I still remember my school days .. the last few ones specially.
I remember the staying back after school to play that one game of cricket that we got in a month telling at home that we were busy with computer practicals.
I remember the cycling all the way to and back from school, a distance of about 7 kms, everyday.
I remember the long study hours, which were actually spent reading the comic books with the comic in between the pages of the book.
I remember the old Physics teacher, whose classes everyday began and ended with teaching the same chapter over and over again.
I remember the wonderful Mathematics teacher, who gave me the worst punishment of all time for throwing chalk pieces in class, by saying “I didn’t expect this from you, of all people”
I remember the nice English teacher for whom every boy in class had the hots for 🙂
I remember the badminton matches I won, the ones I lost, the one where I looked up to look at that one girl from my class staring at me from the balcony and losing all track of the shuttle.
I remember my friend Himanshu singing loudly “teri galiyon mein na rakenge kadam” to reply to the girl from the class, who was over heard complaining to other girls that we frequent her neighborhood after school hours.
I remember the late evening cricket games at home ..
I remember listening to Kishore Kumar while actually studying .. and telling parents that it helps me concentrate.
I remember telling myself after every exams that I will start studying from the beginning again and I wont screw up the next exam.
I remember screwing up my chemistry exams all the time ..
I remember my first exam where I scored less than 60%, and the dread I felt telling about it at home.
I remember the small stretch of straight road in from my house where we played cricket sometimes.
I remember the long sixes my brother used to hit and then made me fetch the ball from the neighbor’s house, who happened to have huge dogs.
I remember the first time I officially bunked school. Having told at home that I was going to school, we friends ran off to some other place and spent the new year’s day at a popular hang out.
I remember the first time I left home, to go with friends for NDA examinations, the expression on mom’s face.
I remember the last time I left home ..

Somethings don’t change ever .. isn’t it ?
No matter what happens, the place where you spent your childhood, your adolescence days .. will always be Home, and the place you live at right now, will always just be an apartment.

PS : Got some very old songs from a colleague at work. Reminded me of the songs I used to listen during school days. Back to listening to Kishore Kumar/ Mohd. Rafi 🙂



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10 responses to “Flashback

  1. supriya

    Recollecting adolescence days is always nice! Really love this post .. Sounds like you had a lot of fun 🙂

  2. smr

    sweet memories man.
    and kudos to the mole thing. i still cant stop laughing. [ readers check his comment @ http://rakesh.in/2008/01/22/mole-mania/ ]

  3. skp

    😦 senti kar diya be !!

  4. good one man… senti ko kar hi diya, but you reminded of many great memories too ….

    our childhoods seem so similar, change 1-2 details (Chemistry teacher instead of English teacher) and this could be what I would have written ….

    and big brothers hitting sixes, and sending us younger brothers to fetch the ball seems to be the universal truth… 🙂

  5. @Supriya ,
    You bet I did 🙂

    @Smr ,
    thank ou .. thank you 🙂

    @Skp ,
    good .. ab 2-4 post likh 🙂

    @KD ,
    big bros are bullies .. universal truth number 1 😛

  6. “No matter what happens, the place where you spent your childhood, your adolescence days .. will always be Home, and the place you live at right now, will always just be an apartment.”
    So very true.. How i miss the place where I spent my school days…. Btw I was thinking of writing a post on similar lines but you did it first.. Guess will write my version some other time .

  7. @Kunal & Utkarsh: I agree for the big brother part. The matter was worse for me as I was very bad in cricket and he was a dude in cricket. So was never able to hit him for a six.. though I always targeted him with my bodyline bowling.

    everything else is more of less same … with slight modifications 🙂

  8. Dave Krunal

    It’s good to read and recall some of my memories. Recently I have also written about my sunday memory in childhood.

  9. Ditto skp …
    Senti karr diya yaar …!

    Also, your post reminded me of one of my hindi poems …
    Link dene se accha idharich post karr deti hai 🙂

    Kho gaye woh din
    Jab baithke dost saare gappe ladaaya karte the
    Jab aakhri bench parr baithkarr
    Ek doosre ko chitthiyaan likha karte the

    Kho gaye woh din
    Jab lab mein baithkarr romance ki chemistry padte the sab
    Jab yunhi corridor mein chalte chalte aankh ladti thi
    Jab woh ladka chedta to woh ladti naraaz ho jaati thi
    Fir jaake kisi kone mein
    Naraazgi pani pani ho jaati thi

    Kho gaye woh din
    Valentine day parr jab
    Premi khuleaam mila karte the
    Jab dil bina jhijhak dhadka karte the
    Teachers bhi fir muskuraati thi
    Jab kisi ke dil ki rani rose queen bann jaati thi

    Kho gaye woh din
    Exams mein jab paseene aate the
    Jab jeb mein chipe notes pakde jaate the
    Examiner dekar ek warning maaf karte the
    Aur fir muskurakarr ladke jeans ki jeb se notes nikaalte the

    Kho gaye woh din
    Jab future ka tension nahi tha
    Jab ghire rehte the hum apno se
    Jab duniyadaari ka lesson pada nahi tha

    Kho gaye woh din
    Ab to woh khayalon mein hi milte hai
    Seene mein jagaakarr yaadon ka dard
    Woh din ab aankhon se behte hai

    Boss, story likhne wali thi, parr ab laghta nahi concentrate karr paungi *sigh*


  10. @Himank ,
    waiting for your post 🙂

    @Rakesh ,
    fine .. then post about the modification .. post something .. post about anything !!

    @Dave ,
    Read about that 🙂 .. most things remain common for all in spite of where we live

    @Arti ,
    beautiful yaar .. all usual with all your poems 🙂

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