head. He could see it all so clearly now. He is not Raj, he is actually a sex-obsessed 45 year old man. He would have to make the girl fall in love with him, if he ever wanted to make things happen outside the cyber world. He would have to eventually kill off Raj, to make way for the 45 year old guy to provide a consoling shoulder to the girl. That, he argued, would be the first step in getting the girl. He would divorce his wife, and go away with this girl to her city, settle down with her and create a new family. Yes, it was all possible .. He would just have to plan it out well enough ..
The newspaper headlines on 4th of August covered topics like the rise and fall of share market and bomb blasts, but somewhere inside the pages was a scary picture of what seemed like a teenage male’s dead body. Body folded into a lump, head split to reveal the interiors of the brain, blood all over the place. People said he fell off the top floor of the mall building. What was he doing on the top floor at late in the night, no one cared.
That day Jasmine saw a message on her IM, sent last night, from Raj
hotguy_19 : “Hi Jasmine, I know you want me to become a successful man before we get married, but I am tired of trying to make it on my own in this world .. It is a big world and people like me do not stand a chance .. I know I will never make it big .. You know I have tried my best .. but its just not worth it anymore .. I want to give it all up. I want to see the after-life. I want to see if I have better luck in the next life. I am scared of ending all this, but someday it had to. I love you”


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Deception – 1

As though being a 45 year old LIC Agent was not boring enough, he had all the reason in the world to think about giving up all he had .. just to see if anyone will miss him once he is gone. His life revolved around his office, he got mighty bored on Sundays .. trying to think about ways and means to get through the rest of the day. People at work knew him, sort of respected him, some even took pity on him , for he had been in the same position for the past 18 years. People less experienced than him had came and gone , had been promoted into officers, had been taken into one of those companies whose banners he saw on the road .. all because they were young. He was still there .. at the same desk at which he assumed office on the hot summer day , eighteen years back.
And then, one fine day, his little 16 year old daughter started insisting that a computer be brought home, because everyone of her friends in school have it .. and it would be so easy to study once you have a computer with you. She went on and on and on about the advantages of having a computer, while he kept on calculating the money he would have to withdraw from the bank to make such a huge investment. He had saved a substantial amount in these 18 years, but he had kept of it aside for the daughter’s marriage. What the heck, he reasoned, it is after all for his daughter’s better life.
So, after about a week , a computer was brought home. The sleek looks and the things it could do were not something that the 45 year old had imagined. He had seen people at work use it .. but he thought that it was an unnecessary piece of equipment and its always better to use one’s brain rather than let the computer do calculations for you. His opinions now started to drift in the favor of the glazy computer. Looks do matter .. he thought to himself.
He found himself to be a quick learner. More so than his daughter. Very soon he started using the computer to maintain his expenditure (He had brought in a teacher to teach his daughter and silently stood beside them when he taught her Excel and other Microsoft office tools). “That’s easy” .. he thought..
One day he secretly learned about the big world of online chatting from the colleagues at work. One of them, went on and on about how he had met this 16 year girl online and they had “done stuff” while chatting. Though he feigned shame at the surface, even a scowl at the man who had mentioned his deeds in deliberate exaggeration, he knew that once he got back home, he would not be able to keep himself away from the computer for too long.
Back at home, he tried to do what he had learned from others at work .. try creating an online chat account, but he thought .. “who would ever fall for a 45 year old like me .. I need to look better .. sound better .. may be even quickly learn some shortcuts that these youngsters keep using .. I should be more like that guy from across the street .. he looks the type that girls would fall for .. yes .. I should be him” . Things started taking an ugly turn in his head. He would be 19, a college student , no wait .. a foreigner may be .. no, that would be too difficult to feign .. probably just a local college student would do”.
Within a few days, a chat profile named hotguy_19 started doing the rounds of the online chat rooms. To further establish his identity, he even created some profiles here and there, to come across as authentic. He realized that he was completely inadequate in this world, and he needed lots of practice before he could ‘net’ a girl , as his office colleague had called it that day. Days and days went on, some days he would just log on and and see other people chat and learn. But he had not yet succeeded in anything that went beyond the “hi .. My name is raj” ..
Then one day .. a chat window popped up .. sweet_girl_17 .. it said ..
“Hi .. Do you want to chat” ..

PS -> This is an Indian version of an real – life story in US !! .. Will post the link to that story once I am done with this story 🙂


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Overheard while I was standing on my balcony late on Sunday evening ->

She told him over the sobs “I told you not to kiss me .. I had cold .. now you have it too .. I feel so bad at having given you the virus .. now you cant go to office tomorrow .. and you will have a miserable time sleeping .. you got sick because of me .. I cant get over the feeling that its all my fault .. I feel guilty”

He told her amongst the sniffs, voice hardly distinguishable from a hoarse croak “One kiss from you is worth a thousand days of sickness” … as he kissed her again

Cute .. aren’t they ? 🙂


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Bomb in my pocket

I had just reached home on August 14th, and wishing to catch up with the news on cricket front, I switched to the news channel that first came to my mind .. NDTV .. they were covering some news regarding some bomb in your pocket .. I muttered a few obscenities about how these people come up with the most catchy lines to attract the viewer’s attention. Flip to Times Now .. something similar .. Flip to Star News .. Something similar .. Flip to Aaj Tak .. “IT IS THE BIGGEST BOMB THREAT TO HAVE EVER TROUBLED INDIA IN THE LAST FEW YEARS” followed by the mellow news anchor saying “There is a bomb in your pocket .. and you have probably had it in there for about a year now without knowing what it could do .. but now is the time to dispose it off .. because if you dont do that .. chances are that it could kill you” .. Not someone who needs second invitation about getting myself as far away from bombs as possible .. I emptied the contents of pocket immediately .. A reluctant mp3 player came off without its ear plugs component .. further searching also brought out the ear plugs with one of the plugs missing .. fine .. more searching .. Its weird .. when you are trying to search for something in a small dark place .. the chances are that you will find it either at the furthest end from the starting point … or outside the dark place .. the dark place being my pocket here .. I found much later that the ear plug had managed to attach itself to the mp3 player and was already out.
Its weird what things come out of your pockets when your pants have not been washed for about 15 days .. I found three different sets of two movie tickets each .. all of them neatly rolled into a pile .. as though I knew that sometime later I would need to find out what all movies I went to .. A Few more card swipe receipts .. thats about it .. Unless of course you count in the few rupees that somehow always manage to find their way to my pockets every time I am about to put my pants for wash.
Ok .. am safe now .. or so I thought ..
The news coverage began and I eventually found that the bomb was actually my cell phone .. why the hell did they distract me by saying that it would be in my pocket .. it was in my laptop bag .. Apparently All Nokia phones with batteries with the sequence “Bl-5C” on it were faulty and could act as mini bombs if over – heated .. I immediately dis-assembled my phone .. and found out .. that sure enough .. my batters Sequence was Bl-5C. 😦
More coincidences follow .. Apparently only the batteries that were manufactured between December 2005 and November 2006 were faulty. I brought my phone sometime around February last year .. Very nice of Nokia to come forward with the proposal to replace the batteries free f cost .. but what the hell do I do with the bomb in my pocket till the replacement comes.
I have been cautious while interacting with my phone since then. Its not as though I have not charged my phone since then .. I have .. but I have made sure that I charge it in a different room from the one I am in. I have shortlisted the people whose calls I want to receive .. Only the most important calls are being received .. I have made minimal calls since then .. only to order food 😛 .. And extra caution is being exercised while putting my phone for charge and while removing it from charge .. using the spare mattress to cover the phone while I do that .. I do not need the spare one anyway .. 🙂
Are you calling me paranoid ?? .. no no .. I am _5mok1nG_GuN_ .. Tarun was paranoid 😀
(If you dont know what that means .. you definitely did not play CS with us 🙂 )


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Game Over

A recent article in NY-Times caught my attention .. as I am sure it would do to anyone who once in a while gets a feeling as though he is the center of universe and everything happens around him is just a simulation (something on the lines of Jim Carey in “The Truman Show”)
The article goes overboard is stating that we could all be simulations and the simulation designer could himself/herself/itself be a simulation.
From the article ->
“If that’s true, it’s bad news for the futurists who think we’ll have a computer this century with the power to simulate all the inhabitants on earth. We’d start our simulation, expecting to observe a new virtual world, but instead our own world might end — not with a bang, not with a whimper, but with a message on the Prime Designer’s computer.

It might be something clunky like “Insufficient Memory to Continue Simulation.” But I like to think it would be simple and familiar: “Game Over.””

Now thats quite a heartening thought .. to think of ourselves as nothing more that computer simulations .. because come to think of it .. it puts the entire karma theory to rest .. ditto for big-bang .. Or does it .. This does not entirely agree with author of the article .. because he thinks that the prime designer is more likely to continue with the interesting simulations than with the uninteresting ones (something like Karma) .. now interesting could be anything from good behavior, to great skills , to something as superficial as good looks ( no wonder i feel like my end is near) .. But come to think of it .. I do not really think thats the way it would be .. Lets compare this with the simulation game of Age of Empires. Those who do not know what the game is .. here is a brief overview
In the game, you are supposed to create villagers who do your work of collecting resources namely Wood, Gold, Stone and Food. As a subsequent step you go ahead and create warriors who fight against the enemies (other people’s warriors and villagers) and destroy them. The survivor of this fight, wins the game.
Come to think of it .. do you really differentiate between the wood-cutting lumber-jack in the game who sometimes refuses to cut wood and stands near the female who is stone mining, in-spite of your incessant clicks asking him to do it and another chap who has been following your orders to mine gold since the start of the game. When others attack, you protect all of them by trying to hide them .. or when you are really short of resources .. you do not differentiate as to whom you should send to get that all important resource. They are all same to you .. isnt it ? .. you wont think twice before killing your own earnest villager in times of population explosion in the mad rush to create more warriors.
Its all Random .. there is no algorithm in death .. in-spite of what the movie Final Destination tells you .. In the end .. its “Game over” for everyone 🙂

Link to the article -> here


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13th August’ 2007

“Its Quiet now” .. said the little kid in the movie 300 before he died.
Its really been quiet these days .. hasnt it .. I mean .. People who used to blabber non stop on their blogs (uhmm .. ehh .. uhmm .. Me) have stopped posting altogether (except for sreejith .. that is .. he is still blabbering .. everyday ) … but its been a good break ..
This post was supposed to announce to the world that I have found the perfect woman .. she is cute .. she is smart . she is hot .. she is SUPER funny .. there is a small matter of her being a little less that double my age .. but when has the heart ever listened to the blabbering of brain.
Meet Ellen Degeneres, 49 years of age, a lesbian who started out as a stand up comedian .. Acted in a few sit-coms .. came back to stand up and then started hosting a talk show which has won awards after awards.
She is the perfect woman .. she makes sense out of everything she says .. which is a really rare trait for a woman .. she has the perfect attitude to make you laugh even when you are buried under a pile of deadlines to meet .. and most importantly .. she is gay .. think about it (oh no .. not that thought .. throw that one out .. I am talking about something else here) .. She gives you the perfect reason to not fall for her .. Its just that she is the perfectly unachievable woman. For a fraction of a second you can even think about getting a girl like Steffi Graf (well . Andre Agasi did .. even with no hair on his head .. didnt he ?? ) … but someone gay .. definitely out of reach. And there is something about unachievability that really inspires people. No wonder Mount Everest is such a popular adventure destination .. isnt it ? I really hope I am making some sense here

Ellen’s quotes ->
1. We people have become so lazy these days .. I remember the days when we used to get breath mints .. now what we get are breath strips .. they just dissolve on our tongues for us .. I mean come on .. cant we even suck any more ?
2. Whats with the choice of disorders we have got now .. When I was a kid .. we had just crazy people
3. Now – a – days we have hands free phone .. so that you can focus on thing that you are doing .. you know the chances are that if you need both your hands to do something .. you brain should be on it too
4. I blame the microwave for all our troubles .. anything that gets that hot without fire has to be from the devil.

Funny .. isnt she 🙂

Her Stand up performance here

PS -> Brought myself a Flag for Independence Day .. I still have no idea where will I put it up on I-day.
PS_1 -> I want a trip to Dandeli .. anyone who has been there and has survived the Water adventures without knowing swimming .. would you suggest it to a non-swimmer ?
PS_2 -> Want to buy some furniture for the house soon .. But just too much to do these days to think about starting to save money for that 🙂


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