Game Over

A recent article in NY-Times caught my attention .. as I am sure it would do to anyone who once in a while gets a feeling as though he is the center of universe and everything happens around him is just a simulation (something on the lines of Jim Carey in “The Truman Show”)
The article goes overboard is stating that we could all be simulations and the simulation designer could himself/herself/itself be a simulation.
From the article ->
“If that’s true, it’s bad news for the futurists who think we’ll have a computer this century with the power to simulate all the inhabitants on earth. We’d start our simulation, expecting to observe a new virtual world, but instead our own world might end — not with a bang, not with a whimper, but with a message on the Prime Designer’s computer.

It might be something clunky like “Insufficient Memory to Continue Simulation.” But I like to think it would be simple and familiar: “Game Over.””

Now thats quite a heartening thought .. to think of ourselves as nothing more that computer simulations .. because come to think of it .. it puts the entire karma theory to rest .. ditto for big-bang .. Or does it .. This does not entirely agree with author of the article .. because he thinks that the prime designer is more likely to continue with the interesting simulations than with the uninteresting ones (something like Karma) .. now interesting could be anything from good behavior, to great skills , to something as superficial as good looks ( no wonder i feel like my end is near) .. But come to think of it .. I do not really think thats the way it would be .. Lets compare this with the simulation game of Age of Empires. Those who do not know what the game is .. here is a brief overview
In the game, you are supposed to create villagers who do your work of collecting resources namely Wood, Gold, Stone and Food. As a subsequent step you go ahead and create warriors who fight against the enemies (other people’s warriors and villagers) and destroy them. The survivor of this fight, wins the game.
Come to think of it .. do you really differentiate between the wood-cutting lumber-jack in the game who sometimes refuses to cut wood and stands near the female who is stone mining, in-spite of your incessant clicks asking him to do it and another chap who has been following your orders to mine gold since the start of the game. When others attack, you protect all of them by trying to hide them .. or when you are really short of resources .. you do not differentiate as to whom you should send to get that all important resource. They are all same to you .. isnt it ? .. you wont think twice before killing your own earnest villager in times of population explosion in the mad rush to create more warriors.
Its all Random .. there is no algorithm in death .. in-spite of what the movie Final Destination tells you .. In the end .. its “Game over” for everyone 🙂

Link to the article -> here



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5 responses to “Game Over

  1. I want to say something intelligent, so I’ll keep quiet 🙂

  2. Just picture your company… as long as it needs you, you are a valuable resource. it will make you collect food, mine stone and fall trees. But once your need diminishes, you are quite dispensable. Evils of capitalism. live with it!

  3. Shirsha

    Hmm, Sreejith points out that perfect example!
    All we can do is give that odd laugh about how even the company is a game for someone else.
    So is this like a function within a function within a function within a function within a function.. whr does it all end!?

    But that phrase… ‘game over’ is most scary!

  4. hmm .. in this case .. i wud prefer to be that lone villager who wanders away on his own (not doin any work).. forcing the winning opponents to scan the whole map to find and kill him and finally win the game 😛

  5. @KD ,
    Wonderful .. you too have adopted Rocky’s policy .. ? 🙂

    @Sreejith ,
    Ehh .. too far fetched .. but fine .. will live with it 🙂

    @Shirsha ,
    function Stack overflow .. memory overflow .. actually it should be a memory less system .. more like a linked list .. not like a stack .. it should just know whats one below it .. and one above it (if required) .. 🙂

    @mythalez ,
    Yeah .. reminds me of those frustoo players who used to build 5 layer walls around the last villager and go off to drink coffee while the rest of the players break their head trying to break the wall 🙂

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