The Traffic Signal + Addicted

I was stuck at this traffic signal in Bangalore last weekend (for those of you who live in Bangalore, the signal was on the road leading from NGV to the inner Ring Road). There is a temple on the road .. and as it happened that day .. due to the huge traffic jam .. I was stuck right in front of it for about 5 full minutes.
You see these things in movies (Traffic Signal – The movie name), but you never actually believe them till you see them in person. My eyes were closely following a little girl who was running around holding a baby in her arms with an empty milk bottle in the other hand. It surely is a heart melting site .. anyone who even gives the little girl a look would sure want to give some money to her. I noticed as she went from car window to car window , tapping the glass with minimal effort .. looking more and more frail with every tap. A few car owners gave her money, someone even gave her a Fifty Rupee Note as she thanked them. It all seemed pretty filmy to me. So, I decided to follow this girl’s movements a little more.
She went back towards the temple, and met another girl her age. There, the baby changed hands. This was the first time I noticed the baby. It was a normal healthy baby. Actually ,what the heck .. it was more than just a healthy baby .. it was a FAT baby. No signs of being deprived of milk or food. Just that the clothes were dirty and seemed to have some body marks. But , nonetheless .. it was a FAT baby. The second girl took the baby in her arms, handed out banana she was eating to the first girl, who finished it up and then they pulled out another banana from the bunch kept next to them. Closer look revealed not just bananas, but also apples and a couple of oranges kept there. The second girl enjoyed a 2 minute fruit meal with the first one and the baby, and then the first girl pointed her towards the car that gave her the Fifty rupee note.
The funniest part, this second girl came with the same baby, with the same milk bottle, to the same car and again went back with a Fifty Rupee note. Someone in that car sure was washing away his life full of guilt that day.
But what the hell .. the girls were having a good time .. and so was the baby !!

Addicted to Reader ->
Just a few of the things I did in the last few weeks that prove am addicted to reader
1. Win Media Player was playing a crappy song .. I pressed ‘j’ to go the next song.
2. Tried to select all files in the folder using ‘g-a’
3. Tried to share a folder using shift-s
4. Tried refreshing a web page using ‘r’



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12 responses to “The Traffic Signal + Addicted

  1. pkj

    >I was stuck at this traffic signal in Bangalore
    Starting with a tautology .. inspiring 😛

    GReader is the best product in the Google suit. Btw, I am exploring GCal these days. It rocks with sms reminders before cricket matches 😉

  2. smr

    fk man. bangalore streets seems to be more paying than my office. i’m coming…

    yea.. reader rocks. use more of that shift-s.

  3. Have only heard of such things.. Never seen!!! Some time a friend of mine told me the story of a guy who came to him 3 days on a trot.. Citing the same reason that I lost my purse and have to go somewhere.. blah!! First day he gave the money to the guy… Second day he wasnt sure that this is the same guy but on the 3rd day.. He just blasted him off…

  4. skp

    >> 3. Tried to share a folder using shift-s
    >> 4. Tried refreshing a web page using ‘r’

    ROFL MAO 😀

  5. perhaps you would care to use winamp?

    you only need to know two things


  6. @Parry ,
    Well .. not all signals in Bangalore are Evil .. but most of them are .. I make it a point to avoid evil signals .. but sometimes its just impossible to do that 🙂

    @Smr ,
    “bangalore streets seems to be more paying than my office. i’m coming”
    Welcome welcome 🙂

    @Himank ,
    he he he .. seems pretty similar to the movie Traffic Signal .. isn’t it 🙂

    @Skp ,

    @Obelix ,
    since your name is obelix , I assume you would have solved this puzzle ->
    30 levels .. and am stuck on 27th in the 2005 edition 😛
    Any help ??

  7. “it was a FAT baby”

    there is a disease called kwashiorkor

    So, dont think of fat children as FAT. they might be malnutrition ed.

  8. This is called self-employment 🙂
    Imagine her giving a speech on “Entrepreneurship in Begging” in IIMA after some twenty years

  9. this is pure management skills. how to sell one’s product (in this case the product is the distress). how to identify and target potential customers.

  10. @Plaiboi ,
    hmm .. I respectfully disagree .. this was no diseased baby .. eating banana and apples and oranges ..

    @Sukesh ,
    Could be true 😛

    @Harsh ,
    you should be teaching in IIM-A 😛

  11. sony world signal! till my office shifted a few months back, half my life was spent at that signal 😦

  12. В заметке, опубликованной в журнале «Наука и жизнь», обсуждалась стратегия, в которой предлагалось играть против толпы — то есть выбирать номера так, как их навряд ли выберет типичный игрок, например, расположенные в одной строке, столбике или по диагонали. Таким образом предлагалось понизить количество конкурентов в случае выигрыша.

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