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void pre-Diwali-post(void)

I would like to start this post with congratulating Kunal.
He is ‘officially’ not available any more. Notice the stress on the word officially ?? Well .. he has been not available for quite some time now .. So much so that Its been really hard to remember the last time I talked to him in person.
And I must tell you .. I am probably the happiest person, now that he is engaged .. the reason being that every time a girl, I was going out with, saw his pictures .. they would be like “Oh .. he is so cute” … and I would have to come up with a bunch of lies to sabotage the prospects of my once upon a time flat mate. Starting from he is a chain smoker to a hard core alcoholic .. and .. If I remember right .. there was also once upon a time mention of him being gay .. Thankfully, I am spared of all that lying now ..
Now, with that heavy weight of my chest .. I can happily move on.

By the way .. Do you smoke ?? If I was still smoking .. I would stop today .. See this .. Scary .. huh ??

Also, there is a video that shows Dick Cheney sleeping during a cabinet meeting. Give the old man a break .. ‘Dick’ has probably been working a lot during his youthful days and you can’t really expect him to work at this age.

Oh .. btw .. I am really happy today ..
My Diwali leaves got approved and am finally going home !!! YAYY !!



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