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Super Sick !!

Fell super sick this time .. almost all of last week was spent on bed. But then, if it takes a few days of sickness to get a hold of a few facts about yourself .. well .. may be its’ worth it .. On second thoughts .. may be not 😛

1. Realized that there are medicines that can put me to sleep for 19 hours. Next time I am going home via train, I am taking them.
2. Realized that if I don’t shave for a week, I can easily get the part of Daku Mangal Singh in any day time serial with negligible audience.
3. realized that if I see myself in the morning after sleeping for one full day, unshaven, I can come pretty close to giving myself a heart attack.
4. Also, One week of not shaving puts me about 3 days away from the Jesus Christ beard.
5. The sensation of cold and warmth can be experienced together and it doesn’t feel good.
6. Doctors talk a lot, sometimes it’s good .. sometimes I just wanted him to shut up and let me go.
7. Maggi is super tasty when you are sick.
8. Learned to make different variety of Poha .. its called Water Logged Poha or Flooded Poha. Its not so good to eat, but the good point is .. you don’t need to drink water after eating it.
9. I can’t spoil Maggi … even if I am sick 🙂
10. I now know the entire schedule of programs on most of the channels .. it can be summarized in one word .. Advertisement.
11. The construction workers in my building are nice people, after I spent all Wednesday in fever, which kept getting worse because of their non stop bang bang down stairs, I only had to yell at them once to make sure they carried their work to basement.
12. Cricket matches Rock ..

Small time viral infection, that the doctor diagnosed on last Wednesday, suddenly turned into major viral infection on Thursday morning. Friday morning was better, but not by much. Headache and fever finally started disappearing on Saturday mid day. Sunday was good and relaxed .. watched the match .. felt good even though India lost .. started reading James Hadley Chase – The Wary Transgressor. Seems pretty good so far.



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The Traffic Signal + Addicted

I was stuck at this traffic signal in Bangalore last weekend (for those of you who live in Bangalore, the signal was on the road leading from NGV to the inner Ring Road). There is a temple on the road .. and as it happened that day .. due to the huge traffic jam .. I was stuck right in front of it for about 5 full minutes.
You see these things in movies (Traffic Signal – The movie name), but you never actually believe them till you see them in person. My eyes were closely following a little girl who was running around holding a baby in her arms with an empty milk bottle in the other hand. It surely is a heart melting site .. anyone who even gives the little girl a look would sure want to give some money to her. I noticed as she went from car window to car window , tapping the glass with minimal effort .. looking more and more frail with every tap. A few car owners gave her money, someone even gave her a Fifty Rupee Note as she thanked them. It all seemed pretty filmy to me. So, I decided to follow this girl’s movements a little more.
She went back towards the temple, and met another girl her age. There, the baby changed hands. This was the first time I noticed the baby. It was a normal healthy baby. Actually ,what the heck .. it was more than just a healthy baby .. it was a FAT baby. No signs of being deprived of milk or food. Just that the clothes were dirty and seemed to have some body marks. But , nonetheless .. it was a FAT baby. The second girl took the baby in her arms, handed out banana she was eating to the first girl, who finished it up and then they pulled out another banana from the bunch kept next to them. Closer look revealed not just bananas, but also apples and a couple of oranges kept there. The second girl enjoyed a 2 minute fruit meal with the first one and the baby, and then the first girl pointed her towards the car that gave her the Fifty rupee note.
The funniest part, this second girl came with the same baby, with the same milk bottle, to the same car and again went back with a Fifty Rupee note. Someone in that car sure was washing away his life full of guilt that day.
But what the hell .. the girls were having a good time .. and so was the baby !!

Addicted to Reader ->
Just a few of the things I did in the last few weeks that prove am addicted to reader
1. Win Media Player was playing a crappy song .. I pressed ‘j’ to go the next song.
2. Tried to select all files in the folder using ‘g-a’
3. Tried to share a folder using shift-s
4. Tried refreshing a web page using ‘r’


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