You Said it

Feels good to be flattared once in a while ..

Rakesh Says …
Thoda sidha, thoda sachcha ,
harkaton se bilkul bachcha ,
Dil ka nek.. iman ka pakka ,
Hamara “Khare” sabse achcha ,
Hip Hip Khare

Nirnimesh says …
quite carefree and happy-go-lucky sort

Amal says …
Does what he thinks is right

Sreejith Says …
Extremely amiable.

Maddy says …
he is a very good human being, a wonderful friend to have


5 responses to “You Said it

  1. Namitha

    Hey hi….i just read ur article Fun-da-mental mistake….very funny and real hilarious….but u knw wat u r better than those serial directors or story writers coz u hav kept only X,Y,Z as characters….they wud hav started from A till Z (with 20 years of story) with the lead heroine getting younger day by day….

    Excellent one….i really had a goo time reading it
    Keep it up [:)]

  2. Krunal Dave

    A Very Good Blog. Just got you from Rakesh’s Blog.
    Thanks! Keep it Up.

  3. Want to Exchange Links

    Twenty20 World – Link : –

    Comment on my Blog else mail me…..

  4. Chandrashekar

    a google search on “Dasvidanya” brought me here quite happy for that..
    u gt a good sense of humour…
    i kinda loved ur posts on Dasvidanya and Trains stuff
    hope “LALU Prasad” is not the Terminator… 😉

  5. n1 … GG

    u have got a gr8 fan base out there… how did u manage to pull so many rabbits out of the hat? ?

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