Deception – 1

As though being a 45 year old LIC Agent was not boring enough, he had all the reason in the world to think about giving up all he had .. just to see if anyone will miss him once he is gone. His life revolved around his office, he got mighty bored on Sundays .. trying to think about ways and means to get through the rest of the day. People at work knew him, sort of respected him, some even took pity on him , for he had been in the same position for the past 18 years. People less experienced than him had came and gone , had been promoted into officers, had been taken into one of those companies whose banners he saw on the road .. all because they were young. He was still there .. at the same desk at which he assumed office on the hot summer day , eighteen years back.
And then, one fine day, his little 16 year old daughter started insisting that a computer be brought home, because everyone of her friends in school have it .. and it would be so easy to study once you have a computer with you. She went on and on and on about the advantages of having a computer, while he kept on calculating the money he would have to withdraw from the bank to make such a huge investment. He had saved a substantial amount in these 18 years, but he had kept of it aside for the daughter’s marriage. What the heck, he reasoned, it is after all for his daughter’s better life.
So, after about a week , a computer was brought home. The sleek looks and the things it could do were not something that the 45 year old had imagined. He had seen people at work use it .. but he thought that it was an unnecessary piece of equipment and its always better to use one’s brain rather than let the computer do calculations for you. His opinions now started to drift in the favor of the glazy computer. Looks do matter .. he thought to himself.
He found himself to be a quick learner. More so than his daughter. Very soon he started using the computer to maintain his expenditure (He had brought in a teacher to teach his daughter and silently stood beside them when he taught her Excel and other Microsoft office tools). “That’s easy” .. he thought..
One day he secretly learned about the big world of online chatting from the colleagues at work. One of them, went on and on about how he had met this 16 year girl online and they had “done stuff” while chatting. Though he feigned shame at the surface, even a scowl at the man who had mentioned his deeds in deliberate exaggeration, he knew that once he got back home, he would not be able to keep himself away from the computer for too long.
Back at home, he tried to do what he had learned from others at work .. try creating an online chat account, but he thought .. “who would ever fall for a 45 year old like me .. I need to look better .. sound better .. may be even quickly learn some shortcuts that these youngsters keep using .. I should be more like that guy from across the street .. he looks the type that girls would fall for .. yes .. I should be him” . Things started taking an ugly turn in his head. He would be 19, a college student , no wait .. a foreigner may be .. no, that would be too difficult to feign .. probably just a local college student would do”.
Within a few days, a chat profile named hotguy_19 started doing the rounds of the online chat rooms. To further establish his identity, he even created some profiles here and there, to come across as authentic. He realized that he was completely inadequate in this world, and he needed lots of practice before he could ‘net’ a girl , as his office colleague had called it that day. Days and days went on, some days he would just log on and and see other people chat and learn. But he had not yet succeeded in anything that went beyond the “hi .. My name is raj” ..
Then one day .. a chat window popped up .. sweet_girl_17 .. it said ..
“Hi .. Do you want to chat” ..

PS -> This is an Indian version of an real – life story in US !! .. Will post the link to that story once I am done with this story πŸ™‚



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9 responses to “Deception – 1

  1. Shirsha

    Yikes, are you gonna make the dad ‘do things’ with the daughter or her friend online!? :O… yuck!

  2. I read the original two days back… but I won’t ruin the story by linking to it, will see how you pan it out..

    but let this not go on the roads of that story “the monday” which you started out amazingly and since then your sincere readers have had nothing….

  3. supriya

    nice start so far.. i wanna read the rest of it soon… come on.. start working on it!

  4. keeping me interested….good! just tell me Shirsha is wrong.

    kunal, pass me the link!!

  5. ok ..curious πŸ™‚ ..hope there are insane-level twists πŸ˜‰

  6. @Shirsha ,
    now thats a good plot πŸ™‚ .. but this is India .. lets keep it Indian πŸ™‚

    @KD ,
    no no .. Part 2 should be coming sometime very soon .. may be today πŸ™‚

    @Supriya ,
    alrite alrite .. too much pressure πŸ˜€

    @Sreejith ,
    she might be wrong .. but then .. she is hardly ever wrong.

    @Abbulugadu ,
    really insane twists .. ?? uhmm .. gosh .. too much pressure πŸ˜€

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  8. after your reply to shirsha im quite mellowed down; i was frightened that I would have to see a Old Boy in the making.

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