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Before I begin writing about the movie, let me just take a moment and welcome myself back here on my blog.

Phew .. its been such a long time .. I actually forgot that I had a web presence. Lots of things contributed to my absence from the blog, namely .. lack of an exciting social life, and the pressure to keep my personal life, personal πŸ™‚

Long back, when I had begun writing, I used to actually post just about any crap I could think about without even thinking about what I was posting. Limited audience does that to you. But after posting crap for about a year, I got a comment from a non IIIT-ian and that is when I realized that reach of the blog. Its not that I didn’t know that outsiders can read the blog, but I always thought what would make a non-IIITian be interested in the life of a IIIT-ian and that too a rather dull boring life πŸ™‚

Anyway .. Here I am ..Reviewing one of the 2 movies I saw last Week – Dasvidaniya

If you are going to see a movie about a dying man, you expect lots of emotional drama , lots of crying, and LOTS of boredom. Dasvidaniya was the exact opposite of that on every count. The emotions were there, but there was no unnecessary drama. There were no unnecessary death scenes stretched out over half hour in front of a temple. There was no crying, no boredom – not even for a moment.

Vinay Pathak plays the role of one of the most well organized account managers you would know. His life’s sole aim is to make a TO-DO List everyday of his life and ensure that he finishes his list by the End of the Day. If he can’t, he takes care to include that item in his list the next day. His Geyser though, remains unfixed all through the movie. Reason – the day he included the geyser fixing in his TO-DO List, he finds out that he has just 3 months to live.

His alter ego looks like some extra from some crappy 70s movie, but that is not the point. The point is that his alter ego makes him realize that there are better things to do in life than to fix geyser and take shit from your boss every day of your life. In short, If you are dying, there are better things to do than worry about life. His life turns rosy all of a sudden, with a new car, a flashback love, a foreign trip to see his best friend from school, make up with his brother.

There is no unnecessary drastic make over for him though, he doesn’t all of a sudden become the SRK of Kal ho Na Ho .. though he does try to learn guitar and the first song he wants to learn is Kal ho . His simplicity remains with him, so much so, that he needs to be reminded time and again by his alter ego that he is dying and needs to live life. From making him buy a car, to proposing to the “love of his life”, who is married now by the way, to making him take a foreign trip.

The best part of all of this is, even though we know that he is going to die in the end, its his very simplicity while going through all of this that makes us like him, to an extent that we hope for a fairy tale , typical Bollywood, ending .. “Reports mismatch ho gayin thi .. you are not dying”. But this was real cinema .. and it would not have been so great if Vinay Pathak had not actually died in the end.

The most touching moment of the movie would be the time when his angry brother finds out about his looming death.Β  The angry young man suddenly turns into a loving brother. It just makes you think that sometimes we take relations for granted and think that they will continue being the same with us, no matter how we behave towards them. Sometimes we get angry with them , and forget how nice they have been to us all life. Probably we should learn to value family relations a bit more.

And , the idea for the ending was really awesome. They interviewed all the actors in the movie, and asked them what they would like to do before they die.Β  Simple question, but something that really makes you think about your life’s real ambitions and goals.



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Kahaani ‘K’ Ki

I remember a quiz I participated in 4th Standard.

On being asked the author of Mahabharata, a team from another school responded in alarming chorus- “B R Chopra”. Obviously they didn’t want to waste the chance to get easy points.

Well .. ladies and Gentlemen .. gear up for the new answer from 4th graders – “Ekta Kapoor”.

Last week, I read this, and was very sure it was all just fiction and nothing of this sort was actually materializing in our very own Ekta Kapoor’s head. How wrong was I.

Saw the promotional ads for ‘Kahani Hamare Mahabharat ki’ last saturday and they have had me thinking since then, whether Ekta Kapoor has actually reached the position in Indian Television Industry to re-tell the biggest Epic of all time.

As I see it, there can be only two possible outcomes of this latest endeavor from Ms. Kappor –

1. Either the Indian public will love it, and my kids will someday tell me that my knowledge of Mahabharata is flawed and Arjun really did die twice and was re-born with a plastic surgery. Also the real reason behind the Mahabharata show-down was not that Pandavas were fighting for their right to rule but because Kauravs had business interest in Kurushetera and wanted to set up marijuana factories there, which Pandavas objected to. Am also sure, that my kids will also someday tell me that plastic surgery had originated in Mahabharata times and is not a new thing from the 20th Century.

2. On second thoughts, Ekta Kapoor might be forced to shut down the transmission of her latest Kahani because of protests from Bajrang Dal and Shiv Sena who would object to the fact that Draupati was not appropriately dressed. But knowing Ms. Ekta, the chances of this happening are pretty much the same as are the chances of her marrying George Bush.

Am sure Ms. Kapoor saw a brilliant story line already available to her and thanks to her twists and turns habits, am sure this Mahabharata would end up being the next big thing on Indian Television. The more I think of it, the more I understand why Ms. Kapoor decided to re-tell Mahabharata.

1. Mahabharata has the inbuilt K-factor. Multiple husbands for the same wife and she need not even dispense with actors – all five husbands were known to have lived together happily with one wife.

2. The episodes with Geeta recitation to Arjun will be a huge money saver. The TRPs will continue to rise because of die hard devotees waiting for each word coming out from Lord’s mouth. But Ms. Kapoor can easily ask other actors to take a month long break while only two actors (Poor Lord Krishna and Arjun) need to come for shoots. Of course, other people like spot boys etc can also be relieved of their duties for this month with only three people required – Arjun, Krishna and the Camera Man who can run from one place to another and do flashy things on the duo’s faces.

3. Am sure Ekta Kapoor, by now, already gets discounts from the animation and sound people because of her habit to over use the flashy faces and sounds in every scene. These discounts will come in handy, finally, in Mahabharata with every scene being a high voltage drama and all fight sequences being hard fought.

Of course, Ekta Kapoor can actually prove all her detractors wrong and make a splendid Mahabharata which would be on the lines of the actual Epic and would make all – fundamentalists and aunties at home – happy. But then, the chances of that happening are pretty much the same as her chances of marrying – at all.

With that out of the way, here is the latest happening from the streets of Bangalore

Saw a GUY a couple of days back at a traffic signal wearing a T-shirt that said “Wish these were brains”. What can I say .. I only hope he was wearing the T just as a bet and it wasn’t a part of his permanent collection.


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13th August’ 2007

“Its Quiet now” .. said the little kid in the movie 300 before he died.
Its really been quiet these days .. hasnt it .. I mean .. People who used to blabber non stop on their blogs (uhmm .. ehh .. uhmm .. Me) have stopped posting altogether (except for sreejith .. that is .. he is still blabbering .. everyday ) … but its been a good break ..
This post was supposed to announce to the world that I have found the perfect woman .. she is cute .. she is smart . she is hot .. she is SUPER funny .. there is a small matter of her being a little less that double my age .. but when has the heart ever listened to the blabbering of brain.
Meet Ellen Degeneres, 49 years of age, a lesbian who started out as a stand up comedian .. Acted in a few sit-coms .. came back to stand up and then started hosting a talk show which has won awards after awards.
She is the perfect woman .. she makes sense out of everything she says .. which is a really rare trait for a woman .. she has the perfect attitude to make you laugh even when you are buried under a pile of deadlines to meet .. and most importantly .. she is gay .. think about it (oh no .. not that thought .. throw that one out .. I am talking about something else here) .. She gives you the perfect reason to not fall for her .. Its just that she is the perfectly unachievable woman. For a fraction of a second you can even think about getting a girl like Steffi Graf (well . Andre Agasi did .. even with no hair on his head .. didnt he ?? ) … but someone gay .. definitely out of reach. And there is something about unachievability that really inspires people. No wonder Mount Everest is such a popular adventure destination .. isnt it ? I really hope I am making some sense here

Ellen’s quotes ->
1. We people have become so lazy these days .. I remember the days when we used to get breath mints .. now what we get are breath strips .. they just dissolve on our tongues for us .. I mean come on .. cant we even suck any more ?
2. Whats with the choice of disorders we have got now .. When I was a kid .. we had just crazy people
3. Now – a – days we have hands free phone .. so that you can focus on thing that you are doing .. you know the chances are that if you need both your hands to do something .. you brain should be on it too
4. I blame the microwave for all our troubles .. anything that gets that hot without fire has to be from the devil.

Funny .. isnt she πŸ™‚

Her Stand up performance here

PS -> Brought myself a Flag for Independence Day .. I still have no idea where will I put it up on I-day.
PS_1 -> I want a trip to Dandeli .. anyone who has been there and has survived the Water adventures without knowing swimming .. would you suggest it to a non-swimmer ?
PS_2 -> Want to buy some furniture for the house soon .. But just too much to do these days to think about starting to save money for that πŸ™‚


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Baby, Bean Bag and DCH

Last week, I graduated into the uncle Club. Not that I wasn’t being referred to as one before last week, but now its official .. I am now a proud uncle. My little new-born niece is the cutest thing I have ever rested my eyes upon. You can keep looking at her for hours and not get bored at all. Too bad I didn’t take my camera with me the two times that I visited her. But I will make sure I click some pics the next time.
The feeling of being called an uncle, somehow doesn’t sound too odd now. Is that a sign that I am finally growing up ?? Becoming more mature and all that crap ?? Well .. it doesn’t matter .. that’s what I like think about it . πŸ˜€
Anyway, on a different note, being the favorite uncle (actually, the only uncle who is around right now πŸ™‚ ) I have been given the responsibility of coming up with a name for the baby. Apparently my suggestion will be given thought to .. and just might be accepted, because my uncle-aunt and sister-jiju think that being the only one around with 8 hour internet connection , I can think of a much better name than most. I have given my mind sufficient exercise in this regard. They want a name that is unconventional, but not too difficult to pronounce or spell. Preferably with ‘S’ .. they say. My mind is not so imaginative when it comes to such things, the most I have been able to come up with is Shruti and Sakshi. Any other suggestions .. please ?? I desperately want to be the one to suggest the suggested name to them :D. And yes, the name should mean something .. that is a important requisite.
Coming up -> A picture of the baby.

Yesterday, I added a bean bag to the barren house of ours. Its a black XXL size comfort seat. Its fairly pleasant to sit on, and I have been going overboard ( I think ) with the uses I am putting it to. Last night, I first used it as a place to rest my ass, then my back, while I sat on the mattress in front of it, and then later a place to keep my legs on while I lay on the mattress. Later on, I used it as a place to keep my food and then, finally, as a place to keep my pillow, while I rested my head on it and fell asleep. Wonderful invention it is. And come to think of it, I didn’t have to pay much for it and there was no delivery charge. Exactly the kind of deal I like πŸ™‚

Yesterday, one of the reasons for coming home early, was .. I wanted to watch DCH, for the zillionth time .. but with a difference. This time, I was sitting on the bean bag while watching it. Just made me wonder, Does life get ANY BETTER than this ? Why did I watch it again .. uhmm .. well Let me just say that lately I have been looking at things from a critics’ perspective .. and the age old axiom – “distance brings perspective” – holding true .. I had the utmost right to criticize anything I am distant from :). Problem is, even after such a long time since the movie release, I still fall in love with it every time I see it. I gave up trying to analyze people’s character about half way through the movie and gave in to the utter pleasure of watching the awesome threesome of Saif, Aamir and Akshay , not to mention the ever-so-cute Preity :). The movie has something for everyone .. All of us can so easily associate ourselves with the characters, the every-girl-my-girlfriend Saif, the funny-practical Aamir and the melancholic quiet Akshay. No matter, whom do we associate ourselves with the most, you just can’t not notice a shade of yourself in the others too.
The ending is just a masterpiece, so is the movie. πŸ™‚ Wish there was a DCH part 2 πŸ™‚ .. Why not .. If there can be Dhoom 2 and what not crap .. DCH 2 will still be better than most πŸ™‚

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Total Bheja Fry ..

There are comedies that make you smile and then there are ones that make you laugh. I had thought that the golden era of the second sort had come to an end with Govinda not doing any more * no. 1 type movies .. but then I had no idea that Vinay Pathak could be such a wonderfully idiotically funny actor to turn a ok-ish theme and otherwise-boring actors to be ingredients of a laughter-fest.
Everything about Bheja fry is comic starting from the situational humour, to the funny dialogue delivery at times, to the tickling characters. Acting wise, Vinay Pathak is Sublime .. Rajat Kapoor chips in with a creditible performance .. Sarika looks more and more like the ageless beauty that she is, with every movie I see her in. If you are really looking to find a grey spot, and I mean really really looking to find one , then I guess you can say that Milind Soman was a bad choice for the character he played. I read somewhere that he acted like plastic, I personally felt that a puppet could have probably done a little more justice to the character. He did over-act with his hands , but sincerely by his standards it was good acting. I have seen him in other movies and he is a total goner at acting. He might have the looks, but definitely lacks the talent to make it to the critic’s list for best actors. I assume he was added to the movie to add to the glamour quotient, which was hardly needed. Bhairavi Goswami was also a not-well-auditioned character. She acted worse than Milind Soman but ,thankfully, she had too little screen presence to spoil the fun for the audience. She is quite the eye candy, but definitely not acting material.
But, Vinay Pathak covers it all up. He is quite the heart and soul of the movie. Rajat Kapoor did his frustrated bit VERY well and everyone else just keeps adding to the fun in the movie.
My rating -> 4 out of 5 (can’t give 5 out of 5, Milind Soman had to cost smthg to the movie rating )
Fav scenes -> can’t pick any , everything is awesome or marginally below that. The Amazing screenplay makes it pleasantly difficult to pick favourites.
Fav Lines -> How does one choose favourites in a movie that is based on situational humour. All the lines are more like you have to be there to experience the fun in the line.
My advice -> Do watch the movie, if you haven’t. And If you have, lets go watch it again. I am game for it anyday.

Quote of the day

Golf and sex are about the only things you can enjoy without being good at.
– Jimmy Demaret


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Ingredients of a thriller

So .. how does one write a thriller ?? Does it involve just some fast paced action , with a pinch of adultery and a handful of sex and a totally boring theme ??
Well .. I finished reading Deception point today morning .. and after that I remembered why I had given up on fiction. Its so bloody predictable. Everything will happen the exact same way you would have thought it would. There is no actual thrill in reading it. I am telling you, J K Rowling has managed to dish out better suspense stories than Dan Brown has .. and people call her books childish. I am no major fiction fan anyway but if you think that Da Vinci code was a masterpiece .. or that there are better thrillers than Harry Potter’s adventures , I should tell you there really is no thrill Dan Brown’s thriller .. and all that it has is a noisy errr .. 😦
If you need help in writing a thriller, you need not visit a Dan Brown workshop … I can tell you all of it right here .. you need a female protagonist .. preferably a loner type .. someone who isn’t too keen on romance and has had a difficult past ( one bad experience in the life of a otherwise rich chick will do ) .. then you need a intelligent male eye candy .. Someone who is hard to attract because he looks for intelligence in women and has preferably had a dead wife and hence is kind of a loner himself .. someone who has distanced himself from society and is totally engrossed in work. There you go … you have your two main characters .. then you need a villain .. this chap or chappie needs to be a high profile govt officer … someone who has access to high tech military gadgets so that you can show off your knowledge about the military warfare and weapons through him. But what you also need to do is to make this chap look like the good chap for about three-quarters of the book .. make him look human by showing his sad past .. and also at the same time subtly ( never a Dan Brown forte ) provide the reader with the vague idea that he has a motive to do what he would do in the book ..
After this .. you need a pseudo-villain .. someone on whom you will pin your hopes of the thriller .. someone whom you paint in all black .. someone who appears to be the villain from page one of the book .. someone who is power hungry .. make him/her look evil by showing him participating in evil missions. After this you throw in a bunch of useless characters , who do little to the book other than provide a much needed break from the military gyan through whatever little humor they are capable of (and definitely Dan Brown is not capable of much anyway ) .. right at the end of the book you have to provide a little subtle sex scene between the two lead characters with whatever little humor you can provide .. There you go .. you are done .. Thats your thriller .. Dan brown Style .. !!
Disgusting the book is .. my advice .. never read Dan Brown .. My 10th standard geography lessons were far more interesting than this .. !!


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The angry chap

New theme forces me to write a new post ..
There was this, rather unflattering, article that I read somewhere, that someone wrote , when he was really pissed off with the world of bloggers. According to him, bloggers are nothing more than self praising ( obviously has never come across my blog ), self absorbed ( again .. very sure doesn’t know me ), assholes ( ehh .. I hope he doesn’t know me ) who have nothing else to do but to tell people about what is happeneing in their meaningless lives and the only reason people ever comment on someone else’s blog is to make sure that the blog owner comes back to their blog to check it out , which , according to him, is the most pathetic online behaviour he had ever seen. Accoriding to this chap’s research, people who do not allow blog comments or moderate them, are the least popular amongst bloggers .. while people who allow sub standard and even unrelated-to-topic comments are the most popular.
He also went on to say that a character analysis pf people who do blog reveals that they are generally show-offs .. who either like to show off their technical knowledge or their HAPPENING life .. or worst still .. their writing skills. He also says that the blogger world is full of people who think that they write well, but the only reason they write on their own blog is because no one will ever allow their sub standard writing to appear on anything credible.
He conculded his writing by saying that owning a blog had also become a sort of status symbol for some people, who think its really COOL to be having a online presence.
This, not so wrong analysis of most people’s online life, has made me wonder .. “Gosh .. this chap had too much free time for all this research .. someone give him a job” πŸ˜€

PS -> I love this theme .. any positive comments on that shall be welcome .. negative comments shall be shown the recycle bin.
PS1 -> No, I am not the angry chap .. i don’t write in third person about myself .. Sanyam does .. !!
PS2 -> Did you check out the theme feature in Google – IG ?? Its damn cool .. keeps on changing with the time of the day .. awesome work !!


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