13th August’ 2007

“Its Quiet now” .. said the little kid in the movie 300 before he died.
Its really been quiet these days .. hasnt it .. I mean .. People who used to blabber non stop on their blogs (uhmm .. ehh .. uhmm .. Me) have stopped posting altogether (except for sreejith .. that is .. he is still blabbering .. everyday ) … but its been a good break ..
This post was supposed to announce to the world that I have found the perfect woman .. she is cute .. she is smart . she is hot .. she is SUPER funny .. there is a small matter of her being a little less that double my age .. but when has the heart ever listened to the blabbering of brain.
Meet Ellen Degeneres, 49 years of age, a lesbian who started out as a stand up comedian .. Acted in a few sit-coms .. came back to stand up and then started hosting a talk show which has won awards after awards.
She is the perfect woman .. she makes sense out of everything she says .. which is a really rare trait for a woman .. she has the perfect attitude to make you laugh even when you are buried under a pile of deadlines to meet .. and most importantly .. she is gay .. think about it (oh no .. not that thought .. throw that one out .. I am talking about something else here) .. She gives you the perfect reason to not fall for her .. Its just that she is the perfectly unachievable woman. For a fraction of a second you can even think about getting a girl like Steffi Graf (well . Andre Agasi did .. even with no hair on his head .. didnt he ?? ) … but someone gay .. definitely out of reach. And there is something about unachievability that really inspires people. No wonder Mount Everest is such a popular adventure destination .. isnt it ? I really hope I am making some sense here

Ellen’s quotes ->
1. We people have become so lazy these days .. I remember the days when we used to get breath mints .. now what we get are breath strips .. they just dissolve on our tongues for us .. I mean come on .. cant we even suck any more ?
2. Whats with the choice of disorders we have got now .. When I was a kid .. we had just crazy people
3. Now – a – days we have hands free phone .. so that you can focus on thing that you are doing .. you know the chances are that if you need both your hands to do something .. you brain should be on it too
4. I blame the microwave for all our troubles .. anything that gets that hot without fire has to be from the devil.

Funny .. isnt she 🙂

Her Stand up performance here

PS -> Brought myself a Flag for Independence Day .. I still have no idea where will I put it up on I-day.
PS_1 -> I want a trip to Dandeli .. anyone who has been there and has survived the Water adventures without knowing swimming .. would you suggest it to a non-swimmer ?
PS_2 -> Want to buy some furniture for the house soon .. But just too much to do these days to think about starting to save money for that 🙂



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5 responses to “13th August’ 2007

  1. Is her show on any channel…star world?? i think i’ve seen Ellen on TV only on ‘celebrity comebacks’… on vh1 prolly. Anyway considering its you who’s after her…i am even willing to bet that Ellen will turn straight 😀

    and then you can proudly proclaim…. ‘kutte ke dumm ko bhi ‘seedhe’ karne vaale ko khare kahte hain’ 😀

  2. ahh you are back .. welcome to your own blog 🙂
    and unni, I think I have watched the Ellen Show on Zee Cafe…. but not sure…

  3. hi,
    as you asked i have been in Dandeli for quite a long time.
    i can suggest you its a wonderful place and you will really enjoy the nature as it is unexplored.
    for rafting u need not be a swimmer. they will train you in few minutes and you can float in water.

    if you need more details do mail me as satyasar@gmail.com

  4. skp

    Yeah she is kewl…
    hosted the academy awards this year i guess….

  5. @Sreejith ,
    Too bad only you think that .. too bad you are a guy .. 😀

    @KD ,
    Ellen Show is on Star World on Wednesdays at 2 PM .. no wonder I never get to see it 🙂

    @Satya ,
    thanks for the information .. Looks like an awesome place .. Will definitely make a visit to the place sometime soon

    @Skp ,
    Is it .. ?? Hyper funny she is .. 🙂
    everytime I see her on TV .. I fall for her even more

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