Bomb in my pocket

I had just reached home on August 14th, and wishing to catch up with the news on cricket front, I switched to the news channel that first came to my mind .. NDTV .. they were covering some news regarding some bomb in your pocket .. I muttered a few obscenities about how these people come up with the most catchy lines to attract the viewer’s attention. Flip to Times Now .. something similar .. Flip to Star News .. Something similar .. Flip to Aaj Tak .. “IT IS THE BIGGEST BOMB THREAT TO HAVE EVER TROUBLED INDIA IN THE LAST FEW YEARS” followed by the mellow news anchor saying “There is a bomb in your pocket .. and you have probably had it in there for about a year now without knowing what it could do .. but now is the time to dispose it off .. because if you dont do that .. chances are that it could kill you” .. Not someone who needs second invitation about getting myself as far away from bombs as possible .. I emptied the contents of pocket immediately .. A reluctant mp3 player came off without its ear plugs component .. further searching also brought out the ear plugs with one of the plugs missing .. fine .. more searching .. Its weird .. when you are trying to search for something in a small dark place .. the chances are that you will find it either at the furthest end from the starting point … or outside the dark place .. the dark place being my pocket here .. I found much later that the ear plug had managed to attach itself to the mp3 player and was already out.
Its weird what things come out of your pockets when your pants have not been washed for about 15 days .. I found three different sets of two movie tickets each .. all of them neatly rolled into a pile .. as though I knew that sometime later I would need to find out what all movies I went to .. A Few more card swipe receipts .. thats about it .. Unless of course you count in the few rupees that somehow always manage to find their way to my pockets every time I am about to put my pants for wash.
Ok .. am safe now .. or so I thought ..
The news coverage began and I eventually found that the bomb was actually my cell phone .. why the hell did they distract me by saying that it would be in my pocket .. it was in my laptop bag .. Apparently All Nokia phones with batteries with the sequence “Bl-5C” on it were faulty and could act as mini bombs if over – heated .. I immediately dis-assembled my phone .. and found out .. that sure enough .. my batters Sequence was Bl-5C. 😦
More coincidences follow .. Apparently only the batteries that were manufactured between December 2005 and November 2006 were faulty. I brought my phone sometime around February last year .. Very nice of Nokia to come forward with the proposal to replace the batteries free f cost .. but what the hell do I do with the bomb in my pocket till the replacement comes.
I have been cautious while interacting with my phone since then. Its not as though I have not charged my phone since then .. I have .. but I have made sure that I charge it in a different room from the one I am in. I have shortlisted the people whose calls I want to receive .. Only the most important calls are being received .. I have made minimal calls since then .. only to order food πŸ˜› .. And extra caution is being exercised while putting my phone for charge and while removing it from charge .. using the spare mattress to cover the phone while I do that .. I do not need the spare one anyway .. πŸ™‚
Are you calling me paranoid ?? .. no no .. I am _5mok1nG_GuN_ .. Tarun was paranoid πŸ˜€
(If you dont know what that means .. you definitely did not play CS with us πŸ™‚ )



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10 responses to “Bomb in my pocket

  1. by the way did you check the battery code or not? check at
    I was actually carrying a defective battery around since last November… that is almost 10 months, before my cell display died and I had to get a new cell last week … I checked the old battery code, and yeah it confirmed that yes I was carrying a bomb around… and the defective battery code had to entered thrice before it confirmed… the non-faulty battery’s code was accepted immediately …

  2. Shirsha

    Serious ‘wth’ for the bomb in your pocket aside…
    -Stop constantly showing off your mp3player! We know u have it!
    -15 days!!!!!?? Shall remember to only smile at you from a grt distance!
    -Is the spare mattress sufficient protection from a BOMB!?

  3. if only “that” wave had not taken “that” phone away..

  4. lol… and BL-5C sounds quite like the code name of some bomber plane πŸ˜€

    well this news created quite a flutter at my worplace too… but due to the no camera phone policy…everyone had some of the cheapest models and were actually hoping that they would blow so they could buy something new πŸ˜€

  5. @KD ,
    Done that .. waiting for replacement now πŸ™‚

    @Shirsha ,
    The mp3 player is well past its show-off date .. its such a useless piece of junk .. most of the songs i copied into it dont work citing some weird reason like “File Error” and “File Corrupt” and what not .. I had to resort to FM which was better than the repetitive collection .

    @Jayaram ,
    Must you rub salt into old wounds πŸ˜₯

    @Sreejith ,
    Problem is not that it would blow .. the images on TV of explosions suggested that once it blows it takes down everything around it with it.

  6. lolz @ Sreejith
    I remember the news of mobile being “impotency bomb” not more than a year or two back. I am just glad, News channel caught onto something concrete this time πŸ™‚

  7. I like the way, you have added a touch of humour to this story, whether its a bomb or not!

  8. supriya

    your phone turned out to be safe eventually … u sure u still don’t wanna replace it? πŸ˜€ atleast change ur connection! it sucks!

  9. heh heh … mine is a BL-5C too .. but havent yet checked … bought it in Sept 2006

  10. @Vivek ,
    When the news channels dont have anything concrete to say thy bark about it for half the day .. and they do have even a whiff of a chance to prove that it is concrete news .. they make you think as though its the news of the millennium ..

    @Kalyan ,
    thanks πŸ™‚

    @Supriya ,
    Connection change ?? why would i do that ?? I love my spice connection .. πŸ˜€

    @Deepa ,
    Most laid back Nokia customer ever ? πŸ™‚
    He he .. probably its just better to take it as a “product advisory” (in which case its not that big a deal) and not take it as seriously as some people are making it to be .. Its probably all just news channel hype πŸ™‚ .. and not as dangerous as they are making it to be.
    Of the 46 million batteries sold world wide from the batch .. only 100 complaints were received by Nokia about the battery.

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