Deception – 2

Deception – 1

Taken aback as much by the sudden rise in his fortunes as by his willingness to talk to her, he gathered all his wits to reply back with a funny message
(That always works .. he had learned from experience).
hotguy_19 : “Depends on what you want to chat about.”
Sound confident .. come to the point .. yes .. he had seen enough of all this in chat rooms. He knew that if the reply is positive, he would have hit the jackpot else she would just leave immediately.
The reply came back after what seem like a very hesitant thirty seconds.
sweet_girl_17 : “Anything you want to chat about is alright with me .. Its late in the night and I am really really lonely” .
The words “Bingo” did a dance in his head, surrounded by flash bulbs and disco lights.
What began that night was just a trailer for things to come. Her name , she said, was Jasmine. Since that day, the two of them talked every night. Most of the times about what they would want to do to each other and what they would want the other one to do to them. Very often things turned so hot for him that he would absolutely crave for sex. And not finding enough assistance from his wife, he would think about how futile it was to marry this woman.
He realized that he would have to see this girl, if not in person then at least in pictures. That would show how serious she was about this online relationship. One day he boldly ventured into the topic which he thought would either spice up the relationship or end it altogether. He asked for her pictures, and after some minutes of wait, she told him that she would send them to him. Happy as he was, at this .. it made him wonder, why had she agreed to send the pictures to a total stranger. After receiving the pictures, all sorts of doubts began to circle in his head. She was , simply put, amazingly good looking. Pictures from some school trip, she told him. How could she have sent these beautiful pictures to him within such a short time of knowing him. Does she do it with other guys too? Does she talk to other guys as intimately as she does to him? Are there others who are chatting with her at this very time?
He confronted her with these doubts one day at which confessed to have sent the pictures to other guys as well, but she also went on to say that she was really enjoying this relationship with Raj and she wanted to continue the same way with him.
Love, he thought, was taking its first little toddler step in her heart.
Very soon he floated another profile online .. using his real name, Uday .. but pretending to be Raj’s maternal uncle . He used this profile to talk to Jasmine once in a while. He tried to keep the two entities as different as possible. He told Jasmine that Raj confides in him, and that she can tell him things she wants to tell Raj if he is not around. On other days, he would , as Raj, tell her that Uncle Uday is the perfect man .. And he aspires to be like him some day. He would tell her about Uncle Uday’s work life and try to gather sympathy for the old man. It did seem to be working.
Things were starting to work out in his head. He could see it all so clearly now. He is not Raj, he is actually a sex-obsessed 45 year old man. He would have to make the girl fall in love with him, if he ever wanted to make things happen outside the cyber world. He would have to eventually kill off Raj, to make way for the 45 year old guy to provide a consoling shoulder to the girl. That, he argued, would be the first step in getting the girl. He would divorce his wife, and go away with this girl to her city, settle down with her and create a new family. Yes, it was all possible .. He would just have to plan it out well enough ..
The newspaper headlines on 4th of August covered topics like the rise and fall of share market and bomb blasts, but somewhere inside the pages was a scary picture of what seemed like a teenage male’s dead body. Body folded into a lump, head split to reveal the interiors of the brain, blood all over the place. People said he fell off the top floor of the mall building. What was he doing on the top floor at late in the night, no one cared.
That day Jasmine saw a message on her IM, sent last night, from Raj
hotguy_19 : “Hi Jasmine, I know you want me to become a successful man before we get married, but I am tired of trying to make it on my own in this world .. It is a big world and people like me do not stand a chance .. I know I will never make it big .. You know I have tried my best .. but its just not worth it anymore .. I want to give it all up. I want to see the after-life. I want to see if I have better luck in the next life. I am scared of ending all this, but someday it had to. I love you”



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9 responses to “Deception – 2

  1. how many parts are you planning?
    and sreejith asked me for the link, I am not obliging him… now say ‘thank you’ πŸ˜€

  2. Is there a part3 or are we supposed to provide our own interpretations? Btw Ekta Kapoor must be looking out for scripts… just make sure Raj punar janam leta hai and you stand a good chance of selection πŸ˜›

  3. gr8 going ….. !! desperate to read the next part … !!

  4. when is the next part due?
    are you planning to kill off jasmine?

  5. @KD ,
    Thank u .. but this one is not going the same way .. πŸ™‚ .. similar .. but not the same .. lets just say .. this story was inspired by that one πŸ™‚

    @Sreejith ,
    There is a part 3 dude .. I cant just leave this here .. what the hell do you think this is .. stupid Ekta Kapoor serial ? πŸ™‚

    @Ankit ,
    coming soon .. thanks πŸ™‚

    @Poorna ,
    Next part probably today or tomorrow .. Jasmine’s life depends on how well she would handle Uday .. isn’t it ?

  6. interesting..too excited to read evth.. plz post rest of story in Deception 3 itself..and not keep more parts :((

  7. supriya

    send me the link of the original story!

  8. now where the fk is part-3!

  9. @Sandeep ,
    listened to you .. now part 3 is HUUUGE πŸ™‚

    @supriya ,
    patience .. my dear πŸ™‚

    @Sreejith ,
    its up already .. πŸ™‚

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