A Senseless post

Am Tired of reading digg right now .. and considering the amount of senseless shit I have just been through .. I think I will do a good job of reproducing a little on my own.

Hmm .. so the last post was about two and a half months back and since then the only thing that has changed in my life is the addition of a refrigerator and a couch in my living room. Now I can comfortably lie down on the couch .. gulp down cold water and move my hands over my ever growing tummy and watch the Cricket matches . Occasionally, when I get bored of this .. I move on to the Bean Bag .. and repeat the same.

Cooking Experiments have taken a hit since I made myself a water logged Version of Poha, and the cooking confidence is on an all time low level. I might give it a shot again, you know .. but till then .. its ready to eat Aloo Parathas with Boiled Eggs and Toast for me. I did once convince myself to go to the kitchen and open the half consumed packet of Maggi, but ate the rest of it raw .. its every bit as much tasty as the cooked version .. and lets face it .. who wants to wait 2 minutes for Maggi anyway.

Professionally .. uhmm .. ok .. lets ignore this section .. not much happening there anyway .. as you would understand because this post is being written at 2:30 PM on a Thursday Afternoon. The only cheer for the day will be, I will be going out to get the Birthday Cake for Team Birthday Celebration this evening. How fascinating my work life is.

Am planning to buy an Xbox or a Wii sometime this week though .. Jayaram suggests that the Wii is a chick Magnet and if I manage to get some chick to play with me on a Wii at my place, she would definitely marry me. Duly noted .. next step .. need to find the next hot chick going alone, whom I can gag and bring home and make to play on wii with me.

Oh and by the way .. if you notice lesser Girls on Bangalore Streets these days .. its not my fault .. its the heat. Speaking of the heat .. read a rather interesting argument about Bangalore heat in the newspaper yesterday. The author of the article suggested that the real reason why we are feeling more heat in Bangalore these days is actually due to the rising number of High rise buildings that use a glass facade. He produced data from meteorology department to prove this. May be he is right .. Wish Al Gore had read the article though. His two hour movie on global Warming (An Inconvenient Truth) is making me switch off the Refrigerator when I leave home along with the TV, Geyser and light equipments.

Also, if you haven’t tried the Cape Gemini CricBuzz challenge, do not try. The questions are the most worthless lot I have seen in a long long time. And someone in Cape Gemini needs to be reminded a thing or two about the aesthetics of web pages. About the quiz as such, most of the questions are developed in a way that will make you bang your head against the keyboard. This is because you will know the answer, but the web page will not accept it as an answer, because it has been programmed to accept a different spelling of the same.

Yesterday’s question ->

A picture of Vodafone Ad with the little boy and the little dog and next to it a picture of Kris Srikkanth. The hint is .. “Connect”.

Now even if you know the answer to this one .. I can bet on it that you wont get it right 🙂

Alright, its time now to go now to buy the Cake for Birthday Celebrations .. Yuu Huuuuuu !!



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10 responses to “A Senseless post

  1. Shekhar

    I would tend to disagree with you with regards to the Capgemini Cricbuzz Challenge. The questions are really good and its not the software’s fault if you dont know the spelling. Like the question you referred, it has and can have only one answer – Cheekah, you at least need to enter the correct spelling. I’m loving this quiz. (Btw I do not work for Cricbuzz, this is just my personal take)

  2. dude if what I hear from other Bangloreans is true, I have to ask – do you really need a chick magnet? 😛

    and try the Top Ramen noodles dry, they are better then dry Maggi – although Maggi is better when cooked… 😀

  3. Dear Shekhar
    the name of the dog is “cheeka”
    the H is an unrelated addition and I trust Wikipedia to have the correct spelling.

    Plus, no where on the web would you find Srikkant’s nick name being used as Cheekah (with the extra h), except when its a genuine mistake by the author in a few cases.

    Questions mostly do not make sense and the hints are as arbitrary as anything.

  4. @ KD ,
    What have the Bangaloreans been telling you .. Whatever it is .. I disagree 😛

  5. Whoa !
    WII, Chick Magnet.. I hope someone is reading this post 😀

  6. Shekhar

    Hey Utkarsh, you are right man! I always thought it was cheekah 🙂

    But I like the questions there.. they are good 🙂

  7. Supriya

    hey… nice post.. 🙂 regarding the cooking, i think you should take tips from me and you won’t go wrong.. you see i am an expert there 😛

  8. @ Rakesh ,
    Yeah .. so do i 🙂

    @Shekhar ,
    never mind 🙂

    @Supriya ,
    this weekend .. paneer maknhi ??

  9. smr

    cold water u said. what a wastage of refrigerator and couch.

  10. Raj

    I am no where related to what u people r talking…but if you are really watching IPL specially CSK’s matches then you can easily notice people calling Srikanth as “Cheekah” 🙂
    or do they call him “Cheeka” 😀

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