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But it rained …

I know many of the readers of this blog would be excellent swimmers, but I am a total novice at it. The last time I went to a swimming pool was about 7 years back and the only place I got wet in was the shower room. Anyway, that was 7 years back, and now that I am in Bangalore I have enough opportunities to make up on those missed chances.
You see, its raining in Bangalore these days. Last year around this time, I was in the ugliest mood possible .. But this time, thanks to my bike .. I can enjoy the rains better .. or so I thought .. !!
Yesterday, for the third day in a row, I got drenched while going home. Its not just the water pouring at you from the heavens above, its also the three and four wheelers taking every opportunity to make sure that you are properly bathed. But since I can not do anything about them, you just let them go with a grin and hope for sun shines the next day to dry up your clothes.
A particular stretch of road near my place has water filled up till the half my knees, and driving on a bike there gives me hands on experience of swimming with my bike. The only thing that I have escaped somehow so far is falling into one of those puddles of mud, and even I don’t know how I have managed that. Given that probability rules still apply in Bangalore, I should have fallen into one of the pot holes or water holes or drains or puddles at least once. There are so many of them, everywhere you can possibly think of taking the bike to .. there will be a threat to your upright posture on the bike.
To add to that, the bike feels so heavy in such conditions. I know that Archimedes’s principle states that a body is supposed to weigh lesser in water than in air, but then I don’t think that Mr. Archimedes ever drove in the puddle I have to drive into everyday .. Driving feels like moving Mt. Fiji to Bangalore ..
As if the rains were not enough, the builders of my apartment have decided to dig up the approach road to the apartment to lay some pipes. I don’t know why these pipes would want to get laid .. I mean, its not as though they have peer pressure or anything .. And not even as though they have any animal instincts .. but whatever .. my apartment builder thinks differently .. and unfortunately that is what matters. Now, Everyday I wrestle with mud roads, on the other side of my apartment, with my bike to make sure that I can get home without getting more than 5 kgs of mud on me. If you manage to increase your speed beyond 20 on that road, you would know what mud tastes like. If you stay between, 15 to 20, you would know how dirt bikers do those amazing stunts, If you go below 15, you better be doing weights and push ups to beat up the loud honker behind you.
No wonder I feel heavier these days .. thanks to all the mud on my shoes.

PS ->
Just got these from Rakesh .. That is exactly what I was talking about ..

Rains3 Rain2 Rains3

PS_1 -> I have 4 drafts waiting to be posted . I think this is the first time in my history of blogging that I have had so much to say πŸ™‚
PS _2 -> Dravid resigned as Captain .. πŸ˜₯ .. Is this the beginning of the end ? πŸ˜₯
PS_3 -> I am working overtime these days in spite of what Jayaram thinks about this πŸ˜› ..
PS_4 -> Heard about work satisfaction ?? .. Is that the phase where you start dreaming about the xml you were working with all day ??
PS_5 -> Rise and Fall of third Reich is finally reaching its end. Long Overdue, but I just can not get myself to read more than 10-12 pages a day, thanks to all the cricket matches on TV.



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Lets make cricket more interesting .. Shall We ??

The recent 20 – 20 world cup has got me thinking .. should people make/frame rules of the game just to make sure that it fits in the busy world we live in. I mean, if you do not have time to watch an entire day of cricket and are happy with just 3 hours of it, you really are not a cricket fan. If you really were a cricket fan, you would want more of it, not less .. isn’t it ?
Anyway, ICC will be kick starting another tournament today, the 20-20 world cup .. obviously, my opinion about it that it is the lowest that the ICC can stoop to earn money. And also, obviously, my opinion doesn’t count for anything πŸ™‚
Anyway, while we are at it (Framing rules) .. I thought I could think up some rules that would make the future games even more interesting.
1. We presently have cheerleaders present at the 20-20 games who cheer every boundary/wicket etc. I think we can also incorporate a nude runner into it .. someone who runs onto the field every time a six is hit. Has to be female, to attract audience.
2. Presently a batsman gets a free hit every time a bowler bowls a no-ball. It could be made sure that whenever a bowler bowls a no-ball he should also get some ass whopping from the captain of his team. This would ensure that the bowler bowls a bad bad delivery the next ball too, which would be anyway a free hit.
3. Every time a batsman feels like it, he can ask the bowler to reduce his bowling speed within manageable range. So, the next ball has to be bowled between , lets say 100 km/hr to 110/km/hr.
4. A bowler who spins the ball more than a specified amount, shall be fined 40% of his match fee. Same for bowlers who breaks the speed barrier of 125 km/hr.
5. Any amount of Swing shall attract penalty. The bowler will have to see the match referee on accounts of breach of conduct.
6. A Ball that hits the bat shall fetch the batsman double the runs he runs between the wickets along with the extra runs he may get by getting the ball to cross the boundary.
7. If a ball misses the bat altogether, it will get the batsman only 2 runs, along with the runs he can get by running between the wickets.
8. If the ball crosses the inner circle, it will fetch the batsmen double the runs he would get normally.
9. A bowler who manages to get a wicket in spite of all this, will have to pay 5% of his match fee for every wicket taken.
10. If a fielder catches a ball or is involved in stopping a ball or in running out a batsman, he would have to leave the field immediately. Hence forth, the game would be played with the remaining fielders.
11. The batsman will have the right to decide which bowler he wants to face in the next over.
12. The batsmen can ask for fielders to be placed at specific positions in the field and ask the bowler to bowl a delivery only at a particular spot at a particular speed.
13. The batsmen will get 5 cheer leaders to sleep with at the end of the game , the bowlers will have to dress up as cheer leaders for the post match party for match referee and the umpires.

Uhmm .. yeah .. thats about all that I can come up with at the moment. Probably I can think of more when the series begins.

Bottom line -> 20-20 sucks .. !!


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