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Back !!

I am back !!!

Last post was more than a year back and significant changes have happened since then ..For instance, I have realized the futility of blogs and turned to the more concise forms of expressing myself – Twitter and Facebook updates.

But people talk about small attention spans and why twitter is evil etc etc., so I thought I should give this old blog a little face lift, a little more content, and little more substance, and possibly a little more time, before it eventually dies it’s natural death .. when I choke it.

So, here I am .. and what should we talk about. My work contract ensures that I can not discuss work with anyone without being sued, or possibly found dumped dead in a dumpster somewhere (and no, am not developing missiles).  I remember being in college and laughing out loudest when a senior told about the corporate policy in his company that could be summarized as “If possible, do not give anyone a computer”. Little did I know that is actually true is all Indian Services Companies. Word of advise : If you like to sit in front of a computer and your dream job is an Indian MNC (hahahahaha), well then .. may god save you.

On the subject of God, I am officially an atheist now.  Feels good and free. Wish there was an atheist registration form somewhere. The concept of god is something with which I have wrestled a zillion times in my head and, I have to give it to the people who came up with the concept .. you just cant beat it. The answer to everything is ‘You have to have faith’. I don’t think you need religion or old stories or superstitions or temples/churches/mosques to be a good person. If the feeling comes from within you, then you are a good person. You don’t need the priest to tell you what is wrong and right for you, people need to be evolved enough in their head to know what is right and wrong for you and for the society. Ask yourself this question – when was the last time a god man told you something about right and wrong that you didn’t already know, and how many times you paid a god man to tell you about an age old story/myth/superstition, which does not really do any good for you.

Summary of Satyanarayan Katha : Do It again and again and again .. and you will be happy.  #

PS: For everytime you do it, you need to give the pandit some money. Guess who came up with this ? 🙂



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